Awoken evils (a steven universeXWarframe crossover)

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I charged through corridor after corridor searching for it. the cyrostasis pod. It had to be somewhere. lotus kept trying to tell me to turn back because just a minute or so ago I had set up a bomb in the middle of the labyrinthian grineer base. Where is it!? lotus you said it was here! I shouted from behind my helmet. the pod had to be in the next had to be. it almost sounded like lotus was yelling for me to turn back and something about a war.. but at this pointI couldn’t see while I was planting the bomb she told me that the grineer stole something thousands of years ago and that she was glad I was going to destroy her.. the lotus said her..the moment she did I knew that whatever the grineer stole was sentient.. and whether or not it was innocent I wasn’t going to kill it… grineer and corpus I don’t have any problems with but this is different.. whatever the grineer stole hasn’t done anything to me yet so it’s innocent until proven guilty… I turned the corner and entered a room I had never seen before.. I look up and lo and behold there it is! the pod was suspended in the air by a very thick cable made out of a metal I couldn't was frozen so I slammed my mk1 bo against it and it shattered sending the pod to the floor with a loud crash. I landed next to it and began trying to hack the door but I didn’t recognise the security type..and it looked insanely difficult. I check the timer on my warframes hud. A minute and a half? I look back at the code and take a deep breath and exhale loudly I can work with that…I think.. I began tapping away at the keypad and after about a minute I finally cracked it and the door slid off the pod and onto the floor. Afterwards I reach down into the pod but all that was in it was some kind of rock and I thought lotus lied to me but when she gasped the way she did I knew that this must’ve been what she was talking about so I turned and sprinted out of the base and towards the cephalon and got into it as fast as I possibly could. and when I was finally in the ships control room I collapsed onto my knees and fell onto my back and just spent the next couple of minutes trying to get my heart rate somewhere below 551,309 thousand beats per second when the rock I had picked up started to glow and levitate into the air.

-your character is a gem from the show steven universe and mine is a tenno from warframe that uses the mag warframe you can pick whatever gem you want for your gemsona but you can't be op
-no excessive cursing
-please use proper spelling and grammar
-no god moding/ metagaming stuff like that
-no sudden plot developments for the story without my permission (but you can do whatever you want with your character)

-mag (my character)
-ordis and my liset (my spaceship and the A.I. that runs my spaceship) View attachment 90794 View attachment 90795 View attachment 90796
- to be determined gemsona (your character)
- Warframe enemies
-yellow diamond (from steven universe)
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