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  1. Hello there everyone! I'm Zipperr.

    Lately I've been craving some roleplay (it's been about a month since I sat down with someone and actually tried, thanks to my other site just being... horrible). To make this even better, I do have some ideas of my own.

    Me As A Roleplayer
    I've been roleplaying for eight years (since I was able to read and write well enough on the internet). I'd consider myself an intermediate to adept writer. I don't mind playing any gender whatsoever. I actually am more open to other's ideas than my own, so if you think we can get our creative juices flowing together, link me to your own post or send me a PM as soon as possible. I usually reply instantly unless at school (which makes me unavailable weekdays from 6 am to around 5 - 6 pm EST). I'm like an owl though, so I'll always be up late. Um... not much else I can explain. I'm open to all plot lines, however High School and Apocalypse Styled roleplays are starting to get old to me. I do those all the time. Now if there are some nice twists to them, we can make something work.
    ** OH YES, Check out my Roleplay Resume Thing if you get the chance. It'll fill all my blanks **

    1. One Piece Like Adventure

    I'm not one who has seen every episode of One Piece and I cannot legitimately consider myself a fan since I haven't been watching anime much lately; however, roleplaying an adventure like the one they go on in One Piece would be amazing and fun to do. This idea is still up for discussion. I have a rough setting in my mind, which I can post if asked, or send through PM if you'd like. The plot is kind of shaky, but you can see how it will go for the most part if you know what One Piece is. I 'll probably also be updating this thread with more details of this idea as they come to me and iron themselves out. Of course all who help the idea will be mentioned.

    2. A Fantasy

    Okay, okay. I know: Fantasy is overused as a genre. I really like it, though. I've only ever done one and it was amazing thanks to the partner I had back then. For this, I'd like it to be thought out with my partner, if I receive one. I'd like for everything to be well thought and detailed (setting especially, plot, characters, etc.). I'd love a creative and out of the box thinker for this type of roleplay because that'd make this even more fun!

    I hope to find a partner that is like me in skill. I'd hope they reply often (multiple times a day, but I've dealt with less before). I'd like one who can fit inside that intermediate + roleplaying skill level. Um, and that's pretty much it for what I expect from a partner. Not much, I'd say.
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  2. I'd be willing to build a Fantasy world with you, if you'll have me.
  3. Sounds great. I'll PM right now.
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