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  1. I'm sorry. Lame title. But everyone was just saying 'Hi' and that felt bleh.


    But, my name is Kiki and I've been doing illiterate roleplay on tumblr for far too long and I need a change of scenery! This place is new and a bit scary to me. (why is the site so dark?) But, I have high hopes that I can definitely grow as a writer and you'll enjoy my wackiness. And there is a lot.

    I love Korean pop music. But these days its been about the K Hip Hop. I also love DC and Marvel comics. Jewel and Harley Quinn are some of my favourites. Anime is also one of my loves but I haven't really watched any in a while. Just a few episodes of One Punch Man. I'm a sucker for video game based plots ( GTA and Saints Row mostly. Who wouldn't want to be a murdering gangbanger? A lot of people actually. Just one of my guilty pleasures).

    I am in a love-hate relationship with zombies but I love Apoc plots too.

    Am I doing this right?

    Anyways. Please talk to me!
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  2. aaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Welcome, Kiki! I'm Seiji, Resident Newbie Caretaker. <3 I'll make sure no one feasts on your soul until you're able to say hi to everyone!

    I hope you enjoy your stay~ We have great RPers (me included, I'm awesome), and I'm sure you'll find an awesome niche somewheres! If you have any questions, comments, general complaints, or just want someone to hang out with, feel free to hit me up! My wall and PM box is always open!

    Want a Christmas gift? CHRISTMAASSSSS!!

    Again: Welcome! <3
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