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  1. Some people love 'em, some people hate 'em. My friends always have them playing at any social gathering because nobody can agree on a decent movie otherwise. With the upcoming movie Sausage Party getting a bit of hype after the script was released, I thought it'd be fun to make a thread about your most/least favorite B-rated movies and your favorite scenes. Post away, Iwakuvians!

  2. Well, there is a Swedish movie (Kommissarie Späck) that is basically a parody of Swedish crime TV (notably Beck and, perhaps, Wallander) with one horrid torrent of ceaseless immature and crude humour. I have re-watched it like a dozen times and it never fails to make me laugh — which might say something about me — but hell, I love it for the intended shit it is.
  3. I absolutely love some of them and actively avoid others. Then there are some I really want to try. Neil Breen is definitely on my list of directors to check out. xD
  4. B-movies are phenomenal with a group of friends willing to have a laugh. Even the worst ones are enjoyable in that sense, but I'll always be fond of Bruce Campbell movies. Bubba Hotep is one that particularly strikes me simply because of its absurd premise. To attempt to describe it myself would not do the movie justice-- Instead, I'll copy a section from the google synopsis and blame any shortcomings on them; thus absolving myself from any blame. (That's how this works, right?)

    After falling into a lengthy coma following a freak accident involving hip gyration, a now aged Elvis Presley (Bruce Campbell) wakes up in an East Texas nursing home, where he befriends Jack (Ossie Davis), an African-American senior who claims to be President John F. Kennedy. After residents of their quiet retirement community start dying of dubiously unnatural causes, Elvis and Jack discover that the perpetrator is Bubba Ho-Tep (Bob Ivy), an Egyptian mummy with murderous intentions.

    Besides that, there was one titled Rubber, which followed an abandoned tire with telekinetic powers. It rolled along the roads using its abilities to make people's heads explode.
  5. Dude, Sausage Party is totally not a B movie, It's got like Seth Rogan and a shit ton of Comedy Royalty in it. You want a B movie version of Sausage Party? I GOT IT RIGHT HERE, SON



  6. Best. B-movie. Ever.
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