Awesome 80's

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  1. Favorite thing from the 80s GOOO!!!
  2. I was born then. By my measure I'd say that's pretty damn exciting.
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  4. EVERYTHING. Good God I wish I'd been around during the 80s. The music and movies is my favorite part about it, everyone and the families still had values and such. Much more than a lot of us do today. Everything was epic. I really do love the music, though. I'll jam out to some 80s music. Even if I haven't heard it I'll know if the song was from the 80s or not, aha!
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  5. Overboard. Definitely my favorite things from the '80's but also one of my favorite movies period!
  6. Ya, what he said. XD

    OH and side pony tails! Those were pretty styling.
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  7. i know 70 of those things
  8. Which 10 don't you know? ^-^
  9. just a few here and there

    and where was mcgyver on that list?
  10. Robocop, Blues Brothers, Terminator, Indiana Jones, Goonies, Starwars, or Ghostbusters

    Guess the people who made the list weren't movie unfortunate...
  11. Obligatory remark: Aside from me?




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  12. is that duck hunt?

    that goddamn dog

    my mortal foe!
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  13. image.jpg

    This guy.

    Edit: how do gif?
  14. How about the music <3
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  15. Me.

    I <3 myself. You all should love me, too. :D
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  16. you're egocentricism earns are Like from me

    that takes balls

    you, sir, i salute!
  17. Fraggles! That was my nickname in school because I had red hair and I always wore it in pigtails. XD


    Those things were freaking awesome! They lasted forever (At least to little kid Nydanna they did!)

    He-man! I used to watch it every morning before my mom took me to school.

    Anyone remember Howard the Duck? XD
  18. I assume everyone does or at least knows what it is, thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy.