Azan-Zaram and the Dragons of Kyleptus

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  1. High in the snow topped mountains other wise known as Ekuranan Mountains, there is an academy by the name of Azan-Zaram that awaited it's new candidates to begin their Dragon training. The few Dragon Riders that built Azan-Zaram, now entering their old years, were standing on the large stone area that was more or less a landing pad for the new Dragon Apprentices.

    As each apprentice landed on his/her own with help from the landing charms placed by the surrounding founders they where greeted and helped off their dragons to be shown to a great hall. Here they rested and got to know each other as the others arrived.

    NAME: Felicity
    AGE: 17
    Dragon type:
    Fire, ((talking if its allowed?)) uhhh id have to look at other stuff

    pictures coming soon.
  2. Name: Wojek Ivo, or Ivo
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Dragon Type: Fire.
    Dragon Name: Zerstörer

    Wojek Ivo: [​IMG]

    Zerstörer: [​IMG]

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  3. youre playing Female or your dragons female?
  4. I am, I gave up looking for dragons since I can't find any other good looking ones. :|
  5. huh? wait what? im confused
  6. Sorry. My character is a female. I was going to be a male but I can't find another good looking dragon.
  7. you can have a male character and female dragon but its up to you... waaaaaaait a second... i dont know if we are thinking the same thing... im thinking dragons and riders.... youre thinking just dragons arent you?
  8. No I'm thining of dragons and riders. My character will be female, because I can't find a dragon for my male character.
  9. oh... well what kind are you looking for caaaause i find it kinda awkward to play female on female O.o being a female n all
  10. Okay fine xD I'll keep looking.
  11. lol thx :D
  12. Does it matter if my dragon is fire too? Fire is.. all I really know. .___.
  13. lol no worries :)
  14. Okay thanks.
  15. nooooo worries :) and could you possibly edit my intro so that it sounds better? i have to start a new thread anyways soooooo yeah :/ :)
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  19. O.O see it now and it looks AWWESOME!! :D sorry ive been kinda too busy to post my pic >.<
  20. Akuna matata mah frand ^^