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Awkward, is it not?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Krnon, May 21, 2015.

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  1. The spark that I once had has been removed by self doubt and real life issues. The need to try or even want to help out in the world building section (though, for the little there was,) is gone, and my sole reason to be here is pointless to me. As such, I beg your forgiveness but will resign myself to my inner self and move on with the winds of time. Adjusting as life does, this life, I am afraid, is not suited for internet based story role playing. As such I will take my leave and wish all of you (Good, bad, indifferent) the very best in what you do, and hope you do so as best you can. My time, what short it was here, was either me losing interest really fast over menial things, or me not comprehending stuff enough to spark the interest that could be. I know Iwaku is a wonderful place, and would recommend it, but it is no longer a place that I feel fits for me. A stranger in a crowd, alone and gone, I feel I do not want to stay just to lurk and do nothing just for the sole reason that I have no interest. As such, I am leaving, possibly never to return.
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  2. Well, if you've lost your inspiration there isn't too much I can do.

    But you will be missed.
    And you're still a fun and cool guy, so the Skype group remains open to you as well.
    We won't make you leave simply cause you don't post on a certain website.
  3. I'll miss you, Kernon ;-;
Thread Status:
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