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  1. Pheonix stood in the middle of a large open field, surrounded on all sides why dense forests. He was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt and matching, loose fitting pants with black boots. His arms were crossed to his chest and his head tilted down with eyes closed. He was mediating while he waited for something. The wind swept lightly through his dark blonde hair, and was slowly picking up as a storm began to come in from the south. It would be dark soon... A perfect stage.
  2. Lucian cast his gaze about the area, the dying sun casting the field in a golden glow. If he hadn't been so focused on the task at hand, he might have stopped to take in its beauty. But there were more important events that needed his attention right now. The ginger spotted Pheonix, standing a few yards away, feeling his stomach twist in nervousness, though he would never let it show, or admit that it was there. His steps quickened in tempo, bringing himself to stand in front of the other male. There wasn't any need to announce himself. Pheonix had been expecting him.
  3. Pheonix opened his eyes as Lucian approached, tilting his head to look at him. The time had come at last. Without a word, Pheonix nodded and stepped back until there was about 15 meters of space between them. He then looked to Lucian again, and took a fighter's stance, meant for hand-to-hand. He motioned for Lucian to make his 1st move, which would set the events of the battle in motion.
  4. Lucian took a deep breath, forcing his nerves to settle. It would do him no good to be jittery and unfocused at a time like this. Eyes of jade watched as Pheonix put a set distance between them, before taking his stance. He was ready. With a small nod, Lucian began his assault. The young man began to close the distance between them again, his steps quickly turning into a run as he zigzagged his way forward, hoping to mask from which side he was planning to strike. Changing directions at the last moment, the young male struck out from the left with his right fist, ceasing his charge forward to quickly spin on his heel clockwise, bringing his left elbow around, aiming for Pheonix's chest.
  5. Pheonix watched Lucian closely as the distance between them became shorter and shorter, keeping track of his movements as closely as possible. As Lucian got close enough and sent his attack, Pheonix reacted. He brought his right arm up to his chest in order to block the incoming elbow from Lucian with his forearm, and as he did, he also brought his right leg up to send a kick across Lucian's gut with his shin, hopefully knocking the wind out of him if the hit was successful.
  6. A hiss of air left Lucian's lips as Pheonix brought his leg up into the red head's chest with a dull thud, expelling the air from his chest to prevent himself from being winded to badly. It still left him gasping, but he'd recover quickly. Lucian's right arm wrapped around Pheonix's leg, pulling it out to keep it straight, as his left hand came down with hard force into the man's knee, with the intent of breaking the joint. Dropping Pheonix's leg, Lucian took a step to the left, right leg curling before snapping in a side kick.
  7. Pheonix was in a bad position once his leg was grabbed, but fortunately, his opponent had left himself a bit open as well, and he still had a few tricks up his sleeve. As Lucian's left hand was about to come down onto his knee, he sent a right hook punch at Lucian's left arm in order to knock it off course so that it would miss his knee, leaving it unhurt. Just after that was done, Pheonix used his held leg as leverage, and jumped up with his right leg, leaning back so that his body went horizontal, and twisting hard to the left, bringing his right foot around towards the back of Lucian's head, aiming slightly downwards as well so that it would still hit his head if he tilted it down. He hoped that it would be enough to knock Lucian to the ground and release his leg. Pheonix prepared to catch himself with his hands after the attack was made.
  8. Lucian barely had time from the moment his left arm was knocked off course to bring it back up to stop Pheonix's leg from striking the back of his head. He felt the man begin to drop, letting go of his leg so as not to be dragged down with him, taking a few steps to come up on the man's right side. He didn't wait for the other male to right himself, raising his right leg up high in a sweeping motion, before using the added force of gravity to bring the leg back down, heel first, aiming for the centre of Pheonix's back.
  9. Pheonix didn't have enough time to get back to his feet before Lucian sent his foot down towards his back. However, he had just enough time to roll to the right and avoid the hit, letting Lucian send his heel into the ground. After rolling a few feet away, and quickly pushed himself up to his feet, preparing himself to find again.
  10. There was a slight jar of pain as his heel met hard ground instead of the body that had been there moments before. The young man grit his teeth together, giving his leg a slight shake, before bringing himself back into the proper stance. A light frown crossed his lips. Obviously straight melee attacks weren't going to be enough. Slowly, his hands moved back to the clasps that were located on the small of his back, grasping the handles of his two twin daggers. The handles were simple, short, wrapped in sharkskin to improve his grip, with a small guard to protect his hands. The blade is where all the detail came in, created with a wicked curve and a watermarked edge. They were as beautiful as they were deadly. The blades twirled between his fingers, the light glinting off their silver surfaces. "Let's kick it up a notch, shall we?" He spoke, words dripping like oil. Gripping his daggers tightly, the young man went on the attack, pushing off hard from the ground to quickly dash forward, bringing his daggers down in a series of quick, consecutive diagonal slashes.
  11. Pheonix prepared himself as Lucian began to draw his daggers. He extended his right hand out to the side, sending a surge of energy down his arm to his hand. From it, a large sword began to materialize, measuring a 6 foot long blade with a 1 foot long hilt. The blade itself was just over 1 foot wide, double edged, and seemed to be made of a multitude of tiny crystal shards of all different colors. He brought the sword up in front of him as Lucian began his assault, holding the hilt with both hands and using the sword as a shield to block the barrage of slashes. After a few moments of blocking hit after hit, Pheonix took his left hand off of the hilt and aimed the palm up towards Lucian's face. A small flame appeared in his palm, and a moment later, the flame grew and bursts outwards like a flamethrower towards Lucian. The move was meant to make Lucian have to back off and allow Pheonix to make a proper counter attack.
  12. A small gasp left the young man's lips as he saw the flames heading his way, throwing himself to the left to avoid being charred by the fire Pheonix had conjured. Lucian took a few steps back from his opponent, leaving enough room for him to dodge another magical attack. He hadn't expected Pheonix to know any magic. This complicated things. Immensely. There was a slight numbing sensation as his own magic began to seep into his body, the electrify setting his nerves alight as it moved through into his daggers. That was the thing about metal, it made a wonderful conductor. Whatever they hit next was in for one nasty shock, and Lucian was aiming for a hit on Pheonix.
  13. As his sword began to lightly glow in all different colors, he started to spin it in his right hand. The sword twirled in a large circle, almost like a propeller in his hand. He started to wave it around as it spun, swiping it in front of him, letting the blade cut into the ground in front of him in a long line, leaving a distinctive gash in the ground. He continued waving it about skillfully, before grabbing hold of the hilt with both hands, stopping the sword from spinning any more. He then quickly swung the sword horizontally in front of him in the direction of Lucian.

    A long blade of energy flew out from the blade as it was swiped, flying straight for Lucian's midsection. It would be able to cut just as easily as if it was an actual physical blade.
  14. Lucian's teeth grit against each other as the blade of energy sliced through the air. Building momentum, he ran towards it, pushing off on his dominant leg and pulling himself into a high jump. He allowed the electricity that had built up in one of his daggers to discharge, the blast of energy propelling him above the blade. There was a jarring thud, his teeth clinking together as he landed on one knee, forcing himself back up to his feet. Growling lightly, he tossed the melted and useless dagger to the side, bringing the still charged blade in front of him, advancing on Pheonix again. His empty hand began to turn cold as the endothermic energy began to accumulate, striking out at the man with an open palm, his electric dagger at the ready to block should he swing his crystal blade.
  15. As Lucian approached him, Pheonix readied himself to defend. However, there was a trap set that Lucian didn't seem to notice. The thick cut in the ground in front of him that he had caused with his blade only moments earlier had been charged with energy, and the moment Lucian crossed it, it erupted with flames shooting up from the ground.

    However, just in case that wasn't enough, Pheonix raised the flat of his blade up to block Lucian's palm.