Azula's Struggle

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  1. Azula strains against the metal constraints that encompassed every handle on her body. Madness fills her bloodshot eyes as the moon illuminates her stringy hair and emaciated frame. Food scraps and defecation cover the cell floor in a semicircle bordering her range of motion. A single door stands in front of her. Two slit are cut into the stone entryway,one at the bottom and the other at eye level, both of which are covered by small slabs of wood.

    Sorry that it's so short and crappy and late. ^^; I'll try to do better from now on))
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  2. Kamahichi was a 29 years old firebender of the best. He had trained his fire bending with the Two Masters once the draconic repopulation proyect has begun, so his power was enormus and under control, something difficult for any firebender.
    However, he didn't like to feel his fire burn. His was the silent and quiet flame of the scholar's candel, for he was part, at this young age, of the order of the white lotus, and a scholar focused in the studies of the mind.
    Ex-general Ayro asked him to help his nephew, Azula, so he was now heading to her cell to make a little diagnosis to know if he could treat her or not. Accompanied by a guard, Kamichi as everybody called him appeared in the door of the cell.

    The poor girl was in the worse of conditions, tied up with a chain over her own excremets and in famine, it was the last place where she was going to heal.
    Oh good spirits... Ok i'm taking her with me. Said Kamichi who could not see that kind of treatment.
  3. Footsteps sound from the hall and Azula pulled against her chains as she heard a man's voice from behind the door. "Who the hell is there?" she growls with her eyes boring holes through the concealed men behind the door. Her hands ball within the cuffs and her weakened teeth grit with fury. "Answer me goddammit!" She shrieks with what little strength she still had in her emaciated form.

    (Sorry that I'm so late and short )
  4. SIr, are you sure of that? ASked the guard, clearly frightened. Yes, of course, this is no way to treat a human being! Kamichi said with a serious look. The guard yelled out to ask for support and as he did, other guards came to contain Azula and her Furry.

    Kamichi got close to the bars and crouched. I'm Kamahichi, but you can call me Kamichi or Kami if you please. I'm a doctor, and i'm here to help you recover. You're Azula, right?
  5. I growl as the men apprehend me. I spit in your face soon after you introduce yourself. "What do you want, Lotus Grunt!" I growl with dignity faintly floating in my shrouded eyes. "Where are you going to take me this time! What? Are you going to take away my bending like my father or treat me like a pet like that pathetic brother of mine!" I huff with my voice growing progressively weaker. My joints shake as I struggle to support myself against the men.
  6. I gently move to a side when she spits. Clearly, she has had bad experiences with other people, and seeing her state it's no wonder why.
    I'll take you to train your firebending to an spiritual takeaway in the mountains. There will be just you and me, how does that sound?
  7. I smirk as you state you're plan with clear contempt. "Hm what a joke..." I manage to huff out before falling nearly limp against my constraints. Sweat drips down my forehead and matted hair as I give out raspy breaths. The men sigh at my sides as they loosen their grip on me and set me down on my bottom.

    "Sorry sir" one of them murmurs, "she gets like this sometimes because she refuses to eat. " he takes off his uniform hat before whispering, "this is one of the reasons that you're being allowed to take her"
  8. My training is like nothing you've seen before. I promise. He said letting the other men do.
    Well, i'll make you eat. The girl was problematic, but he had not been abused from parents or close relatives as others he had seen. Curious.

    Ok, i'll take it from here, then. He said, taking a couple of steel handcuffs and putting then on her.
  9. " I don't need your fucking training" I spit at your shiny boots. "I was put in here to wither away and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm not about to let some lotus scum ta-" A sudden cough knocks the wind out of me knocking me into a ferocious coughing spell. Foul smelling saliva flies onto the floor with small specks of blood hidden inside as I keel over and hold my stomach with shackled hands. The guards frantically drop to my level but I crouch into a ball to prevent examination. My whole body spasms with each hack and my body gradually becomes weaker.

    "Is that witch finally kicking it?" shouts a voice from the hall. It's the deranged woman in the cell across the hall. Her sour words slip by a hole filled smile as she smiles through her peep hole. "About time. She's been keeping me up with that damn cough for weeks now! I need my beauty sleep, you know!" She finishes with a pomp ruffle of her mangy hair.
  10. Kamichi saw the petty scene and took her in his arms. It was clearly a pulmonary afection due to being on her dregs with no care for so much time. It was fairly common and the best treatment was an nourishment, fresh air and food with lots of garlic.
    You don't need to wither away as you say... ¿where's the grandure and power you've displayed before? asked Kamichi taking her away from the cell and the other inmates. we'll get you back.
  11. My body gives way to your arms as I slowly descend into unconsciousness with my mad inmate's muttering filtering through your confident words.

    "Get me back" I weakly mumble while reaching up for your face. "I'm still hear?" I mutter before my skeletal arm falls to my side and my head rests against your chest. Your heartbeat fills my ears as you walk us out of the dank prisons into the clean air of the workers' quarters with the other men following close behind with worried and skeptical expressions.
  12. I took her out, filled the forms to take her out and put her on a carrouage and rode off.

    She would awaken in a simple room with nothing but a futon and her few real belongings. By her side, in a corner, Kamichi was meditating.
  13. She grumbles while waking up on her futon. She's bewildered by the warmth in the room and how heavy her body feels. She grunts as she attempts to lift herself from the bedding but fails to do so. Instead she rolls to her side where Kamichi is in view. Her brows furrow as the man calmly meditates in the corner. Heat builds up in her chest as she frantically examines her surroundings for some form of escape route. Finding nothing she resorts to her worst measure.

    She adjusts herself so she could project her feeble voice easily. "Hey" she murmurs from beneath the covers. "Hey you" She repeats while pasting on a sweet (and quite fake) smile.
  14. Ah, my princess, you're awaken. How do you feel? She could feel her body heavy and her chest oprimed by something... Strange, not to mention that she wanted to sneeze. But after all, she was clean and warm, and nothing else strange was happening.

    Take some ramen to warm up. He served her a bowl and warmed it up in his hands. You remember me, right?
  15. (Oh shit, sorry. I thought that I had replied to this >.<)

    She smiles at him perplexed as she laid immobilized atop the futon. "Where am I?" She inquires sweetly without acknowledging the piping hot dish set in front of her. The warm sunshine wafted through the window, calming her body, but she still felt fire in her soul as the man smiled. The smiling face of her mother momentarily flashed across her eyes as the man continued to smile. She nose scrunched up as the image dissipated and she looked toward the bedding. Confusion clouds her features as she puzzles out why thee memory had been summoned in the first place.
  16. You're in the Kolat hidden temple. You haven't been here, and neither has been any other than members of the white lotus. He said with his imperturbable smile.
    I am here to help you. We are alone in the temple since the other masters are away, but they'll come shortly.
    Your uncle is still convincing fire lord zuko this is the right thing to do, and will come when he's certain nothing will happen to you. He left you a lot of tea to help you recover until he gets here
  17. Her pasted on smile quickly turns into a scowl as the foolish man sitting in front of her mentions her brother. She turns her head slightly to the side so she no longer faces the lotus member. "My brother?" She spats, "I bet that fool would be glad to have me out here! That uncle of mine was a fool to team up with that scarred failure" She whispers, mostly to herself as her stomach growls into the empty space. Her cheeks grow warm but she refuses to turn back to the man where her meal stood.

    "Tell Uncle to just send me back already" she growled over her shoulder. A noisy gust rattle the nearby windows as silence fills the space between them. Azula's annoyance shrouds her senses as she focuses her attention to any plausible escape plan.
  18. For what she coud see around her, it was a great plateau atop a mountain. Maybe she coud jump from the side and try to fly with firebending to land safelly ni the next terrace, or maybe she could knock him off if she had enough luck and strengt. That was all she came up with.

    Kamichi simply answered I can't tell him nothing, he's my master and that's all. Kamichi looked at her as if he was pondering her, meassuring them. What do you think your anger brings? What do you think are it's effects?
  19. She glares at the man over her shoulder and spits towards him with spite before turning back to the window. All possible escape plans she conjured up involved running or bending, both of which were made impossible by her weakened and emaciated state. Her teeth grind with frustration as the man answers with some philosophical bullshit that only her aged uncle would bother spouting..

    "My anger?" She repeats with a smirk hidden in her words. "My anger brings determination and strength. Two things that old man and pathetic brother of mine lack. Anger grows a backbone for the ones who embrace it" She spats before having a minor coughing fit that filled the room with raspy breaths.
  20. so you are strong because of your anger? he asked peacefully as she coughed, a little way to show her she was, for once, weak.
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