awesome new anime

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I hear it was nothing but boobie fan service all over the place! D: Was it?
oh, huh. I'd rather read the manga of that one, to be honest.
To be honest this is the one type of thing that makes me not like certain animes despite them having a great story.

My biggest concern is the continous fan service like they are trying too hard to get 13 year olds hard in japan. Seriously cut down on the fan service and you might have a good anime.

^Was my main cocern but I'll list a bit of pros.

I liked the extreme harshness of a unreal scenario happening to pseudo-real people. One part that really displayed this and human nature was the part where the two girls were running down that hallway acting like they were together forever and the moment things turned arye.
Well She kicked her in the face.

The pure destruction factor in so short of time amused me and the whole mystery behind what exactly is going on (although I can guess it is a virus of some kind) left me thinking about what the story would end up as. Definitely almost feels like a Left4Dead in Japan........with over-the-top fanservice. (Yeah I'm a guy and I admit I like the "occasional" service but all that in one episode just made me sigh)

And that's my review for you.
*Grabs the L.O.R.G-A.W.D paddle off the shelf*

also, boobs and arses EVERYWHERE. by the cinema and dice gods, there were so many gratuitous arse and boob shots
What do you expect from a guy who does H-Manga when he's not doing awesome shit like Hellsing?

Also, I was expecting Break Blade. You are not a good leader, okami. Prepare for rebellion.
*Draws out the Nemesis Weeaboo paddle* it's time is time.
It's not a bad anime. When you get pass the endless fan service, it has a pretty good story. I've been reading the manga for a while and have enjoyed the development. The real harshness of the unreal scenario and the human nature is displayed pretty well. In the manga, I like how the situation goes from bad to worse.
>_> I'm beginning to like the idea of post-moe more and more. Jus' sayin'. Anyway, this wasn't my cup of tea as far as animes go, so I think I'll just stick to the regular slice-of-life stuff that I watch.
Zombies are part of the fanservice.

you guys don't get it.

Ok too much flashing! It's as if this anime were made only for boys to watch. But over all it was okay I guess...
I tend to ignore fan service. I was just excited to find a post apocalyptic zombie anime.
I tend to ignore fan service. I was just excited to find a post apocalyptic zombie anime.

Go watch a Romero flick, then.

Or go buy The Walking Dead.


Best part about this animu is Kouta Hirano. Guy screams OPERATOR in my face. Couple that with the fact that he's voiced by Nobuyuki 'King of Braves' Hiyama.

Animus are alright... sometimes... Mayhap not a fan of this one persay, but yeah.

(Paddles himself)