Awesome robot

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  1. Jason

    "Considering we are roommates, sure." He put his jacket on her and put her arms through the sleeves. It was big on her but not to where it just fell off. "See, normal clothes stay on just fine."
  2. I guess I did?

    I wasn't impressed by it that much. Not that version anyway. It just looks like a wax figure still.

    They've got better ones now that they're supposedly building to take care of their aging population cause they've got too many elderly and not enough care staff. And because they're such xenophobes, instead of just allowing professionals to enter the country. . . they're going to BUILD their caretakers.

    No I don't forsee ANY possible way this plan could go wrong. >_>

    To be fair though. . . the test foreigners have to take to get certified has at least 50,000 terms in Japanese. It's like they're TRYING to make it impossible to pass.
  3. (...dude, they just met, what is happening)
  4. Why does this remind me of Biship's scene in Alien III? O_o Must be all the scattered wires.
  5. You do realize your comment is about the same as at least 50% of the comments on those vids, right? >_>
  6. That is exactly the same thing I thought. I was waiting for the blood to spray outta the guys head over the robot while you hear the screech of the Xenomorph.
  7. yes, and the majority of those were probably as sarcastic as I was about it.
  8. THEY'RE AGONNA GET US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Dr. Doom's version of an inflatable GF is going to get us?
  10. Oh come on! It's awesome!
  11. Not if it's just a head.

    A talking head is creepy.

    Unless it's Zordon.
  12. BUT IT'S COOL!

    *Snuggles head*
  13. o_o

    That fast. . . were you like, waiting for someone to post?


    *Looks around for bear traps*

    Btw. . . A terminator skull is cooler than that thing.

    *Snuggles head*
  15. That head will never be as good as Kryton.

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  16. "Aiko, you should know what this is."

    'It's a...a sandwich." *wires move as head forlornly makes way to kitchen*

    I like how she says "Ham-bahggar"
  17. John

    "Yeah. They are probably lying low for the time being."