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  1. For some reason, I'm still awake and it is 6:30 here, wow, I wake up very soon (irony), and I'm so into this .gif image which is very cute
    And I'm so lovely today that all I think about is my boyfriend, heheheheh. Isn't love just wonderful?
  2. Everyone sucks and then they die.
    You can try this or something like it if you're having trouble sleeping though! :)
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  3. Damn, Kitty, that's pretty negative. It's extremely reassuring to know you hate all of us unconditionally. Ouch.
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  4. Kitti made me cry T.T
  5. This is a fallacy of assumption. I do not hate you.
    This is another pleasant thing.
  6. [​IMG]
    He's looking up at you lot, you know.
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  7. [MENTION=22]Kitti[/MENTION], when I first read your reply, I thought of this:


    Feel better Temo
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