Avoiding Cassie

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  1. Meet Tycho Gardner: He's a pro at multiple fields, from Physics to Archaeology, spent some of his life training physically to match his mental prowess, and eventually settled down in Los Angeles. An absolute badass, at least from his outward exterior, with his imposing figure, and amazing abilities. Unfortunately, for all the great things he has, he's missing others. Like the ability to keep up a consistent paycheck that can support him, a poor relationship with some of his family, the inability to get into a meaningful relationship with a girl, and many near death experiences Adventures.


    Till A Blonde Valley Girl named Cassie Freeman shows up, and latches onto him.

    See, an old friend hooked up Tycho with a dating site without his permission. In honesty, there were actually several nice women that Tycho could have hooked up with, and got into a cute couple with. But of course, the one his friend had to answer was this golden haired valley girl who was just dying to meet a youthful, real life version of 'Jean Claude Van Damme' or something like that.

    Now Cassie tags along on Tycho's adventures as his 'girlfriend,' constantly getting herself into danger...


    This is an idea of how I want 'Cassie' To be played: