Ba Dun Dun Daaaa!

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  1. Hello hello fellow RPers! (Is that a word?) I am Baeca, your new player in town! I'm a little Pineapple Soda generated so thar be many exclamations! Hm, let's see...I'm a yaoi fanatic. I become quite the weirdo when I chat about yaoi with anyone else; it tickles me pickles. I talk oddly, if you haven't noticed. Following along the lines of 'By Golly!' and/or 'Gee Willikers!' I'm not even kidding, I'm probably the only minor that says that. :'D So you know, if you've got a tongue like that, cat's ass, share 'em with me! Oh sugar, boring ya, aren't I?

    Oh gog, I do apologize for that xD. Homestuck freak here, zodiac believer (emotional Cancer here! :'D) I'm a little ass cracker if you irritate me so don't do that or off with your nips. This is just and introduction so I'm not gonna end this here. I've explored only a tiny bit and seriously, this site is razzing my berries. I'm baby sitting some damn ankle biters so I'm gonna go now, see ya! :D
  2. Hello, Baeca! I'm Hirohashi, allow me to welcome you to Iwaku!

    RPer is certainly a word in these parts. I didn't quite catch all the words you said, but it amused me none the less.

    Anyway, I hope to see you around the board! If you have any questions, find us Staff Members with blue names and ask away!
  3. Hello and welcome To Iwaku, Baeca!

    My name is Tetsuri and its just as Hiro has stated!

    Iwaku is all about fun, Role Plays, and Writings!

    I hope to see some of your writings on the site as well! 8D