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  1. [ame=""]YouTube - Firefighter Kuwait amazing video[/ame]
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  2. was absolutely amazing! Beautiful at how well constructed her pictures were and what story it told. Man I sat througha ll 8 minutes and thirty three seconds. All I can say is amazing and awesome in the original use of the word, full of awe. Kudos Asmo for bringing the video to my attention.
  3. Yeah, it looks like some kind of TV Talent Show.

    Sure beats the shit out of those whiney boyband bitches that we get on X-Factor.
  4. .....fuck, its one thing to paint, but with sand!? thats fucking awesome.
  5. "You're in a good mood?"
  6. That was pretty damn amazing. The music was the perfect combination to her art.
  7. It was so well choreographed as well.

    I could feel the passion in her movement.