Awakening From the Dream

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  1. Character:

    Lyra Grace Lee


    Lyra came to her dorm, tired from her day of college and working.
    She slipped into her pajamas and brushed out her hair.
    She didn't want to wash her face, but forced her way through it.
    As she got closer to the ability to fall asleep, she felt herself drifting into the dreamland she knew.
    Sighing she crawled into her bed, and turned on her bed length pillow.
    It glowed bright blue and began to warm up just enough for a soft lulling sleep.

    She opened her eyes in a coffee shop.
    One she had seen many times, and there sat the one guy.
    The guy she dreamt about all the time.
    Sadly he wasn't real, but for this short time,
    he could be.
  2. Hope sat waiting..tapping his shoe waiting for that girl to walk through that door, slowly sipping on his black tea. He frantically tried to fix his hair trying to look his best. Hope was always here waiting and never bothered to think back before he had sat down. With a sip he looked slowly up and there she was. Beautiful as ever and always peaceful. Hope waved his hand and shot her a smile
  3. "Hope!" She exclaimed running to hug him.
    She had missed him today, more than ever.
    Real life was stressful.
    She hugged him and kissed his cheek, then sat across from him at the small coffee table.
    "How was your day?" She asked, picking up a random cup of her favorite coffee already on the table.
  4. Hope smiled and hugged her back, "the beautiful Lyra Grace Lee" he sips on his tea and shrugs "Its been full of tea and blurred out faces well..besides yours Lyra. Hows school? make any friends?" Hope had no idea of the concept of school besides what little Lyra had spoke off, and from what he heard he hated it. Hope had no clue about much, he didn't know he was just a dream. A funny thing though Hope was a special Dream, he could think beyond the forced thoughts of the dreamer.
  5. Lyra smiled and sipped her own coffee.
    Then sighed,
    "I'm stressed again.
    I have 2 research papers and a test Friday.
    And no, I still live in a single dorm, by myself for the most part.
    the rain put me to sleep tonight though.
    It's storming~"
  6. "That sounds stressful, i wonder if i would be stressed at school, well if i knew what school was, are you imprisoned there?! Lyra i will break you out and defeat the stress!" Hope smiled and then looked at his foot, then frowned hey it normal for a -" With that the dream cuts black and then Hope is gone with Lyra sitting drinking coffe alone. (Back in the real world pillow begins to pulse as lightning crosses the sky and slowly an image flashes next to the sleeping Lyra, Hope begins to form laying down in her bedroom next to her. (He for humor is butt naked)
  7. Lyra giggled,
    "It almost feels like prision."
    She smiled and too another sip, until something goes wrong.
    IT went black for a moment and next thing she knew, Hope was gone.
    She jumped up,
    She looked around, "Not funny Hope."
    "HOPE?!" She screamed.
    Lyra had tears in her eyes.
    Why had the one person she had left, leave her too?
    She threw the cup and a clap of thunder flew through the air.


    Lyra jumped up in bed, gasping.
    She looked around until she sees a figure in the bed next to her.
    Screaming at the top of her lungs, she fell off the bed.
  8. Hope absolutely startled and flew out of the bed accidentally hitting the main control unit for the room, The Tv hologram turned on to classic Lady and the tramp, the Ipod turned on to shuffle blasting music, the lights went on and there upside down tangled up in sheets against the wall was hope looking around just as scared as Lyra maybe even more.
  9. When everything blasted on, Lyra knew she had to stop it before the entire dorm woke up.
    She hopped up and ran over to the main control unit and flipped a few switches.
    Everything quieted down, but the lights remained on.
    Lyra's eyes widened as she looked at the boy tangled in sheets.
    he looked extremely familiar.
    Even though she knew the answer,
    she asked anyway,
    "Who are you?"
  10. "Ugh What was that noise..all of them, I don't remember the coffee shop being so bright, loud, and tealess, and cold. Lyra did you bump your cute head it's me Hope. Hope then stands up, the sheets covering his lower half but barely. He rubs his head and looks around. "What happened to the coffee shop? why does it look different and smell like you"
  11. "H-Hope..." Lyra backed up.
    How was he here?
    He wasn't real.
    He wasn't supposed to be here.
    And he was naked...
    which made her face blast bright red.
    She tried looking to the side, but she couldn't deny he looked good.
    " are you here?
    This isn't the coffee shop...
    It's my dorm,"
    She was confused.
  12. "Hmm that's and interesting question Lyra! actually i don't know how i ended up in the coffee shop, my thought is because you are here so i should be too. So this is your prison! Lyra i will save you." With that Hope grabs Lyra and picks her up over his shoulder. and proceeds to walk out of the dorm, the sheet slowly falling
  13. "Wait- no-"
    Before she knew it she was thrown over Hope's shoulder.
    "Hope! Stop!
    You don't understand!"
    She yelped.
    She tried to grab the door, but missed.
    Can you not see you're naked!
    Stop for a second!"
  14. "Naked? what's that mean? you sure are acting odd Lyra." Hope puts her down and looks at her questionably "Lyra you look different then normal your face and structure is the same but the rest is colored different" Hope looks down "Hey! who took my color?" (Refering to the concept of clothing.)
  15. Lyra shoved Hope back into her dorm room,
    then locked the door.
    She hoped no one was woken up.
    The 'color' you're referring to is clothes.
    It's something we wear to cover ourselves up."
    She dug through a few of her drawers.
    All she could find was one of her oversized shirts
    and some guy PJ pants she had bought on the after christmas sale at Wal-Mart.
    She didn't have any boxers, so she hoped it would be enough.
    "Hope, here are some clothes,
    I'm sorry there isn't much, but that's all I have.
    Can you put them on for me?"
    Her brain felt like it was on overload.
    How could this happen?
    A flash of lightning flickered outside her window.
    Her pillow was one of those Dream Tech Pillows...
    what if it had shorted out when a lightning strike hit it?
    That would be the cause!
    But is it even possible?
  16. Hope putting on the clothes and smiled "Thanks Lyra! its perfect but unfortunately i cannot see a thing!" Hope had up the pjs over his head and wore the shirt like pants. "Lyra, i swear i'll save you from your stress!"
  17. Lyra sighed, giggling at Hope.
    "Here let me fix you"
    She ended up stripping him again and putting his clothes on right.
    Once she was done, he looked like a semi-normal college guy.
    "Hope, you really can't save me from that."
  18. "Hey i can see again! You are the best Lyra!" Hope smiled and hugged her tight. "Well why not Lyra?" "Anything is possible as long as im here!"
  19. Lyra scratched the back of her head,
    "Well, it's not exactly prison.
    It feels like it, but it's mostly my choice to be here."
    She sat him on the bed,
    "This world, isn't the world you know.
    I'm going to have to explain alot.
    Welcome to the Real World!"
    She did a spazztic hand wave.
  20. Hope smiled and copied her with the hand motions. "Lyra i can only assume that the coffee shop is not real? is that why i couldnt remember how i got there? " Hope slowly stood up and found a reflextive surface. "He slowly touched his face and pulled at his skin and hair, stretching his eye lids and examining his eyes. Opening his mouth wide and looking at the inside for the first time.