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Okay, so here's the deal, I'm looking for a couple or few rp partners who don't mind that my schedule is a bit cattywompus. (I should almost always be able to post at least once a day, if not more often, depending on if our schedules conflict or not!) For those wishing to know I am in the CST time zone, if that makes your decision regarding me being a decent rp partner or not any easier. Lol.
I'm 23, and posting in this section because..well..a) I feel awkward rping with anyone who is under age. And b) I enjoy the freedom of not having to curb my descriptions or language. :D
I do have a few requests as far as rp partners go: #1. Please, please, please be willing to play more than one character at a time. I feel that this allows for continued interest in any one setting.
#2. Please (unless you are a male) be versatile in which gender you play. (I don't mind my partner being a female and playing a male, and I'm totally up for playing a male character for my partner in return! Kinda goes with the playing more than one character at a time thing.)
#3. Please be interested in having as much story as smut. I don't mind sex scenes..I don't mind language..I don't even mind gore, but *just* sex in a roleplay is not enough to keep my attention for very long.
#4. Please be capable of posting a minimum of 200 words per post. (I know to some people this sounds like a lot, but over all it adds up to either one large paragraph or two small ones?)
#5. PLOT with me! I LOVE plot twists, and anyone who is willing/able to throw them into the rp generally has my love. XD


WerewolfxWerewolf (I think it could be fun to play like..a wolf whose in a pack with either a lone wolf, or one whose in a different pack?)
....I just really want to play a werewolf right now for whatever reason...And..actually..I really want to play a male werewolf..sooo...If you're looking for that..I'm your guy (figuratively speaking, since I'm actually a chick. Lol.)

Annnd now..if you're still here..
I have a couple or few plot ideas that I would really LOVE to play. (Please note that these are not the only things that I am willing to play. I will actually have a list of things that I'm not interested in playing following these plot ideas.)

Idea #1. Main female character is the "black sheep" of her family; hasn't physically seen any of them since her twin's wedding, and has only kept in loose contact with her sister via e-mail. Then one day she gets an e-mail from said sister that someone is following her. At first she chalks this up to paranoia, but when she gets a follow-up email a few days later -- not from her sister, but from their mother -- regarding her twin's suicide, she immediately jumps to the conclusion that her sister was murdered. Thus she sets off to solve the mystery of who murdered her sister.

What she doesn't know is that her family actually descends from a long line of witches. Her sister was well aware of the supernatural world, and the man she married was a were. What none of them knew, however, was that despite his love for his wife; she was never the sister that he was supposed to end up with. According to the customs of his people; the living sister is actually the twin he was supposed to be mated to. -- So basically what we have here is a young woman who believes she's human that's about to jump head first into a world of supernatural creatures and start trying to figure out which one of them murdered her sister.

Idea # 2: Classic Romance Novel Idea:

I'm thinking Celtic Ireland as the basis for the setting, only slightly varied. Rather than separate clans (perhaps due to the dawn of the dragon riders) the Celtic people were a whole (kingdom or empire as the case may be). In this case, dragon riders, would likely be a part of the military.
The male character in this scenario would be a dragon rider. Like any military man, much of his life would be dedicated to war. However, unlike most soldiers, he might spare a few extra hours or days due to his dragon.
The female character in this scenario was married young, even for such a time period, as her father was very ill before he finally died. She rarely, if ever, sees the man she is married to..even to the point that she remains a virgin. Him spewing some crap about wanting to save her virtue until she was old enough to understand what was going on. (Though whether that was true or he was actually in love with someone else is another story entirely.)
Now..the way I see it...this story could go one of two ways.
Either the dragon rider is the man that she married...the 'kingdom' has been locked in a fierce war the last several years that is finally over and he returns to what was his home before the war to find his "child" wife now fully grown, absolutely gorgeous, extremely stubborn, angry, and even resentful of his return. (She's been running the place for the last few years or so..of course she would resent him coming in and taking up the position of head of the household as though he'd never been gone.)
The dragon rider is either a friend of the man she is married to and comes to stay in their home after the war or he brings her the news of her husband's death. In the case of the latter I would like to say that, despite his being away so often and her slight resentment towards the man for marrying her when she was so young, she harbored some sort of affection for the man, so that losing him would effect her in some way.
(Note...this would be a classic romance novel style roleplay. Anger/embitterment, sexual attraction, and the eventual love thing. 'course..we could always throw in some plot twists to make it more interesting. If dragons exist, it's likely that other mythical creatures would too, so..perhaps a creature that's a cousin to the dragon, but less intelligent n such appears and begins to harass the estate that the female character lives on, and since she's so used to doing things herself, she saddles up (or simply walks out) with weapons in hand to face the creature herself and nearly gets herself killed.....something like that.)

Idea #3: Vampires. We're all familiar with the word that conjures up images of demon-like creatures that drink blood, are soulless, immortal, damned, evil, etc..
But what if they're actually the good guys?
What if they were created to protect the world from the true evils?

The primal powers of the universe created the gods. Chaos, war, love, death, creation, etc..., they all formed the different gods that we now know as belonging to separate pantheons; Hindu, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse, etc...
Back then the gods weren't separated that way. With multiple gods of each power, things weren't all rainbows and puppy dogs.
In fact, it was utter chaos as the gods warred, slaughtering and severely wounding one another.
The primal powers knew that this had to stop, but with no real form themselves, there wasn't much they could do. However, soon a solution was found.
The blood of the dying and dead gods held the powers that the primals had bestowed upon them, and in that blood was found the key to their immortality.
The primals were able to manipulate the powers that had come from them and the blood of the gods to create a new being. These beings had powers that were beyond those of the gods and, with the urging of the primal powers, they put an end to the war of the gods. It was then that the gods were separated into different pantheons and no two gods with the same powers were put into any one group.
In the time of peace that ensued, the earth and it's inhabitants were created. Unfortunately, try as they might, those who were created to end the war of the gods, were unable to prevent evils from being created.
Thus their job changed from corralling the gods to protecting the world from the evils that inhabited it.
As they were created from blood, only blood can sustain them.
Because they were created from the gods, they are immortal and their physical abilities far surpass that of any mortal being. Strength, agility, speed, hearing, eyesight, and all of those other abilities one might connect with vampires.
They can walk in sunlight, but it does drain their powers, so they typically stick to the night.
They can create others, with an infusion of their own blood, but doing so is forbidden by their laws. Only one exception exists for that law. If the 'vampire' finds the being whose soul is the mate to their own and that soul is in danger of being lost, the 'vampire' may petition the 'council' to turn the being who that soul belongs to.
The council consists of the eldest of vampires; the most powerful. They came together when the time of peace between the gods first started and the earth was created so that their people would be under constant watch, knowing that they would never be accepted by either the humans or the gods.
The laws that the council set up and enforces to this day are as follows.
1) Absolutely no turnings unless a petition is brought before the council and there is a majority in agreement.
2) Mortals must not know of their existence, unless that mortal happens to host the soul that is the mate of one of them, and then they are only allowed to know if they pass the council's tests.
3) When 'carnal' needs must be sated, they are never to take the same person more than once.
4) Feed when necessary, but never, under any circumstances, kill the person whom you feed off of.
5) If you break any of these laws the council and/or enforcers will find and execute you.
(Enforcers are 'vampires' who work for the council to help enforce the laws that the council has set. They are the elite of the 'vampire' world and regularly hunt any who break their laws. They are also sent in to 'diffuse' serious situations when another vampire becomes overwhelmed with whatever situation they might be in.)
(Note: The races of this world consist of : Gods, demi-gods, weres, demons, angels, humans, witches, and other magic users. If you're interested in knowing more about any of these races, send me a message or post your question here and I'll gladly tell you what I know about them.)
(Obviously this isn't an actual plot idea, but it was something in my head that I couldn't get to go away, so I wrote it out here. The actual plot idea would be something that we (as in me and whoever might be interested in a character in this world) would work out together.)

Idea #4:
The basic concept here is WitchxWitch (one female, one male), but there's a bit more to it than that.
The female witch is a young girl who was recently in a car accident that caused her to lose all memory of the last 3 years. She ends up in a city where her only living relative (her aunt) resides. (Her parents were killed in the car crash.)
When she moves in with her aunt she finds out that her cousin, with the approval and help of the aunt, has formed a coven of young witches. She begins to learn the craft from her cousin, aunt, and this coven, finding out that she has inherent powers that she didn't know she had (or from what she can remember, anyway.)
The male witch is a young man whose family has long been close with the female's aunt. He is often at their house, doing things to help the aunt, learning things from the coven, and sharing the knowledge that he's gained from his own family. He has a few friends within the coven, but has never joined himself.
The twist to this roleplay comes when the girl starts to fall for him.
Someone had been looking for her since the accident, but it isn't someone she remembers. It appears that she'd had a boyfriend before the accident, and he never gave up on her.
He shows up, and it's a classic of can she get her memory back and, even if she does, will she choose the young man who remained loyal to her and searched for so long, or will she choose the new one? (Yeah, I know...sappy b.s., but we can bounce around ideas to make it more interesting if you'd long as the basic plot idea sticks. ^^)

Idea #5: "Modern paranormal romance."

Ailidh Whelan just found out that her biological parents were a witch and a druid. She's also supposed to be a coven leader, but how is she supposed to accomplish this with her recent memory loss from the car accident that took the lives of her adoptive parents? She can't remember her godmother/aunt who partially raised her, the person she's been best friends with for the last ten years, or even her own parents. (The adoptive ones.) Worse she has these powers that she can't seem to get a handle on, and it turns out that the one they've been telling her is the ability to heal is actually much more than that. She's a biokinetic (the ability to manipulate someone(or thing) on a biological level. A biokinetic can just as easily stop a beating heart as knit tissue back together) and not knowing how to use this power could end badly if she tries to heal someone.

Enter Uilliam MacVeah; sarcastic, pushy, grumpy, and a four-thousand-year-old original vampire. As; quite possibly, the strongest biokinetic in existence, Ailidh couldn't find a better mentor for the job. Normally he wouldn't bother training a witch, but since this one happens to be the great-niece of THE original vampire (his creator and quite possibly the only vampire who could kick his ass) he's decided to accept this favor request from Alasdair Monohan to train Ailidh to hone her biokinesis. What he doesn't know is that he's training a witch with not only extreme powers and potential, but one who could also reawaken emotions he's believed long dead.

Idea #6: Ranait Halloran was raised as the daughter of a Marquess; up until the time she reached nine years of age when the majority of her family was slain before her eyes. Aside from her, the only survivors of that attack were her three elder brothers; the eldest of which took up the reins as the Marquess. Needless to say this event left a huge mark on the girl's mental state, and for some time after she would either not sleep at night, or wake up screaming when she did sleep. In an attempt to remedy this her brothers sat her down to have a conversation. What, they asked, would help her sleep at night. Her response? "Teach me to fight so I'm never that defenseless again." Their response? Leery, but they were willing to try anything to stop the screaming...It worked.

Now, several years later, Renny has turned into a beautiful young woman quite capable of taking on even the best of her eldest brother's soldiers in the arena. She, of course, doesn't act a bit like a young lady, and nine times out of ten doesn't even dress like one. To make things more interesting; war is on the horizon, and her brothers have been summoned by their king. She, of course, is adamant that they allow her to accompany them, and will likely get her way.

The male character? Connall O'Braddaigh is a former Duke turned King of a neighboring kingdom; and one of their strongest allies. He is known among both his own people and the people of other kingdoms as "The Warrior King." Having always preferred life on the battle field to life at court, Connall has been itching for a good battle this last year since being named the new King. He's made many changes to his kingdom since being crowned; including knighting the first two women in his kingdom's history, but sitting around at court and listening to nobles whine all day has started to drive him crazy. With an ally's request for aid in a coming war, Connall has jumped at the chance to return to the battle field once more.

The kicker? Renny is actually the bastard child of the king in her kingdom. and someone among the enemy has figured this out. A series of events will lead to her staying in King Connall's camp for her own safety. And the famous Warrior King can't help but be intrigued by the only warrior woman he doesn't see as a little sister.


Soooo...that's it. Lol. Those are the only developed (at least semi) plot ideas that I have in mind at the moment.
That said..I'm open to other pairings/plot ideas. (I typically prefer modern fantasy, historical/medieval fantasy, or general 'historical romance' type ideas, though!)
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