Baby of another world 2.0

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  1. Kurt groaned turning over in bed. He felt sick to his stomach. When he reached out to grab his alarm clock as he realized what had happened last night. He had, had sex with another of his species.
    "Damn..." he groaned suddenly running to the bathroom puking into the toilet. He prayed silently that it was just the fact he had been to drunk to even remember anything.
    After he was done he washed his mouth out taking a quick shower before he had breakfast. He stepped out getting dressed as he went. A cell phone rang but it wasn't his. When he found the phone he realized it was the man from last night.
    "Oh what was his name?" he grumbled sitting on the couch in his apartment.
  2. Jack woke up in his dorm with a huge headache, he rolled over in his bed and looked around he couldn't quite remember what had happened last night at that party but he remembered some boy, he was the same species as him, but for right now that was all he remembered. He picked up his small alarm clock and threw it against the wall, it just made his headache worse.. "Ugh.." he put his hand under the pillow and grabbed the phone. " not mine..." Jack looked at the phone and realized it was probably the guys from last night. "I wonder how I am gonna get you back to your owner?" Jack said to the phone not that it could respond. He figured that if the guy had as rough as a night as he did he would awake at this point as well. Jack sat up and rubbed his eye and ran his hand through his red straightened hair. he dialed his phone number and listened to it ring.
  3. Kurt couldn't help but answer. He sure wasn't about to let his phone walk around with someone else, let alone the baby's dad, if indeed he was pregnant.
    "Oh... this can't be happening..." he mumbled before answering, "Hello?"
    He felt himself shake as he sunk to the floor of his apartment kitchen. Free hand rummaging around in a drawer for his emergency test thingy.
    "Who are you... I mean I know you from that party, but name... or something." he pleaded feeling himself suddenly become sick again and run to the bathroom holding the phone against his shirt praying who ever this guy was didn't hear.
  4. Jack sighed befoer he anserwed. "My names's Jack, and I belive you have my phone, now if its not to rude to ask, what is your name?" Jack climbed out of his bed and opened his closet door, rumaging through his clothes to find something to wear for the day. "listen, beofer you ansrew. I don't exactly rmeber you, so I would like to a apologize before you say anything else. I ussually don't do things like that." Jack ran his hand through his hair and attempted to pull on a pair of jeans as he waited for a reply.

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  5. Kurt panted softly whipping his mouth with a wash cloth before sitting back against the wall in front of the toilet. When he put the phone back to his ear he mentally cursed himself, "I'm Kurt, Kurt McLaren, and yes the whole famous father thing is true. Band manager and all, but I'm the one who should be sorry... Godess... I normally never drink..." Kurt felt himself hiccup slightly as a sob came up but he swallowed it hoping Jack, or whoever didn't hear it, "Jack... I understand if you hate me, but I think I might be pregnant." He felt his heart sink at the word, pregnant. How could he be so damn stupid?
    This time when the sob came back up he put the phone back to his chest even though the other could hear it, but it didn't last long. "Don't... Don't I have a class with you." he said trying to keep his voice as smooth as possible.
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    Jack, listened to what he had to say. when he heard he was pregnant, he just froze, he dropped his shirt on the ground and almost hit his head n the wall when he fell forwards. He didn't mean to bring a kid into this world. He thought in his head about what to do, he isn't ready for a kid. he didn't hear the last part of what he had said. He cursed himself, for not using protection, for drinking and smoking last night. Damn, what his dad gonna think. Jack was the type that "got around" so he was kinda disappointing that he would no longer be able to be as free willing as he was, he couldn't leave him alone with the kid, that type people always pissed him off. "Ar-are you sure, that is that and not like from your hangover or something?" Jack was scared, he was not ready for a kid at all.​
  7. "I'll test to double check, but gut feeling that I am..." Kurt said sadly looking at the toilet in front of him with a soft sigh. This couldn't be happening. He couldn't be a dad already. His photography job was just getting started.
    "Um... don't I have a class with you?" Kurt asked again hand falling on his stomach. A million thoughts running through his mind. One of them being why a part of him was excited to have a kid of his own. He would be there for the baby unlike what he had growing up.
    "And I understand if you don't want a kid. You don't have to stay."
  8. Jack thought about if for a second. "yeah I think we have an arts class together." he listened to Kurt tell him that he didn't have to stay. "WHAT DO MEAN, OF COURSE I HAVE TO SAY. I am not going to let my kid grow up without his fathers. no not happening, I only know one of my dads and it sucks, I am not letting my kid go through the same thing." Jack thought for a second "my dads, gonna be pissed. how am I gonna tell him." ​Jack said in his native tounge, he wasnt sure if kurt would understand him or not, but oh well.
  9. Kurt sat there for a moment thinking about it all for a moment before saying, "I didn't mean anything about it, but I'm here for you since you insist on staying not that I mind." He understood perfectly what Jack was saying. His dads had made him learn the second language for when, if, they ever went back to their home planet. "​Could we try a relationship. I can get your phone back to you in class if you would like or something."
  10. Jack smiled slightly when Kurt had replied in their native tongue. "Thanks Kurt, if you want me to leave I suppose I can, but i would really prefer not too. and yeah lets try it. I will see you in class." Jack hung up and put his phone in his back pocket. He picked up his shirt and pulled it on. He walked out to the kitchen in his dorm, saying hello to his room mate and grabbing a go-gurt out of the fridge, grabbing his leather jacket and walking down to his car. He pulled into the parking lot for the school and walked into his class. He sat in near the middle and waited, trying to think of what this kid would look like, he remembered his hair, he had dreads, and a cute face. He looked around the classroom, making sure that Kurt wasn't already in thier sitting somewhere. the seats around him were empty, only a few had kids in them. He sat staring at the door waiting for Kurt to walk in, clenching his hand tightly around the phone on his lap. He was kinda nervous.
  11. Kurt couldn't help but smile. If this really did work out it might be the greatest thing that ever happened to him. He stood up leaving the test on the counter. He could take it later, but he felt sure even without it. Kurt had to be quick about it to get to class he was already running late for. In his head he was trying to remember what Jack looked like, he remembered red hair, and a few piercings that had tingled when kissing, but Kurt shook that thought from his head before grabbing his camera and up loading a few pictures to Jack's phone just out of habit.
    One quick walk over to the school building had him slowly stepping into his class trying not to shake keeping an eye out for that red hair, one hand clinging to the camera bag at his side, and the phone that was in it, and his camera.
  12. Jack waited, he thought that Kurt might not show up for a second, and then he saw him, his dreads and his cute face. He smiled a little, remembering everything that had happened last night. he stomach kinda started to hurt. He felt like he was going to get interrogated for some reason. He kept staring at Kurt. 'what if he doesn't like me.' Jack wasn't really worried about that but he thought about it, if he remembered correctly they were both a little drunk. Jack waved slightly at Kurt, not to show how he felt like a he was gonna barf from all of this, he just slightly waved and smiled at Kurt. putting Kurt's phone on top of the desk.
  13. He saw him the moment Jack waved, and Kurt couldn't help but give a nervous smile walking over there slowly. It felt like a heard of butterflies, or a baby were wiggling around in the pit of his stomach as he walked over trying not to attract any extra attention from his class mates. Kurt pulled out the phone for Jack blushing at the phone charm he'd made a while back, and had been sitting next to the keys so he put it on there for Jack.
    "Um... sorry I kinda added a few things." Kurt said sitting down next to Jake taking his camera bag off, and putting it on the table/desk things they used, "I swear some days I have CAD, compulsive art disorder. I'm Kurt... well you know."
  14. Jack smiled when Kurt walked over and handed him his phone. it looked cute. "HaHa, its fine you should see my dorm, its covered in art, roommate hates it." He looked at Kurt, he was so adorable and cute, that Jack had to refrain from just hugging him right then and there. the reality smacked Jack in the face, this was his kids, dad. he waited for Kurt to sit back down and then leaned close to him. "so are you sure?" Jack glanced down at his stomach. Jack kinda wanted him to be in a way, he thought this guy was really cute. Jack remembered that he still hadn't handed him his phone. "OH! here is our phone. I think there are some pictures of us on it from last night, I didn't get to look through them all. but there are some. Jack pulled out his sketch pad and opened it up to a drawing he figured he had started last night. It was the a trail in the middle of the woods, dark and two people were walking down it holding hands, their shadow was, Jack guessed supossed to be making a heart. he still had some shadowing and trees to finish, but it looked pretty good for being drunk.
  15. Kurt chuckled thinking about it. A dorm room covered in art. Although that laughter was quickly muted for a second, "Gut wise, and morning sickness wise I'm positive, but I haven't taken a test yet. Although I think it would say the same thing as me." Kurt looked up at Jack's face really seeing this guy for the first time. Usually Kurt was out taking pictures for class cause that was his major, photography, rarely did he actually sit through an entire class, but actually looking for the first time Kurt had to hold in a gasp. Jack was, for lack of better words, beautiful, well handsome. The whole look of someone raw, and themselves was something that he rarely actually saw.
    "Oh please tell me we are clothed... I never drink so I was probably really, really, really wasted." Kurt said feeling his cheeks and ears go red before he took his phone back, "Me and my camera happy antics. Never thought they'd extend to me being drunk..."
    When Jack pulled out his sketch book Kurt couldn't help but look. "Forgive me for shoulder glancing but that's really good." he said shifting over a little closer to Jack to get a better look.
  16. Jack smiled when He he got a good look at Kurt's face. He was so, adorable and handsome. 'no wonder is screwed you.' Jack thought to himself. Jack chuckled at his thought. "well If your sure, then I guess, that's what we have to go by then. I will stay with you." jack smiled and looked at His sketch pad. "oh uh...thanks" Jack smiled and continued to draw. He felt kinda nice because nobody had ever told him that his drawings looked nice. "So uh, maybe I could show you some of my other drawings some time." Jack smiled and kinda blushed.
  17. Kurt sighed softly looking at Jack, "I don't want you to feel like you have to stay with me... I want you to want to stay if that makes sense." but the worry didn't last long at the thought of seeing Jack's art. "I'll take a test when I get back to my apartment or whenever I kinda have it with me even though I meant to leave it at home, but I'd be honored to see some more of your art." Kurt pulled out his camera and turned it on taking a quick picture of Jack before smiling down at his camera twirling one finger around a random chunk of his hair.
  18. Jack looked up at Kurt and into his eyes. "listen okay? I want to stay with you, I really do." Jack looked back down at his art and then back up at Kurt only to met a flash. "ah, hey!" Jack smiled. "why did you do that?" Jack smiled again. "okay, besides the fact that you just took a picture of me and I look like crap, I would love to show you my art. How about this, how about we stop by my dorm and I will show you my art and then we can go over to your apartment and I can be there when you take the test. How does that sound?" Jack smiled hopefully, he wanted to be there for Kurt. Jack smiled and turned to a new page in his sketchpad and started a sketch of Kurt, while biting one of his lip rings.
  19. Kurt chuckled softly, smiling broadly down at the camera, and the picture of Jack, "You don't look like crap. You look like someone who had a great time the night before. If I could remember last night I probably had a blast." Kurt said looking up at Jack. He went back to looking at the picture of Jack, "But yeah that idea sounds good. Your place than mine. We could get smoothies at one of my favorite coffee shops." Kurt looked up at Jack smiled again and gingerly put a hand on the others knee.
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    Jack smiled and looked up at Kurt. "well I bet I did have a great time the night before." Jack smiled again and went to touch Kurt, but stopped, he didnt want him to feel weird. "Yeah, that sounds good, I like smoothies." Jack smiled and realized that Kurt had put his hand on his knee. Jack blushed and wanted to kiss him right then and there. "Can I just say something?" Jack hesitated and then deiced that it couldn't hurt. "you are really cute and I am glad we got together last night." Jack thought about what he said and made sure that Kurt didnt think he meant he was glad that he was knocked up. "I mean, I am not glad that you are pregnate, well I am I- ugh." Jack face palmed and felt so stupid, he couldn't do anything right, why did this guy sleep with him, was he cuter when he was drunk or something?