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    What do you think? I think that's kind of insane... it isn't much child support of the mom's only get $1.96. How would you feel if you were one of the women who had his children? What if you were one of the kids knowing that you had sibling everywhere? Do you think there should be a law that states how many kids are allowed?

    Now.. what about your roleplay characters? Would they ever think about fathering that many kids? What about having a child with a man like that? It could make for a humorous story.. would you ever think about doing a roleplay like that? It could also be a group roleplay, yes? haha that'd be interesting >.> maybe..

  2. Oh wow! Talk about baby mama drama! I don't know about restricting the amount of kids people have, that sounds 1984 Big Brother wrong. But this guy certainly has gotten himself into a predicament. I do feel bad for the mothers...and the children.

    As for a role-play based on this it could go one of two ways... disastrous and confusing, or HILARIOUS! The latter would only be possible with a humorous group of RPer's I don't know if I personally would be into it, but I would probably read it!
  3. Here's what me thinks, there should be a law against how many children you have with different people. Know what I mean? You can be with as many people as you want, just don't have too many kids.

    I wouldn't go for a guy like that... If I knew about it. If I didn't, I'd slap the s*** out of him when I found out. Personally, if I were the mother of one (or more) of his kids, I'd just leave him be. (I know, I sound crazy, but that's how I'd be) As for being a child, I'd probably grow up with some sort of grudge against the man o//o

    It would make a pretty funny rp though~
  4. Wow....what a douche. He may not have "broken the law" but I am sure there is some sort of wrong in there somewhere.

    Think of the children, you piece of dog *shakes head and walks away*


  5. I don't know about there being laws, it seems so restrictive and all that, just...
    I feel so sad about the state of people. These women willingly had babies with him, some even knowing about his current situation.
    I don't know if there should be a law, I just wish that these children didn't have to suffer because their parents were complete idiots.

    This is more of a 'shouldn't common sense have covered this?' kind of issue.
  6. I find this to be absolutely irresponsible. How can an adult come to a decision like that? I have to agree with Kitti on this one, this is something that should be covered by common sense, but unfortunately, it seems that it is not. I feel sorry for the children who have to suffer because of this man, and an irresponsible decision their parents made.
  7. Dumb asses. >:[

    Law breaking I don't see, but seriously. Like Kitti said, this should be common sense among anything. No wonder some of our children grow up in depressive states. For some money.

    Ass douches.
  8. Vasectomy is an outpatient procedure.
  9. This is terrible! those poor children and women! I have no pity for the guy, he's the idiot that didn't catch the hint to wear a god damn condom the first time around!
  10. There are way too many stupid people procreating nowadays. It's really depressing to think about all the kids effected by their parents irresponsibility, but what are ya going to do? It's wrong to try and make laws to restrict people in that way. :/
  11. This is a moral situation. You can't make someone be good by law technically. I mean you can stop them from murdering and stealing at stuff, but baby making is normal, so they probably can't pass a law saying how many children they can have(I don't know if that made sense) But its definitely frowned upon to just go around making babies with only-God-knows-how-many people, and then not be making enough money to support all the families. That was his own fault. But unless he gets a better job or something, he's gotta find a way to give them more money.

    But for an RP....Oooooh man the drama. I like drama in an RP...Just...not in real life. xD