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    Characters (open)

    Name: Antony 'Tony' Stark
    Age: 29 [18 in the RP.]
    Birth Place: Long Island, New York
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Marital Status: Single
    Species: Human
    Ethnicity: American
    Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Two masters degrees in Physics and Engineering.
    Languages: English
    Religious Views: N/A
    Political Views: "Me for president."
    Father - Howard Stark
    Mother - Maria Stark
    [Both Deceased]


    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 225 lbs
    Physical Description: Tony has an image as a billionaire playboy; He fits it to a T. He dresses in custom-tailored suits, wears designer sunglasses anything that can make him look more cocky. And has the build of someone who goes through moderate exercise. Brown eyes, black hair. Neat goatee.


    Personality: Tony tends to be somewhat immature and flippant most of the time, a rather typical "eccentric genius" who gets away with most of what he does simply by virtue of being rich and famous. He also displays a near childish mentality at times, watching cartoons and choosing to mostly eat fast food and sweets. However, despite the scatter-brained manner in which he treats his daily life, Tony will often reveal this persona to be a bit of a ruse, switching it off to speak in a serious manner more befitting someone of his stature. While fun-loving and with a tendency to get bored, Tony is fully capable of getting serious and behaving in a proper and polite way, but usually chooses not to. However, Tony is also prone to deep depressive episodes, and referrals to himself indicate a level of self-hatred that simmers just barely beneath the surface. Tony also finds it difficult to trust others, not for a lack of faith in them, but for fear of giving them a reason to hate him, which leads to him tending to keep things hidden when perhaps it is not for the best.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Tony's body had been enhanced by the modified techno-organic virus, Extremis, but it is currently inaccessible and inoperable. Tony has a genius level intellect that allows him to invent a wide range of sophisticated devices, specializing in advanced weapons and armor. He possesses a keen business mind.
    The most obvious weakness Tony is the fact that he has shrapnel trapped in his chest; due to its placement, it is both inoperable and would normally be fatal were it not for the electromagnetic in his chest, powered by a miniature arc reactor. If removed, he has only hours to live...at best. There's also the fact that removal is, in itself, a somewhat risky procedure.



    Vanora Rowena Nighean
    Seventeen | Scottish | Mutant

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    - Necromancy (Magic)
    - Healing (Limited to Moonlight)
    - Hypersensitivity (Sometimes a Weakness)

    - Minty / Spicy
    - Moonlight / Sunlight
    - Rain / Humid
    - Chocolate / Sour Candies
    - Candles / Artificial Lights

    - Mother
    - Estranged Father

    - Introverted
    - Polite / Civilized / Respectful
    - Selfless
    - Compassionate / Motherly / Loving
    - Pacifist
    - Overly Emotional

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    Background Information:
    Before she was even born or given a name of her own, this unique woman gave foreshadowing that her existence would be abnormal. Oddly enough, all these circumstances coincided with the supposedly cursed number: thirteen. Her mother nearly died a total of thirteen times in the hospital, went through thirteen hours of labor and went into a coma immediately following the birth of her daughter, for thirteen days.

    Upon seeing her for the first time, the doctors and nurses were reasonably panicked. One of the nurses even refused to touch the infant, certain that she would be cursed. Unlike other infants, this little girl was without pigmentation. Her skin was almost transparent, eyes of violet and hair white as freshly fallen snow.

    Considering her mother was in a coma from the strain of birth, the child was taken away without being shown to her parents. The medical staff was concerned, frightened and extremely confused over the condition of this new born. Never before had they seen anything like her. She was definitely strange. Aside from her appearance, she also demonstrated odd behavior.

    For example, her crying was consistent and would only stop when placed beneath moonlight shining through the nursery's window. Her body was unreasonably cold and the slightest bit of warmth would cause her to cry out in agony.

    As she lingered in the hospital for observation, she developed something else that puzzled the doctors. When being changed into a clean nappy, she suddenly became distressed and struggled to leave the nurse's touch. It was then realized she had a sensitivity to physical contact. Her skin would bruise effortlessly and cause her tremendous pain.

    The first time mother and child were introduced, the medical staff feared that the mother would reject her child. However, to everyone's surprise, the mother insisted that her daughter was the most beautiful creation in all the world. A believe not shared by her husband.

    He was sickened at the sight, convinced his daughter was a demon or something foul. It was his demand that the child be given up, but his wife refused. Their marriage ended, but the child grew up in the loving embrace of a supportive mother.

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    Throughout the years of her childhood, mother and daughter learned to become accustomed with Vanora's oddities. Every touch or display of affection from her mother was gentle and careful not to cause any harm.

    Whenever Vanora would become ill, her mother would spend the entire night outside and beneath the moonlight with her daughter. She'd read stories, play games, anything to occupy her daughter's mind from boredom.

    They lived together in harmony and built an unbreakable bond through love. Mother and daughter never left each other's side and they enjoyed spending time with one another. When Vanora was sixteen, that's when her behavior shifted dramatically.

    She would confess to seeing spirits, ghosts, souls, auras and other various things of supernatural origin. Not wanting to have her daughter abused for these, as she believed them to be, gifts...the panicked mother isolated Vanora within the family house.

    It wasn't until Vanora came to her mother one night that everything changed. Vanora explained that she'd been contacted by someone from within her mind. It was an elder man, someone with kindness and wisdom in their voice.

    He told Vanora that she was welcome to join his school. A place for people like herself. Vanora begged and pleaded for her mother's permission. Having no idea how to help Vanora cope with these 'gifts', it was with great reluctance that she allowed her daughter to leave. Vanora has been living with Xavier for almost a year now.

    - Vanora means "White Wind" & Rowena means "White Moon" in Celtic.

    -She keeps in contact with her mother, always writing letters.

    - Her accent is strong, sometimes making it difficult for her to be understood.

    - She's affectionately called, "Moon Child" by Xavier.

    - Her Necromancy powers have just begun to be available, Xavier is helping her understand them.

    - Stands 5'5"

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    Dr. Robert Bruce Banner
    Thirty (Currently: Nineteen) | American | Avenger - Hulk

    - Skilled hand-to-hand combatant.
    - Superhuman strength, speed, jumping, endurance, reflexes, and durability.
    - Immunity to diseases and viruses.
    - Adrenal activation and anger empowerment.
    - Accelerated healing and longevity.
    - Resistance to mind control.
    - Ability to sense astral forms and hold his breath for long periods of time.

    - Science / Religion
    - Traveling / Confinement
    - Tranquility / Loud Environments
    - Reading / Watching Television


    Background Information:
    Robert Bruce Banner was the son of an alcoholic who deeply hated him. Banner's mother showed much affection for her child, who returned her love, but this only served to fuel his father's rage. Dr. Brian Banner was an atomic physicist who worked on producing clean nuclear power as an energy source, but he was afraid his exposure to it mutated his son's genes.

    Bruce showed signs of high intelligence at an early age which strengthened his father's belief. Brian became abusive to Bruce and when his mother intervened, Brian murdered her. He frightened Bruce to keep quiet, but his own bragging landed him in a psychiatric institute.

    As a child Bruce was withdrawn, possibly developing a split personality to help deal with his pain and rage. His only happiness came from spending time with his cousin, Jennifer Walters. Bruce found it hard to develop friendships and often found himself on the receiving end of physical abuse at the hands of school bullies.

    One such incident sparked him to build and plant a bomb in the basement of his school. The bomb was a dud, and Bruce was expelled, but the military took notice of his genius. Eventually, Bruce earned a doctorate in nuclear physics and started a career with them.

    - Tony is Bruce's best friend and the only person he completely trusts.

    - Nothing would delight Bruce more than learning how to completely control the Hulk.

    - He hates violence, allowing his frustration and anger to be manifested through the Hulk.

    - Bruce has given up on romance, his broken heart still hasn't healed.

    - Bruce is 5'9" and the Hulk is 7'3"



    Name: Meki Čotra
    Age: 17
    Birth Place: Zlatibor, Serbia
    Current Location: Xavier’s school for mutants
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Questionable
    Marital Status: Single
    Species: Human Mutant
    Ethnicity: Serbian
    Occupation: Student
    Education: High School
    Languages: Serbian, Russian, English
    Dejan Čotra - Father [Deceased]
    Nina Panić - Mother


    Height: 5ft3
    Scars: None
    Tattoos: None
    Piercings: Ears, septum.
    Physical Description: Meki is sort of boyish in her looks. She is not totally slim and has kind of muscular arms. Her legs are thick and she’s short. Her hair is very thick and is usually cut into a bob to be convenient. Occasionally she’ll put on make up when seeing others, but doesn’t think it is necessary.


    Atmospheric Adaption
    Benzinakinesis (Gas manipulation)
    Enhanced Breath
    Meki has somewhat of a firey personality. She's not one to back down from what she believes. She gets very emotional and it can cloud her judgement.
    Despite her aggressive personality, Meki tries her hardest to be friendly, but thinks she's a little awkward around others. When she does finally make friends, Meki protects them at all costs, even if it means getting herself into trouble.
    Sometimes, she can be a little too boisterous and can come off as judgmental and rude, even if she doesn't mean to.
    All she wants to do is make friends and be liked.
    Her abilities allow her to control and manipulate all gases. She cannot spontaneously create the gas, but can pull it from sources.
    She is immune to all gases and can breath in all of them. However, she has to have something to breath in and her ability is useless underwater or in a vaccum.
    Her breath is strong. She can blow down buildings with effort - but this amount of destruction takes a lot of energy to do. She can also inhale strongly and can pull things towards her.
    Born in a small town in Serbia, to a model and her photographer, Meki never saw her mother. Once she was born, her mother quickly left her with her father. She thought the baby had ruined her body and couldn’t look at her.

    Meki was raised by her father. He was also a mutant - He could breath smoke. He was a photographer and mutant activist. He traveled to the capital with Meki often for his job. When they were there, he'd lead protest for mutantcy to be accepted in their country. This lead to him being rediculated.

    Because of this, when Meki went to school, she got bullied relentlessly because of her father. It didn't stop her from loving him though. They had a strong bond throughout his life.

    The bullying got bad when she turned 13. She was being pushed about during a lunchtime, being mocked for her father's mutant ability. She got so angry, that she screamed out so heavily her breath pushed the bully in front of her into a brick wall, smacking her head against it. This put the bully in hospital and she was expelled.

    This was the time when she figured out about her abilities. Her father was amazed that she didn't have his breath, but she could do other things. He fully supported her.

    At 15, her and her father traveled to the capital for another protest. She insisted in being part of this one. During the protest, her father was killed by an unknown shooter. She watched her dad go down and she tried to revive him. After rampaging the city, blowing things down and causing a hurricane, Meki had to run back home.

    The police didn't catch her, but she had to live alone for another year of her life. At 16, she was contacted by Xavier. She agreed quickly and joined the school. She has been there for a year now, and Xavier calls her fume.



    Although the enormous building once displayed the name Stark in lights, it no longer has that dedication to the builder. Now renamed the Avengers Tower, it is home to the team of extraordinary individuals. The genius with a fabulously lavish lifestyle, the Asgardian prince, a brilliant scientist with breathtaking anger management problems, two master assassins and a living legend. The heroes of New York, saviors of the innocent public when an alien invasion attempted to conquer humanity. They're praised, honored and respected.

    While the mortals slept peacefully, boredom consumed the Asgardian royal. His body requires substantially less sleep and therefore he's left to his own accord during these restless nights. Usually the Asgardian would leave, rejoin his beloved Jane Foster or entertain himself outside of the Tower. However, neither of those options is available to him at the moment. Jane, his girlfriend, is currently on assignment from SHIELD. She works in their astronomy department alongside Darcy Lewis.

    Outside of the Tower would only bring him the company of mortals, which he doesn't desire. Instead of wandering through the darkened streets of New York, he decided to stay inside and search the Tower for something that could amuse him. Somehow he found himself venturing towards the labs. These areas are usually occupied by the two geniuses, but tonight they were left abandoned. Curiously overwhelmed, Thor entered.

    A variety of bottles caught his attention. Inside of the bottles were different colored liquids, the entire rainbow was represented. Unable to resist, he took two bottles into his large hands. The glass was cold against his skin, but his right hand held the more interesting of the two. He set the other back, inspecting the larger bottle. It seemed to glow within the darkness. A beautiful shade of crimson with gold swirls. Entranced by its beauty, the Asgardian prince suddenly lost his grip and stepped away as the bottle shattered against the floor.

    Immediately following the collision, the liquid turned to gas and wafted up towards the vents. Without the Asgardian's knowledge, it was now being spread throughout the entire Tower. Panicked, knowing that Stark would be furious, the blond-haired royal tried to clean up the mess. Aside from the broken glass, though, there wasn't anything else visible. The liquid was completely gone. It evaporated.

    Without speaking a word to anyone, the Asgardian returned to his bedroom and succumbed to a forced slumber. Completely unaware that the upcoming morning would have surprises. Rather dramatic and unexpected changes within his own team mates.

    (Apologies. I'm terrible with introduction posts. -__-")
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  2. Today was going to be like no other. Tony woke up slowly in a mid-morning daze. The change that had happened overnight hadn't even registered with the man as he groaned, rolling around on his bed. Tony was never really much of a morning person. He groaned as the alarm went off again, leaning over to slap it, quietening it down. When he rolled back with a groan, he noticed the groan felt softer. Tony attempted to cough it away. The more he woke, the more he noticed the change in himself.

    His voice was softer. Tony sat up, trying to clear his throat. When he opened his eyes, Tony widened them as much as he could. He was staring down at a body that wasn't his. It made him get up quickly. He was only in his underwear and could see a less hairy, skinnier, paler body beneath him. "Wh-" Tony went to curse to himself when he heard his own voice. He clambered out of bed and rubbed his chin, discovering there was a significant lack of beard.

    Tony quickly shambled over to the mirror, looking at a reflection of something he hadn't seen for years. His hands immediately went to his face. He tried to beat away the soft, hair-free face he now had. It took him about two minutes to touch everywhere, finally processing that this was his body. But what had happened? How did he go from grown man to a teenager? He could only find out one way, "BRUCE!"


    It was a more normal day for Meki down in the school. She had woken up from her sleep and had gotten lazily dressed into an off-shoulder t-shirt in white and gray sweatpants. No need for make-up. Meki looked at herself in the mirror, trying to wake herself up.

    She wanted to go over and see her friend Vanora. Well, her only friend at the moment. Meki had been at the school for a year but spent most of it alone or attempting to fit into other groups. Sure, she could talk to half the school, but she hadn't bonded with any really. Vanora was the only one who seemed to be able to tolerate Meki's personality of fire. Meki liked Vanora, even though they were completely opposites. Vanora would be ice if she was fire. Vanora was sweet and quiet, Meki was stubborn and loud. They even had communication problems sometimes. Meki spoke with a strong Russian undertone and Vanora was unmistakably Scottish. But it meant they cancelled eachother out well enough to become friends.

    Meki yawned as she make her way out of her room and walked to find Vanora's. Once she got to the door, she knocked quietly, "Hey? It's Meki." ​
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  3. Living each and every moment of his life with an uncontrollable monster desperately attempting to gain command of his body has given Dr. Banner restless nights. Sleep deprived and exhausted through his endurance of another night trying to discard the Hulk from his thoughts, the scientist awoke to the echoing scream of Tony.

    Upon awakening to the new daylight shining in through his enormous windows, the drowsy man didn't recognize the difference in his movements. Unaware that the absence of his glasses gave no impairment of sight. An ability to see perfectly without any degree of distortion.

    Bruce left his bed with great reluctance, limbs seemingly incapable of movement. Finally connecting bare feet to the carpeted floor beneath him, Bruce sleepily rubbed the crust away from his eyes and opened them again. This time he immediately noticed the clarity of his vision.

    "Huh? How is this..." His hands reached for the pair of glasses on his nightstand, but upon placing them on his face he had to retract them. "This isn't right." His vision was supposed to improve with the assistance of his glasses, not cause the world around him to become hazy and blurry. This was the first of several differences that Bruce experienced. Second was the lack of height, unable to reach his bathrobe from the bathroom door.

    Bruce was shorter as a teenager and hilariously disadvantaged as a child, but adulthood had gifted him with a growth in height. Which, at the moment, was absent. Sufficiently freaked out, Bruce ran into his bathroom and gasped with absolute horror. The face staring back at him was one he'd forgotten years prior. The hair atop his head was thicker with curls, darker in color. Arms and legs almost bare of any hair, skin smooth to the touch and lightly freckled.

    Bruce was still investigating his younger appearance when Tony came to his doorway. "This can't be happening..." He repeated, hoping it would reverse the transformation. "This can't....this can't be...." Overwhelmed by the situation, the scientist succumbed to his anxiety and fainted. His shorter body collapsed to the bathroom floor, a loud thud echoing through his room.


    Upon awakening in her bedroom, the temperature lowered to such a degree that anyone else's breath would definitely be visible, the young female welcomed a new day of her life. She set aside her blankets, three of them that were so thin they couldn't possibly keep her warm, to begin her morning routine. Once within the bathroom, she undressed and began a shower. Usually showers are supposed to be warm in order to sooth the muscles, however, as with the temperature of her surroundings the water was also freezing to anyone's touch.

    Thirteen minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her. She approached the closet and selected her clothing for the day. While she understands the desire to dress casually, she doesn't follow that style and never has. Beautiful dresses, skirts and blouses are the only items to be found inside her closet. She selected a periwinkle colored sundress, ballet flats of the same color and began to get herself dressed.

    The dress was fitted comfortably to her body's figure, accenting her curves and endowments perfectly. To anyone else the dress may appear rather modest and without a sense of style, however, she adored it. The ruffles at the neckline gave a hint of innocence and the length was long considering her lack of height. After dressing it was time to finish her routine.

    At the vanity, in front of the mirror, she carefully brushed through her hair. Only in her teens and already she has the purist shade of white atop her head. Regardless of age, though, she's always had this color. Same with her body, no amount of makeup could bring color to her skin.

    The only colors found on her are in the eyes and lips. Strikingly violet eyes shine with brilliance and her lips are pink as rose petals. After finishing with everything necessary, she turned towards the doorway. Someone was knocking.

    Once the person was introduced, they were welcomed inside. "Meki," the younger woman smiled. "Good morning!"

  4. Bruce didn't reply to his whiny cry for him. It made Tony frown. He didn't bother putting clothes off as he got out of his room and quickly rushed over to find Bruce. Once he got through the door, he skidded to a halt outside of Bruce's open bathroom, gripping onto the frame to stop himself. His eyes widened as he saw the body of a man he no longer recognized.

    Surely he wasn't looking at his best friend, Bruce Banner? "I really want an explanation you know Bruce I - Bruce!" Tony began to complain, not quite used to his high pitched voice yet. Just as he did, Bruce collapsed in front of him. Tony quickly rushed over and rolled Bruce over to lie on his back. His eyes examined the youth in front of him. It was easily recognizably his best friend, but he was slimmer and younger. The same as what he was. Something had definitely happened.

    Tony decided to scream for the closest person possible, "THOR YOU BIG OAF, SOMEBODY, IN HERE!" Tony screeched. That voice would probably not be as recognizable as his own. Because his voice had jumped three pitches from what it was before. He looked back down at his friend, worried about his health. He hoped somebody would be able to explain this to him, because Tony was too in shock to process why he and his best friend were turned a decade or something backwards.


    As soon as the door opened, the hairs on Meki's exposed arms stood up, "Good morning!". She shivered as she stepped in, "I'll never understand you and your icy ways." She chuckled, her accent seemed a little stronger in the mornings. She held her arms as he walked in, feeling like she could probably see her own breath.

    Deciding not to disturb anything, Meki went to sit near the corner of the room on the floor. She smiled, "You are dressed wonderfully today." She nodded at the dress, it suited her. As she crossed her legs, Meki decided she couldn't cope with the chilly temperature. To get the air moving, Meki closed her eyes as she began using a hand to motion a circle around. She gave energy to the air, making the temperature heat up in just her corner, "I hope you do not mind but, I am not adapted like you." She laughed, enjoying the warm air she had just created. ​
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  5. Upon hearing his name being called, more like shouted through a voice he barely recognized, the Asgardian prince immediately left the kitchen where he'd been having a delightful breakfast and followed the sounds to one of his teammate's bedrooms. Once entering the room, Thor quickly realized the situation happening before his eyes could possibly, incredibly likely, be his own fault.

    The Asgardian male slowly began stepping out of the room, but was seen by the younger version of the man he's known as Metal Man. Assuming by the angered expression, this teenage Metal Man was not in the mood for anything aside from an explanation. Thor knew he had to own up for his mistake.

    "Last night I accidentally shattered a bottle from the doctor's lab and the liquid transformed to smoke. I tried to clean it up, I give my word as a warrior, but the liquid faded into smoke and I thought it was gone."

    Thor, having admitted his error, now tried to correct the situation. He easily took the fallen doctor into his arms and carried him effortlessly. "To the lab?"


    (I'm using a Scottish translator, so apologies if the accent is incorrect.)

    Vanora gave a polite smile, offering a choice to her friend. "Ah kin. Ah ken thes room main be freezin' fur anyain else. dae ye wish tae lae? Ah hae naethin' against th' idea. (I understand. I know this room must be freezing for anyone else. Do you wish to leave? I have nothing against the idea.)" Vanora is, and always has been, a selfless person. She's concerned with others, often setting aside her own problems and desires for anyone else. Especially her friend.

    Having already decided to leave the room, without getting an answer from Meki, she was grabbing a pair of sunglasses from her vanity. The lenses were the darkest black possible. The sight through these lenses was identical to a regular human's vision in absolute darkness.

    However, for Vanora, she could see perfectly fine. The lights, bright or dull, cause tremendous pain to her eyes. This is also why she avoids artificial lights inside her room. The curtains are always drawn, windows blocked from allowing sunlight and she uses candles as a substitute.

    Vanora was snuffing out the various candles she had burning around the modest room, giving a final glance to Meki. "Shaa we gang? (Shall we go?"
  6. "To the lab?" Tony was furious. Only Thor could wisp away gas from a bottle and assume it had 'just gone'. "To the lab?!" Tony wafted at Thor, pushing at his large muscle. It made him realize he actually had also lost his strength with this change, "Move it now!" Tony stormed past Thor. It was hard for him to look geniunely annoyed when he was still in his boxers and the age of a teen. He stormed through corridors and found his way to the lab to find Nick, "This is why I don't trust Gods!" Tony threw up his hands.

    Nick looked in complete shock. Tony frowned, "Don't even ask me because I don't have an explanation. Thor knocked over the glass and suddenly, here I am! A teenager!" Tony rubbed his hands through his hair, "The same happened with Bruce - He's passed out.." Tony suddenly felt the worry for his best friend. Tony found it easier to be angry rather than anxious. Bruce managed to store all the energy into the hulk. At least he passed out rather than turning into a big green monster. Could he still do that? Tony got lost in his thoughts as he stared at the bottles, noticing the missing ones.


    As Vanora spoke, Meki found herself listening very closely. If she didn't concentrate, Vanora's words turn into a big muddle which her Serbian brain couldn't de-code. The more she was around her, the more Meki had picked up. It got easier, but not second nature yet. "Ah - Yes. What classes do you have today?" Meki was hesitant to stand up, the little circle of heat she had created for herself was quite comforting compared to the rest of the icy room.

    When she finally stood up, Meki twisted her hands around to settle the air, turning back to how it originally was for Vanora, she didn't want to leave a bubble of heat to spread around the room. She walked over to the door and opened it before turning to Vanora, "Your glasses, they make you look ever so much like, like Diva." She grinned, walking back into the corridor and shivering at the temperature change. Sure, she could adapt to breathing in icy breaths or the heated smoke of a fire, her skin could never get used to the cold. ​
  7. The unconsciousness scientist in the Asgardian's arms was the only mind knowledgeable with the bottles and the effects of each substance inside of them. He was the person that created them. All failed attempts at trying to surpass the Hulk's transformation. Instead of disposing of them, as he probably should have, Bruce kept them available for future experiments. Tony's shouting, considering his voice has risen a few volumes, was loud enough to awaken the sleeping male.

    Thor felt the minor shifting in his arms, glancing down and noticed the scientist was finally regaining consciousness. He gently assisted Bruce, helping the younger man stand upright on his own feet. Bruce was still impaired through his minor fainting episode. It took him several minutes before he could even speak again. His voice, much like Tony's, had changed drastically through the transformation.

    "I think this is my fault..." Bruce began, his voice slightly hoarse.

    Thor stepped forward, willing to correct the scientist when Bruce clarified. "I created this chemical. I was trying to control the...'other guy' and I failed. I never expected this to happen, though."

    "That is my fault, doctor." Thor confessed, head hanging in shame. "I broke the bottle. You have my greatest apologies."


    "Mah classes?" Vanora still doesn't have the schedule memorized. She probably should, but isn't capable of remembering them flawlessly yet. Thankfully, she has a paper schedule in her backpack. Vanora searched inside the smallest pocket of her lavender bag, giving a bright smile when she retrieved the crumpled item from within. She has the basic classes, but also is enrolled in specialty classes for her own mutant abilities. Specifically her Necromancy talents.

    "Professur Xavier is guidin' me ben learnin' tae control mah Necromancy power. (Professor Xavier is guiding me through learning to control mah Necromancy power.)" This is a critical skill for Vanora. Professor Xavier has warned her that inability to control this power can result in accidental deaths and chaos. Vanora is desperate to avoid such tragedies.

    "Yersulf?" Vanora asked, leaving the bedroom with the lavender bag slung lazily over her shoulder. She was smiling, but immediately found herself moving closer to Meki as they reached the hallways and other students walked past.
  8. "I don't care who's fault it was." Tony folded his arms in frustration as he watched both men argue over who should be blamed, "You should be figuring out what we do now." Tony hadn't realized he was only in his underwear, but he really had other priorities.

    "You can fix this, can't you Bruce?" Tony eyed his young best friend in both frustration and worry. What if he was stuck like this forever? Tony didn't want to be a scrawny young man, he wanted to be Tony Stark. Goatee and all.

    Tony didn't understand what the bottles were, it was something Bruce was doing by himself. He glared a the bottles, like they were to blame as well. "Thor, go check if anybody else had been... infected." Tony wafted his hands at the God as he walked over to the bottles. He studied the different colours and frowned, "Why didn't you tell me Bruce? We could'a worked on this together..." He calmed down a little now, feeling bad slightly for getting angry at his best friend.


    "Oh, he's nice isn't he?" She smiled. Professor Xavier was always so kind to her. He was aware of her father and said he could see the likeness between them. He never blamed her for the destruction that she had caused. He did warn her never to do the same thing again.

    "Ah, I have got some free time today. But I do have these 'anger management' classes." Meki shrugged, folding her arms as she walked. She spoke in very proper English, afraid if she didn't, people wouldn't understand her through the Russian accent. "Then I have combat classes this evening." She smiled, "Do you do combat?" She tilted her head. Vanora seemed so delicate and precious, Meki couldn't imagine her weilding a gun and kicking people. But then again, Meki always had the image of Scottish people being aggressive. ​
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  9. "The Hu-, the Other Guy, is my problem." Even after all this time, Bruce has difficulty speaking that name for the creature within his body. Everyone else has adjusted to the Hulk's presence, but Bruce still refuses to acknowledge that the Hulk is an individual as well. He can't ignore him forever, though. Eventually the truth will engulf him entirely and Bruce won't be capable of denying the reality for any longer.

    "No one else has been infected," Thor announced with slight relief. He was still troubled by the sight of his much younger team mates, but at least no one else had this misery as well. "What shall we do now?" He turned to Bruce, the scientist responsible for creating this chemical in the first place.

    "I'll need some time to develop an antidote for us, Tony." Bruce knew it would definitely take longer than Tony wanted and he's aware of Tony's impatience. Regardless of that fact, Tony would just have to wait. "I suggest we adjust for now and I'll do my best to give us a speedy recovery soon." The scientist was done discussing this. He began walking back to his bedroom for a shower and to get himself prepared for the day ahead of him.


    Vanora visibly became sickened at the very mentioning of violence. Her pale cheeks gaining a slight greenish hue as nausea built inside her stomach. Vanora is incapable of behaving violently, even for her own protection. She dislikes pain, agony, harming anyone else and the rages of war. "Ah try tae avoid confrontation. (I try to avoid confrontation.)" Was her reply to Meki, hoping not to discuss this topic any further or else she would definitely be expelling her last night's dinner onto the pristine floors.

    Vanora's newest ability has frightened her for quite some time and Meki's question furthered those concerns. What if her Necromancy powers hurt people? Would she ever be able to control them completely? Is she an evil person for possessing such abilities? Why does she have this power? Questions that Vanora doesn't have any answers for, they haunt her constantly and bring about terrible nightmares.
  10. When Thor came back with the news, Tony was both relieved and annoyed. Why him? Bruce said about time and Tony didn't have time. He didn't want to be this teenage boy again. "Time..." Tony sighed and walked out, finally feeling the cold draft against his half naked body.

    Once Tony had attempted all his clothing, he finally found an old white t-shirt that fit him. Everything else hung off his frame because it was too big. He managed to find some jeans and walked into the bathroom to see himself. Not only did he look messy, but he looked plain immature. tony didn't even have anything to shave. He patted his smooth face and sighed, this was ridiculous.

    "What is the plan then?" Tony put on some sunglasses on the top of his head, walking to find Bruce. He badly wanted out of the teen stage and wanted to contribute to get them back to normal.


    "That is fair. I wish I was like you in that way." Meki sighed, her fire like personality got her into more violence than she wished. But Meki would stand by her morals, even if it meant brawls and battles.

    As they reached the corridor end, Meki looked across to look through the window, seeing the building she was going to be in. "I will say goodbye now! I'll meet you for lunch?" Meki smiled brightly, glad to have somebody to sit with. She gave Vanora a very gentle hug, knowing if it was too tight she could harm her friend.

    With that, Meki smiled as she walked off briskly in the opposite direction, preparing for what her anger management classes might be like. She hoped it wouldn't be too patronizing. If anything, that could make things worse.​
  11. In Tony's absence, the age-regressed scientist wandered back into his own bedroom. Bathing this younger body was almost frightening for Bruce. He hurried through the shower, a towel wrapped at his hips. Bruce approached the mirror, again inspecting the unknown face he saw reflecting back. His rightful age is thirty, but here he stood as a nineteen year old young man again.

    Bruce had nothing to shave, which wasn't the worst result of this transformation. He finished with his morning routine as usual, but struggled to find something comfortable to wear. All his clothing was over-sized. His younger body had shrunk, bringing him the height he'd been before. Bruce didn't grow into his height until he was somewhere in his early twenties. After several minutes of searching, Bruce finally found himself somewhere suitable to wear.

    A casual emerald t-shirt, black jeans and brown boots. Bruce's hair, having curled tightly from the water of his shower, was left to dry without assistance. While fastening his watch, Tony happened to join the bedroom. Obviously he wasn't going to be patient as Bruce had advised. This wasn't surprising. Bruce knows how persistent his best friend can be and fighting with him isn't worth the agony. "I don't have one, Tony. This isn't going to be an easy fix for us. I suggest you get adjusted for a while."


    The embrace of her friend was appreciated, but Vanora could already feel the bruises forming on the surface of her skin. When Meki pulled away, despite her gentleness, Vanora's porcelain skin was darkened beneath her clothing. The areas where pressure had been applied would remain these shades of purple and blue until they healed a few days later. This can't be prevented. Vanora's body responds to physical touch this way and ha since her birth.

    When Meki left, Vanora began searching for her own classroom. While walking through the hallways, head lowered and eyes averted as she passed by other students, Vanora popped a delicious chocolate between her lips. She focused on the sweetness, trying her best to ignore the curious glances of her classmates.
  12. "Get adjusted?" Tony raised an eyebrow in exasperation. "You know that's not happening. What use am I around here? I sure as hell am not going to be as good at math as I usually am. Let alone fit in my metal suit." The thought just occurred to Iron man. That suit fitted him perfectly. It did not fit his pubescent body he had now.

    "We've got to do something. There is nothing I can do that is any real use right now." He stared at Bruce in impatience. IF he had grown younger, his brain must of done so too. Sure, he was overly intelligent at this age anyway, but he had grown ever more since then. This was going to be slow and painful for the young man, "Please help me out man." Tony cooled a little, knowing angering himself and at worst, his best friend was a bad, bad idea.


    In anger management, Meki had to describe when she felt most angry. It was only a group of about 7 students, including Professor Xavier who was there for an hour before he left. He asked each student to decribe when they felt at their worst. Meki didn't want to, but she accepted it was the first step forward to feeling better. She didn't tell them about the building damage, the death of her father or the riots, she simply described how she felt. The power that enhanced her abilities. Other students seemed similar, but nobody seemed to be on her level. At least, relative to Meki.

    Once it was done, Meki looked at the clock and saw it signaled lunch. Finally. She walked quickly into the canteen to buy three apples and one chocolate bar. It was her idea of a healthy lunch. She usually met Vanora around the front of the fields, so she waited as she began to eat her apple. She wondered what Vanora could do with her Necromancy, and she wanted to ask. ​
  13. Bruce understood Tony's reasoning behind wanting an immediate fix to this problem, but he wouldn't get the results desired if he didn't allow Bruce the proper time to accurately research the chemicals necessary for this remedy. "Tony..." Bruce spoke through clenched teeth, his eyes beginning to burn with irritation. Apparently his dry eye syndrome has returned with the age regression as well.

    "I'll do my best, but you need to let me work without interruptions." No offense to his best friend, but Tony could be very distracting. While Tony can work with blasting music in his ears, Bruce finds that same environment very disruptive. He prefers silence. "Why don't you look up anything even remotely helpful online?" Technology is Tony's forte, not Bruce's. He's more of the traditional scientific mind.

    Bruce turned away from Tony, procuring a bottle of eye drops from his nightstand. They haven't been used for a while, but he knew they'd make a frequent appearance now. Without his glasses, which he can't wear now without being blinded, his eyes would continue to burn. He was twenty-five before having them prescribed and mandated.


    Professor Xavier perfectly saw through the silence of his frightened student. She wasn't speaking verbally, but inside her mind was overwhelmed with questions and various concerns. Until she was comfortable announcing these worries to him, Professor Xavier wouldn't force her to speak them aloud. Gaining insight through her mind was helpful, but wouldn't cure her of these troublesome insecurities.

    "Moon Child," Professor Xavier spoke to her kindly with the affectionate nickname she's earned. "I know you believe this arriving power within you is a curse, but it's not."

    Vanora sighed, head falling forward into her hands. She was distraught, tears building along her lashes. "I've dain mah research, professur. Ah ken 'at thes power is used tae manipulate death an' th' tortured sools ay th' tint. (I've done my research, Professor. I know that this power is used to manipulate death and the tortured souls of the lost.)" Her accent had thickened in the distress.

    Thankfully he can understand her easily. He's rather well versed with various languages. "Listen, my dear, Necromancy has the capability to be so much more than what you've trained yourself to believe. It's not a horrendous curse. It's a gift that you must learn to understand and live alongside in peace."

    Vanora couldn't listen to him for a second longer and thankfully she didn't have to. The class ended and she immediately fled to the cafe. She got herself a bottle of chocolate milk and a sandwich, searching for her friend at the fields.
  14. Tony sighed and shrugged, walking away to find the rest of the Avengers for advice, something he didn't ask for often. What was he meant to find online anyway? 'Help I've been turned back into an 18 year old'? That isn't exactly an everyday occurrence that Google would have the answer for. At least Bruce was trying to help him.

    After half an hour of Steve laughing at him and Nick holding back his own laughter, he suggested the strange. Tony first disagreed, but maybe Nick was right. Maybe. He trekked back to find Bruce, "Hey." he said again, putting his hands in his pockets. "So uh, I spoke to the rest of them." He walked around to find a chair. "Nick suggested something." Tony felt stupid for telling Bruce. Surely Bruce would think the same as himself, "He said we should talk to Professor Xavier... About temporarily joining his school..."


    Meki searched with her eyes, looking through the crowd of creatures before spotting Vanora. She smiled and carefully walked over, eating her chocolate bar quickly. She smiled as she waved, trying to catch Vanora's attention. She walked over to stand in front of Vanora, "Hey!" Meki cheered up a little as she spotted her friend.

    "So, how was your time with the Professor?" She began walking to find a place for them to sit together. She could see groups of friendships that had formed together. But Meki never joined in the large groups. Even though she enjoyed the company, Meki never really made any proper friends except Vanora. She guessed it was because not many people could understand either of them, so they decided to stick together.​
  15. "Joining the academy?" It wasn't a grand idea, but at least Tony had contributed something worthwhile to their unpleasant circumstances. "I suppose that would be logical." After all, Professor Xavier might just be able to fix their unfortunate situation with his own brilliance. "When should we leave for the academy?" Bruce had to collect a few of his things before leaving for an extended trip somewhere else. He doesn't travel normally. In fact, he usually prefers avoiding relocating.

    Bruce turned away from Tony briefly, still searching for his own cure through the various notebooks he's written within the years. "Should we inform Professor Xavier of our impending arrival or has that already been taken care of for us?" It wouldn't be polite to just randomly appear on the steps of the elder man's school without some kind of explanation.


    "It was braw. (It was fine.)" Vanora answered immediately, brightening a tad at her friend's arrival. Despite having a strongly introverted personality, Vanora has welcomed Meki into her life and they've become a constant source of enjoyment and stability for the young Scottish lass. She has no one else, except for her mother, that has shown such ready acceptance. Meki is a friend that she trusts wholeheartedly. Even if others don't.

    "Th' professur thinks Ah shoods be mair understandin' ay mah developin' powers. (The professor thinks I should be more understanding of my developing powers.)" A command that Vanora couldn't, despite her tremendous respect for the professor, complete so willingly. She's frightened of her Necromancy abilities and will probably never accept them as part of herself.
  16. "Put it this way, Nick was on the phone to Professor when I got there." Tony huffed. He was planning on not enjoying this experience. Surrounded by teens who still don't understand themselves? Going back to high school? No thanks. He'd attempt to hold a mood the entire time, until they got him back to his normal self. Most people would like to de-age a few years, but Tony was content with the way his was. His teen self hadn't quite grasped the facial hair yet. And he didn't like that.

    "If Nick is serious about this, I'm gonna go and cry then pack my things. See you in ten." Tony nodded before trudging out of the room. When he was back at his, he decided what to take and what wasn't needed.

    After 15 minutes of attempting to find clothes that fitted, Tony had packed a suitcase full of mainly clothes and toiletries. He lugged it down to Nick and the rest who were preparing to send them both off. Everyone still looked amused. All but Tony, who was far from it.


    "Hey, I was reading about your Necro stuff." Meki said in a strong accent, the Serbian ringing out. "I'm sure you can handle it. You're so very good at what you do!" Meki grinned, her voice loud enough to make some students pass her weird looks. As they reached the trees, Meki decided it was a suitable place to sit. She thought with skin as white as Vanoras, sunburn was possible.

    Meki sat down and quickly began eating her apple. She spoke with her mouth half full, "You've gotta control your powers and I gotta control my anger." Meki grinned, "I bet mine is easier to do." She picked up an apple and offered it to Vanora, "Then again, I have done bad things with my anger..." Meki mumbled to herself, not wanting to tell anybody about the city incident.

    {I'm so sorry it's taken me ages - I hope you're still interested!}
  17. While Tony continued his tantrum about the Tower, the only relief from his complaining came when he decided to go back into his room and pack everything needed for the upcoming enrollment at school, Bruce wandered back into his own bedroom to complete the same task. He didn't bring along much, just the essentials. A few minutes later he rejoined the front room to find Tony waiting for him. How the other man had finished getting his things together first was a mystery. Tony seemed to be ranting even more so now.

    "Consider this a vacation of sorts, Tony."


    Vanora happily accepted the apple she was given. She enjoys fruits, especially apples. They taste the best with some accompanying peanut butter. When she bit eagerly into the apple, the crisp skin breaking apart at her teeth and juice spilled onto her lower lip, was right as Meki mumbled something Vanora's ears couldn't quite hear. Vanora didn't wish to pry into her friend's life without being allowed or invited. She respects everyone's boundaries and this includes Meki. A few of the passing students gave their disapproving glances to the two women, but Vanora has learned to ignore them. She doesn't need their approval. Her friendship with Meki has given her confidence and happiness. Something she is extremely grateful for.

    The skies above them seemed to brighten, an echoing sound hovering high in the clouds. The sounds penetrated into Vanora's ears and she clutched at her head, eyes squeezed shut as she began whimpering in pain. Suddenly a massive plane appeared in the sky, it landed behind the school's building. The sight caught the attention of several students. All of them curious as to the arrivals that would be leaving the plane and stepping onto their school.
  18. "Vacation.. Pffft." Tony sat in the plane next to Bruce, his arms folded tightly. "That 'God' owes me one." Tony looked out of the window, looking down at the passing landscape. He couldn't believe he was ending up in school again. This was some sort of Karma for something he had done bad, surely.

    The plane was slowly pulling up to the school, Tony gripped his small suitcase and prepared to get out. He looked over at Bruce and took in a deep breath, "Ready?" He asked before shuffling to the door.

    The professor greeted them in a more positive way than Tony was feeling. "Hello, Professor." Tony greeted him flatly. The man could probably work out Tony wasn't too happy about what was going on. But the students seemed to collect around them and it seemed like nearly none of them even recognized the Stark who stood in front of him. Well, this was more than depressing.


    Meki went to say something about the apple but a sudden sound of a plane penetrated the school. She noticed Vanora clasp her ears in pain. Meki quickly placed her hands around Vanora, trying not to give her bruises, but she wanted to shield her from the noise.

    She squinted into the air as the plane slowly landed on the field. It was an odd sight and she honestly had no idea what was going on. When the plane slowly came to a halt, Meki moved her hands away from Vanora and held her shoulders lightly, "Are you okay?" She asked, tilting her head as she looked back over to the plane. Some students didn't take much notice, but some seemed to gather around as she spotted the Professor wheel himself up to the plane.

    "C'mon, lets go and see what they are fussing about." Meki stood up, holding her hand out to Vanora with a grin.

  19. Tony wasn't thrilled with their arrival to the campus and nor was Bruce. He shared the feelings of dread that came with returning to a phase in his life that had already been a traumatic experience before. When Bruce was originally in high school, well, he managed to obtain a criminal record with his solution for the relentless bullies that took enjoyment in his suffering. Of course, he's beyond that. Or rather, he was until recently. Being in these uncomfortable surroundings brought back old feelings of fright and defensiveness to him again. Bruce knew he'd have to keep himself in check, especially with the Hulk still dwelling inside of him.

    "Let's go, Tony."

    Bruce tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone, but that was difficult to achieve with the crowding gathering around them. This large group included students and staff, everyone seemed extremely interested in their arrival.


    Vanora was equally as curious and slightly frightened by the sudden arrival to their campus. Carefully, knowing her skin is delicate, she took Meki's offered hand. She rose to her height, still impossibly short compared to everyone else. Vanora couldn't see the scene ahead of them very clearly from this distance, but could immediately hear their voices once they spoke aloud. One of the visitors had a slight infliction with his voice, as if trying to contain something inside of himself. The other was brash and brazen, not seeming to care if he offended anyone in the area. Neither of these men gave a welcoming aura.
  20. The professor lead them through the crowd of students and staff, showing them to where they'd be staying. "Is that Tony Stark?" "Stark? No." "Who is it?" He could hear the murmuring around him, attacking his ego unintentionally. He guessed none of them recognized him as a teen. He looked at Bruce, who looked equally as uncomfortable. He saw his best friend stare at the floor uncomfortably, poor guy.

    When they made it to the accommodation, it was empty. The boys would share a room in one of the halls. When Tony stepped in, he pulled a face. "Is this it? Oh well.." He dumped his bag on the top bunk, "Mine!" He clambered up the stairs, ignoring the professor rudely before he left. Tony stared at the roof, "Well isn't this great." He grumbled.


    Meki held Vanora's hand as lightly as she could, knowing any pressure would cause her to bruise up. She walked over quickly with her, swinging their hands a little. When they got a good view, the two stopped. Meki watched two teen boys, one looking very uncomfortable, the other just looked simply pissed off. "New students?" She raised an eyebrow as she watched them, "Hey, I think they are going to our building." She observed as the two men pushed through the crowd.​
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