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  1. Heylo, I had an account in here awhile back but I deleted it cause, I just didnt have the tiem to keep up with it, but i am back and happy to be.
    10 things you should know about me in general:
    1. I love UNICORNS
    2: My favorite color is Purple and white.
    3: I love to be random(considering i am most of the time)
    4:I do school online
    5: My hair is half dark purple and half whitish purple
    6:I love ZELDA
    7:I love Pokemon
    8: Imma a nerd
    9: i spend my days playing the PS3
    10: I LOVE METAL

    8 things you should know about me when it comes to role playing
    2: I love romance
    3: I love fantasy role plays
    4: I hate role playing high school role plays (i have lived it why would I pretend it)
    5: I love to role play werewolves and vampires
    6: I Like to role play things most people would find against the social norm (sister x brother, Slave X master, the works)
    7: If you wanna try something, I will most likely do it
    8: I almost forgot, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to role play fandoms <3 (ferard,jalex, jahvie,etc. etc.) I also love to make role plays of my own based off of fairy tales. (beauty and the beast,little red riding hood, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, you name it,lion king <<<<not a fairy tale I know, more of a weird adoration XD

    so that's about it, XD

    I have sooo many ideas so hopefully we can started one some.
  2. Welcome back. Stay with us this time!

    I love metal and Zelda, too. And the original Zelda theme done up metal style!
  3. My wallet is Zelda and I am getting a tattoo of the triforce XD and YAY FOR METAL LOVE XD
  4. Cats and tattoos you say? I like your style new but old person.
  5. and I like your avatar its soooo cute