Azu's hello.

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  1. Hi, hi, hello, greetings. I'm Azu, Rae, or whatever else you can pin on me. My motto is: "What you cannot love, don't hate. Ignore." - I like to philosophize. I talk a lot. I'm as air-headed as a person can be. I'm weird and when I am writing an rp post, I inflict a lot of pain to my keyboard. Aside from this divine art of roleplaying, I infatuate over pretty much everything else. I love break dancing and playing basketball (albeit I'm short...). Anime, manga, drawing, painting, singing, gfxing, you name it.

    As a roleplayer, I prefer rping male characters. Rare are times when I indulge into a female's mind... .-.

    I'll roleplay anything as long as I like it. Any kind of genre is okay with me as long as it isn't too tragic and/or dark.

    I'm 18, my gender is a secret and my current favourite song is Temple of Thought by Poets of the Fall. Check them out if ya don't know 'em. You'll be pleasantly surprised :P

    Finishing quote: "For to be invincible, he needs your love." - POTF...

    The end~~~ >:D

    P.S. - I like the bunny O:< I joined to love him.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see a lot of creative works from you, that your idea bulb will never dim or goes out.
  3. Herro~ Welcome to Iwaku! Hope you love us! I also hate to dark or tragic stories. Hope to see you around!
  4. Well, not everyday to I run into that many people that truly peak my interest as far as online people go (no offense meant to all you online people I am sure you are quite fine). I love Poets of the Fall, my favourite song by them is War. Loved how you worded everything up on your introduction, very well worded.

    Glad to have you on this site. Look forward to seeing you on the roleplay forms.
  5. Thank you all for the welcome :)

    @Phoenix: A fellow fan! Yay, most rpers I know never heard of them. Most of my irl friends didn't either. Glad to meet someone who did. To say I love them would be insufficient, I adore them. My all-time favourite song is Carnival of Rust, at the same time the first song I ever heard from them. Their last album left me amazed. I wish I could write songs like that -o- Anyway thank you and looking forward to seeing you around as well ^-^
  6. Hello Azu! *bows in greeting* Welcome to Iwaku! You seem like a fun person to roleplay with, and just talk to in general. If you're ever bored or have a question, feel free to pm me. I promise that I will refrain from being dark and will force my characters to do the same. ^_^
  7. [MENTION=2744]Cicatrix[/MENTION]: Thank you for assuming that xD I dunno if I can confirm it though~ either way, thanks for the welcome. The same goes for me too, if you ever want to talk, I'm a pm/vm away :)