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Does the Intro Story & Plot sound Interesting?

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  2. Yes, The plot Idea is really cool!

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  1. [​IMG]

    Two Hundred years ago a Guardians of a tribe waged war on the brood known to humans as dragons, the Guardians were commanded to wipe out every last one of the brood by the Goddess Of Tranquility. She had feared the brood were becoming to powerful and that this would upset the balance of the world and send it into turmoil. But was this truly the case? In a nearby forest known as the Yggdrasil Forest, nest of the brood was a mother dragon who was protecting her whelp. One of the Guardians slew her as her body covered his and her life essence encased the young dragon in a chrysalis of magical ore in which is also known as the life essence of the brood. Now to this day the young whelp had been sealed away until a fateful day a traveling woman stumbles upon the chrysalis as its essence is finally depleted and the young whelp whom still aged slowly within had now grown has awakened, without knowledge of what has happened over the past two hundred years of his entombment in his mother's life essence, now he goes on a journey with this young woman in search for answers as to what has happened to his kind, why they were wiped out of existence and to what reason the being behind the order gave that order. Will the young dragon ever find out? Along their journey romance sprouts between the young dragon teen and the woman he begins his travels with after she gives him clothes to wear since he awakens naked, without any clothing.
  2. I would like to try
  3. This sounds wonderful. This can lead anywhere. But I am too late. Hope it works out :)
  4. If you're willing to do more than one I'd like to do it with you :)
  5. It does sound very interesting. Love the romance. I'm a sucker for it in a story line.
  6. So many takers XD and to think I suffered 2 weeks trying to write the intro because of writers block XD
  7. I'm up for an rp if you're still willing to do so. :)
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