Baba Black sheep, have you any wool? (aka, hello all?)

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  1. Hello all!

    My online handle is Daffu, and I am very pleased to meet you all! Life is slowly winding down for me (hallelujah!), with the university year about to end and summer right around the bend. As such, well... I decided to find some place where I can get some rp done, and thus here I am.

    I figure I should talk a bit about myself as an introduction, though I am horrible at it, but... here we go! I am female, and I live in Spain (though I did live in the USA for several years when I was young - which is where I picked up English as my second language). I am currently about to end my first year of Graphic Design in University (Before that I was doing Veterinary but... had to drop out due to not being able to handle dissections very well. At all, really). Over all I lead a rather boring life, actually, now that I think about it. Not that boring is bad, mind you; I quite like boring, apparently.

    I own a cute little lovebird, who thinks he's king of the house despite his size, and a Rough collie, whose the sweetest dog, even if he's a bit of a coward and dives under his owner if he so much as hears a weird sound. Have you ever had a large dog try to dive for cover under you? Or had him think he's still a small puppy that fits on your lap? Yeah, well... my life.

    I was introduced to RP a while back, around... ohhhh... 2000? I think? I'm not quite sure (Back in those days, I went by the handle DFA - which is, to my eternal shame, due to the fact I went by Dark Fire Angel and hence.... DFA to make it short). My first exposure to it was through aim rp with some friends, but I soon realized that I kind of wanted a bit more our of the experience and thus, joined my first rp forum, called Surreal Twilight (or S*T). It was a big thing, back in the day! Not sure if anyone of you have heard of it, but I had some very good times there.

    Since then, I've been rpging with friends, off forum, usually using google docs, actually, but I... really miss the forum-family aspect of it. That, and I'd love to meet new people; I found exceptional partners back in my forum-rp days, and I'd love to again! I mostly like private rps, but I've also had some lovely group rps in the past, so I'm open to anything at the moment (though I'm mostly interested in finding private rp partners).

    So yeah. I filled out my rp resume thinger-magig and....

    Here I am! *Spreads arm* OwO
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  2. Hello there Daffu! :D Welcome to the community!
  3. Haha awesome introduction, we'll all be glad to have you!

    Don't hesitate to ask anyone if you need help.


  4. Thank you both for the warm welcome! *chuckles* Smileys, aaaaahh them smileys.
  5. Welcome! :3
  6. Omg... Daffu! I can't come up with a cutesy nickname! You have shamed me!


    Anyways, welcome to Iwaku! I will definately be shamelessly stalking you kitten!

    *dives beyond Iwaku's bushes once more*
  7. @Rosie

    You are... so cute, holy shizz, look at you!

    I don't know why, but I swear, I was on my way to bed, saw your post, peeked in here and grinned like a loon. You called me kitten, I just... you are so cute. And don't worry, I figure Daffu is technically more nickname already than most, since it derives from DFA, which derives from my really embarrassing, ye olde handle. XD so we're good. Some of my friends call me DA, or Dada, if that helps any.
  8. *takes a bow* Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time here!
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