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  1. Hello! This is Dog - no, wait, it's Bab. Definitely not Dog.

    And today - and probably the rest of my life - I am looking for roleplay partners!

    I don't really have any requirements for my partners, other than that they can type a few decent paragraphs and are closer to my age. I'm 17, by the way.

    So uh.. yeah! Go ahead and post here, or PM me. Either one is fine.
  2. Hi hi! I'm looking for a partner too. I think I fit in your requirements, and I'm not that old from you—I'm 20 years old. : )

    My interests mostly delve into fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure. I also have a plot (or two) ready...


    1.) My character once touched an engraved curse gone awry. Every once in a while, his body undergoes a painful transformation from one beast form to another. The curse that he touched also bounds him to its location—a buried tomb that contained the corpse of a forgotten ruler and his riches. Your character comes upon mine while he's in the middle of transforming, and as a result, he might lash out from either sheer humiliation or feral instinct!

    2). Our characters are both citizens of a walled city. Everything is shut in, and most of those who go out never live to tell the tale—most, since there are rumors about people who had gone past the guards, through the double walls and the tunnel that connects them, to the unknown and came back to dutifully recount their experiences of the outside world.

    My character is quite tired of the sameness of the city, or they're all too excited to flee for personal reasons. Your character encounters them, and might even be enticed to join them on their escape. The world shall be your oyster!

    ...That's all for now, I suppose, but I do believe I still have some ideas that I can't quite recall at the moment. : D
  3. PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.