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  1. So, some years ago I got into the groove of making signature art strictly out of Photobucket. I got pretty good at it, until my creativity died... and I stopped using Adobe photoshop.

    Once I stopped using Adobe photoshop, my mother did this massive overhaul of things downloaded on the computer and APS was one of them. u u So... I have not done any artsy smartsy stuff for years.

    I was wondering, if anyone knew of any alternatives that are free, but work just as well as Adobe.
  2. GIMP is the most recommended free graphics program out there. :D I've seen people do some really good work with GIMP.
  3. I had a herpda derp moment and posted this before Sor said I should download Gimp.... ><
  4. So, Gimp is laughing at me and I feel ridiculously retarded. : c Halp?
  5. I always used Paint Tool SAI.
    If you use a tablet, it's amazing, as it accepts the use of pressure on the tablet as different thickness for lines. And the version I had was free, and when it runs out, you can just redownload the trial =w=
  6. Depends on what type of computer you have for some.
    There's Gimp, which is a GREAT option, if a bit hard to figure out at first.
    For Macs, there's Seashore and Chocoflop.
    There's also Krita, though I'm not sure which OS it uses.
    Pixen is an option. I tried it. I wasn't thoroughly impressed, but I hear it can be used to some effect. As the name suggests, it's focused on pixel art but can be used for other things.