Azmaranthus Invitational: RP Competition

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    You are all cordially invited to take part in the first ever Crimson Heights hosted Role Play Competition, 'The Azmaranthus Invitational'.

    A competition unlike any other, the Azmaranthus Invitational will test the thought, skill, and role play ability of all challengers that decide to participate. The tribulations that will be faced range from events testing the artful skill of role playing to strategic planning and puzzle solving. In a hidden fantastical world setting, the trial options are limitless and the the participants will be challenged accordingly. We invite anyone to take part in these events with us, as this is an open invitation to anyone potentially interested in competing.

    The only obstacle that lies before anyone wishing to participate in the Invitational is that of finding the game grounds. The host's location is hidden, and only those that are able to successfully overcome three challenges, or 'gates', will be able to take part in the events. The riddle below will reveal information that will guide the searcher closer to the destination:

    What you seek is the first gate, first is what lies within
    A garden of wonder, but fruit of venom and sin

    Further instructions, information about prizes, and potential help in your search may be found at the Invitational Consolate Forum. Also, if we advertised on your forum you will be able to post your own forum's ad there in return. We hope the construction of this event will mutually benefit anyone involved.

    Good luck to any challengers who seek to participate in the Azmaranthus Invitational! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, the Consolate Forum is entirely Guest Friendly. Posts and responses are welcome.