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  1. I used to have a friend who LOVED B movies and cult films. Gore with corn-syrup blood, shrinkwrapped fantasy heroines with long melodramatic speeches, movies that are SO BAD THEY'RE GOOD!

    A B-movie is usually classified as a low-budget, corny-as-all-get-out film. Do you have any movies you love that fit this cagegory?

    Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors, Evil Dead, and Van Helsing are all examples of popular B movies!
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  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    Just last night my co-worker and I tried watching Barberalla for the first time. 20 mins in she couldn't take anymore.
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  3. Little Shop of Horrors~! All my love goes to this particular movie
  4. cannibal the musical and orgasmo!!!
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    Run puny day walkers. You're Meddling in realms beyond your power have summon the Overlords of Shitty Movie Watching. This is our grounds now. FANS OF SHITTY MOVIES UNITE!
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  6. I'm pretty sure Snakes On A Plane fits here. Don't know what the budget was, but it was pretty damn corny.