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    You hear it in Naruto all the time~ but what are bonds, really?

    Watching Yugioh 5Ds, main character Yusei Fudo is reunited with his childhood friend, Kiryuu, who has ended up on the dark side, as a Dark Signer. Jack and Crow, too, the other two of their childhood group called "Team Satisfaction" join the scene, seeing Kiryuu's new personality. It's a heartbreaking scene as Kiryuu challenges Yusei to a life or death darkness duel...

    It reminded me of the group of friends I had when I was a child. Sure the group was always changing, but when I meet them now, even though we don't know each other as well anymore, there's still this strange comfort and serenity in their presence...

    Anyhow, think on it ! What do bonds mean to you ? What kind of bonds do you cherish?
  2. My friends have pretty much never changed; so whenever I see 'em (which is rare), it's just like old times.
  3. The kind of friendships where you can see each other after months of being apart, and still be able to laugh about stuff that happened a year ago when being together was an every day occurrence. <3

    Then, the kind of bond I have with my best friend now. Since we're in the profession we can talk to each other about things that no one else would understand. I love being able to come home knowing that she is there to help me through any problems I might have, and vice versa. It's awesome! ^__^
  4. My deepest bond is with my best friend, who used to be known here as Kiwi. She and I are still very close, and I hope never to part from her, even if the distance makes it seem like we're far away. She shaped who I am and she's very precious to me. She's essentially the one friend I have clung to stubbornly despite moving to a different city, changing schools, etc. She and I don't always understand each other, but she always fascinates me and her thinking is so different from mine but we click. She's been the one person who could always make me feel happy, or pretty, as the situation demanded.
  5. Hmmmm.....well for the possible mother/daughter rp. I am thinking a teenager girl (your girl) is a Genius, and most of all, a person with powers. She wants to be a hero. She lives with her father, whom is like batman (rich, handsome, a genius and CEO if his own company, mainly uses gadgets to fight, but unlike batman does have some powers). Of course, such a man, does not want his daughter thinking about being a hero due to how dangerous it is. (It not something people talk about, or really realize, but the rape-rate for female heros is really high)

    And so death is the least of the father's worries. Something else, the father, refuses to do, is tell the daughter anything about the girl's mother. So what does a rich girl to do when her strict father refuses her too many times? (Father as a hero, is like a police officer, and wont accept his daughter being rebellious, or a troublemaker. THings like sex, drugs, and such are big no nos in his house. Plus a strict curfew)

    Well, the girl, tries to become a hero behind her father's back. A new villain captures her, and manages to use her to kill her father. The father dies, but with his dying breath he made sure his daughter got away....and told her to remove the painting with a golden castle on it....at their home.

    There was a safe there, and inside two pieces of paper with the first having an address, and a name. Claire Wilson. The address...indicates she was located at a private mental asylum.....in other words, she was consider crazy/unstable. The second paper....was a legal Will and Testament, and it said if the father dies, everything was left to his daughter, and if the daughter was not 18, her guardianship went to the girl's mother despite her condition.

    That was kind of odd....but the teengirl was curious about her mother even if she is crazy. And so she heads there. Still bottling up her emotions about the fact her father died....and died because of her.

    The girl runs into a problem. The asylum seem abandoned....but much to her surprise, her mother was still there. Why was that a problem? It was not. The problem was ...well the teen girl was a hermaphrodite, and ...well she could deny being attracted to her mother all she wanted in her head, but her body did not lie.

    Anyways, if you already have a intro post for your idea. Go ahead, and post it. I

    As for my idea...Mmm....I was leaning towards you making the intro post, but I can. It let me go into a lot of details with the father.
  6. Bonds mean a lot of future money to me. Hah.

    Actually I'm pretty much a vagrant. While I may have close ties to someone now, in a few years from now I probably won't remember you. Which is a combination of my general take it as it comes attitude and what I'm going to say mental disability (Not diagnosed, but fuck that, I know my memory sucks asshole).

    At this juncture, I think my one real bond MIGHT be my grandmother. But honestly if I ended up never talking to her again it wouldn't be too much of a loss.
    I know how terrible that is, but that's apparently just the way I roll. :(