Awesome McCoolname

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The Man of Bronze

Batman bin Suparman

Magnus von Magnusson

The Red Baron

Awesome McBadass-Powerfist

The One

Optimus Prime

Max Fightmaster

The Demon Lord of the Round Table

Master of the Past and Present

The White Devil/The Ace of Aces

The Terror of Death

Big McLargehuge/Punch Rockgroin/Bolt Fizzlebeef/Bob Johnson....

Raise of hands, who here would kill to have a name or sobriquet that badass? Additionally, what would YOUR Awesome-Name be?

...Bonus points to those who can name all the sources of the above names.
Batman bin Suparman was a fucked up fake liscense

The red baron can be either a snoopy refrence or baron von Ricktoffen (If I spelled that right) The actual motherfucking red baron, the man who virtually invented aerial dogfighting

and Optimus Prime, is just badass incarnate
@ The Guy: You need MOAR caps when speaking of BRIAN BLESSED. "GOR-DON'S AH-LIVE?!" "DIIIIIIIVE!"

I'm trying to decide which is the more awesome pilot sobriquet: Ace of Aces or Demon Lord of the Roundtable.
Max Fightmaster is a member of the U.S. army, Optimus Prime is robot jesus (he died for your sins), the man of Bronze is Doc Savage, The One is Neo (ooh anagrams), and the Red Baron is a fighter ace from back when planes were made of wood.

The White Devil is a japanese schoolgirl who will use her hellish powers to get you to listen. She is not to be confused with the other White Devil, of course, who kills the zeon and doesn't afraid of anything.

Punch Rocketgroin sounds like the various names that mike and the bots gave to the hero of SPACE MUTINY