Ba boy! Ba boy! Ba boy! WHHHAAAAA??!??

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♫ Why can't we be friends!? ♫

  1. I'd kinda like to be the President.

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  2. I know you're workin' for the CIA.

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  1. Ohai~

    I'm not really familiar with forum places like this, but a friend insists I get used to it. Guess it's the new and/or old cool. So yep~

    I enjoy chatting, randomness, cookies, virgin sacrifices and jdoiajnfklejsaoifjeio.


  2. Ohmygo-NANOKO!
    I have officially, and instantly, fallen in love with you, because of that profile picture.
    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Have a cookie!
    But be warned, you might feel self-conscious from taking it from such an adorable creature that I totally did NOT just now look up.

    Ignoring the random and useless ramblings above, I offer my services in the event that you want them!
    A chatting buddy, some help navigating the website, a Roleplaying partner, ect ect.
    Or you can completely ignore my existence!
    Whatever the case, I hope you have a long and happy stay here!
    Welcome to insanity! :D
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  3. I am loved? WUT!? My influence begins to spread already... My time of ruling shall come sooner than expected!


    -Gasp and snatches cookie along with fuzzypinkcreaturething and adds to said collection of fuzzypinkcreaturethingswithcookies-

    I shall cherish it always~ <3

    I will also always keep in mind the variety of options you have offered to me. Your existence will be forever possibly ignored!
    Or maybe not. You gives me cookies. Your contribution of such necessities to my existence will surely be remembered for generations to come~

  4. More Nanoko...
    It will indeed, be a challenge not to spam this thread with cookies, and their disgustingly adorable counterparts.
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  5. Show Spoiler

    Wut? I dunno what chu talkin'bout Willis~ <3
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  6. ...
    I'm saving that.
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  7. Spread the word my cookie-giving disciple! Let the world know what happened here this day!~
  8. Yes...
    Let the conversion begin!
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  9. Halloooo Kyooouusan! ^o^
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  10. Ohaaaaaai Diana-Chaaaawn!~

  11. Heh...IF YOU CAN SOMEHOW CAUSE ME DEFECT....I'll defect I guess...
  12. The cuteness is strong in this one. *w*