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  1. Tired of equine roleplay website that roll along with a plot that has absolutely no interest to you?
    How about so many restrictions and rules?
    Perhaps you are irritated at disappearing administrators or moderators?

    Bravador is unlike other equine roleplay websites. Site plots are communal and the rules cater to you! As the community grows so does the site. New lands are added as needed, administrators listen to the members and do their best to make them happy.

    Bravador at a glance:
    -Lax character age limit! Join a weanling!
    -More "realistic" boards such as force claim and force breed.
    -Light, Neutral, Darks, no rogues!
    -Darks and lights can interact and live in the same herds.
    -200 word post minimum!
    -No longer will your character be stuck in an inactive herd! After 30 days inactivity by rules they are free to go!
    -Breeding can be done any season!

    So come on over, we are just getting started but intend to kick off quickly!

    B R A V A D O R