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So I have some comic ideas that I think would be good as role plays as well.

I'm open to doing multiple partners in any of these, which is why I've posted all the ideas here, even if they seem 1x1.we can always come up with characters to add to the mix!

A sci-fi world of the future, where solid-light holograms allow people to date their significant others, interact with family members and other loved ones, having business meetings if needed, and other such things, from a distance. This also allows gamers to get more realistic experiences, and people can even date artificial intelligences or use the AIs as servants. Or perhaps the AIs could be used to bring a loved one back from the dead?

In each of these stories, I would like to be the holo/ai but it's negotiable.

Names of the characters are changable.

I'd love especially to do "Faulty".

Apart Together:
Leanne has been dating her significant other, who recently had to move away. They each bought a holo projector after the move. Can they get used to living life apart, even if they can technically still be physically together?

After their mothers die in a freak teleporter accident leaving the moms' bodies missing vital organs and Anne missing most of her own and needing surgeries well out of any reasonable price range, and Armin missing an eye, Armin feels helpless.

Armin has no money to keep her on life support much longer, much less the surgeries. Ze definitely doesn't have the money to get a new eye. Ze had taken a transporter too, but ze got mostly through the transporter before the system glitched, whereas the others were trapped in the midst of the glitch.

Armin's little sister Anne is about to die, but a new technology promises to give her another chance at life. The technology can scan her brain thoroughly and upload it into an AI system. They believe the five year old's brain will be perfect for this, as it is still so young and unformed, an least likely to become corrupt. In debt from funeral expenses and medical bills, and desperate to keep the only family ze has left, Armin has no choice but to accept the offer.

Will Anne be the same integrated into the experimental person holo AI? What will her life be like now? Will she be seen as real, or as an impersonation? Will she be the first person to successfully have her consciousness saved after death? And how is Armin supposed to take care of a holo child? Will she eat? Bathe? Sleep?
This is going to take getting used to.

Live On:
Renée's significant other, Gene, has an advanced form of cancer. While most cancers are curable nowadays, Gene is deathly allergic to the medication. The same technological company that saved Anne in the previous story is now looking to test their technology on a young adult to see if it is successful on young adults. This might be Gene's only chance to live on, and Gene did not want to leave Renée.

But will an adult brain, much less moldable than a child's, even work in an AI holo?
And will the AI really be same Gene?[/spoilers]

A simple cute story about the day to day lives of three maid AIs that work in an apartment building and keep it clean. Love begins to blossom between the three girls, but will the manager allow AIs to date, much less polyamorous gay AIs?
This is a story about how love can happen even the most strange of situations.

Bethany, her best friend Saturn, and Saturn's supergenius little sibling, Torri, find a broken holo with an AI chip still in it as Torri is exploring the dump for spare parts. Torri decides to fix it up, and they find that the AI is an 18-year-old-looking holo who was thrown away in favor of a newer model holoprojector that they weren't able to transfer to. They are buggy, having issues such as auditory processing difficulties and a stutter, but maybe Torri will be able to fix them, or teach them that their disabilities do not make them any lesser.


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