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Do you want them someday?
Already have them?
Almost already had them but then found out you were mistaken?

Tell me NOW! October Knight wants to know!
*looks at October with hate*

Yes, I want them! I want to find an awesome man to be their father first though. Ideally I'd like to have a few biologically and then later adopt, because there are so many kids out there that need a good home.
Actually I'm not a kids person but that's mostly because I'm not so sure on how to act around them but eventually, yes I'd really like to have my own babies, but now I still feel a bit apprehensive on if I could handle it, but of course finding the right guy comes first:) And unlike Fire Flower Fairy I'm satisfed with one or maybe two children.
Yes, I would love to have kids. :D

Only, I'm not so sure I am emotionally ready to give up my wild and free lifestyle to have them. D:
I love babies! And I would love to adopt a little girl from China~ I always have a soft spot for cute children too. Of course for now I'm working on getting a puppy <_<
I adore children in the least creepiest ways possible. I look forward to the day when I am ready to start a family.
That said, one and done. Snip, snip.
As of this writing, I only want one biological child. However, I'm open to adopting another.
I love kids and for some reason i've been really good with them. XD Someday I would love to meet the girl of my dreams, get a great job, get married, have some kids, and live my life like there's no tomarrow.
Don't want kids right now and not sure if I will want them. However I am good with kids and they seem to adore being around me. (I'm typically the one who plays with them when the rest of the adults are off doing their own thing.) I do want to have my own kids, but I'm apprehensive about adopting.
I eat babies.

AKA I'm the woman who everyone tells she'll "someday want kids!" But seriously, the way I feel about having children right now is part terror part aghast at the suggestion. I can't for the life of me see that changing. You all have your kids, I'll be the crazy fun aunt. :D
*Has had a kitten yowling at her every time she leaves it alone for more than five seconds since 2AM*



I've always envisioned myself as 'the cool aunt,' like the ones whom I love so much. I'm great with kids, I speak their language and they seem to have just enough terror of my Death Eye that I generally don't have to do much to persuade them to behave. But as for having my own? No. There are over 6 billion people in the world, guys. And I'm not saying people are wrong for wanting to have children, but that number always makes me pause. It seems almost irresponsible, to me, to make another when you have so many who could use the resources already. It takes more than just a parent to raise a child. Which is great, because I'm more than happy to fulfill the 'Cool Auntie Tegan' role.
So Asmo and I are going to be that couple that all of our relative's children love because we're totally cool and give unconventional advice. Mmyup.

*Waits until Asmo is passed out drunk on their wedding night and sterilizes him*
*punches Tegan in the ovaries*

It's the only way to be sure.
Eeeeeeh I dunno. Similarly to Tegan I've always seen myself as being the totally awesome Aunt that everyone just LOVES! Plus if i stay in pediatrics i'm sure I'll have enough 'kids' to be content (especially since I can give them back to parents!!) but everyone keeps telling me I'd be 'a great mom' >.> heh.....we'll see if I ever have kids.

Asmo and Tegan should adopt! How else will we make sure Asmo's delicious snark lives on?!?

That said... I guess I want kids. I don't know if I want my own kids or to adopt kids, but I'm pretty sure that I want kids eventually. Children in general seem to like me all right and I'm at least good with really young kids.

Is this going to be another of those deep, insightful topics that October asks and then doesn't answer himself? =p
Despite shirking responsibility at every turn (as is expected of my generation), I often get bright eyed and mushy when I'm around babies and children. i enjoy the company of children, and often use them as an excuse to watch family movies (Emperors New Groove is hilarious, don't judge me.) I just love children. So I'd probably want children one day.
I had a pregnancy scare when I was seventeen. That was fun. I'd probably have a few horrible jokes right now, but I'm just going to remind myself that I'm not talking to sailors, so... yeah.

I do not want to have children at this time. I like kids, but the best thing about the other people's children is that you get to leave them there after all is said and done. Besides, I have so much and free time and comparative wealth then my friends with children, I wouldn't like to punch my current wallet in the gut yet.

In the future, when I achieve fiscal and geographic stability, I would be interested in adopting. There are so many children in America alone that want homes I'd rather help someone already brought into the world. That, and it would probably be sufficient to stop me from going insane when my biological clock starts screaming at me to spawn more overlords.
XD Wow I can agree with that post alot more than anyother I've liked. X3
Yes, I would love to have children after I settle down with a guy (or girl) that I love. I want to be able to experience having a living being grow inside of me, so if I end up marrying a woman then I would try to convince her to let me go to a sperm bank. Hopefully I'll have at least one biological child, and then adopt more since there are a lot of children out there that need a good home!
Yes I would love to have children. Only problem is I refuse to have children outside of marriage, and my lack of long term relationships is keeping marriage at bay.
Is this going to be another of those deep, insightful topics that October asks and then doesn't answer himself? =p

: )

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