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So finally I have something positive to say about myself or even my day. So I'm finally over that seven week flu that had been going around my family, school is going to be starting for me soon so that means I'll be able to get my grandparents off my butt for staying home all the time. I'll be able afford my trumpet, in a few weeks which means I might be able to learn how to play it. I bought mass effect 1, 2 and 3, so video games here I come, I have a ton more roleplays to do and more coming soon, and....I MIGHT PERFORM IN MY COMMUNITY CONCERT SERIES, WOO!!. THOUGH IT'S WORRYING BECAUSE I HAVE TO AUDITION FOR TWO THINGS ALMOST ON THE SAME DAY!
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Trumpets are fun. I played in school bands for two years. I would've kept playing if band was still a thing.
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