Aviary Labyrinth (OOC) (open)

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  1. The year has been inconsequential to those imprisoned here. The day, the hour, the entire fucking calender. Useless. Those put into this labyrinth of a prison are meant to stay put, for they've been given life sentences many times over for, whatever it is they did. Most, if not all, are killers. Maniacs unfit to continue in the world, so they are snatched up and put away, far away. You don't need guards in a place like this, you just have a prison that doesn't need walls, physical walls that is. Only the sanctum of the mind is needed to trap the mad souls housed here.

    Deep within the Himalayas, thousands of miles away from any form of civilization lie a prison unlike any other. Once ruins stood upon this great mountainside, now only a slab of eight foot concrete stands as a solemn obelisk jutting from the ground to serve as a vague warning to those dropped within. Upon its top a hatch, rusted and eroded by the cold elements of ice and wind, waited to swallow up the killers deemed to far gone are hidden away, left to die.

    Below a massive series of tunnels weaved through the mountain, massive chambers lay deep and pitfalls which fell deep into the dark earth. Rays of sun scratched away at the cracks of the mountain, trickling in for but hours a day, otherwise the luminescent glow of strange flora covered the walls, ground and ceilings. Ancient artifacts stood in silence, keeping a watchful gaze with old worn carved faces hidden among the walls. Secret chambers lay in ruin behind unseen doors and arbitrary mazes.

    Yet life stirs down here other than the convicts dropped into this hell. Rats, rabbits, snakes, bears, mountain goats and even rare tigers prowling about. It's of no concern of the agencies which drop prisoners here where the exits lie, there has been no recorded instance of anyone figuring out how to escape; but there are other ways in and out of this labyrinth other than its cold concrete entrance.

    But the true piece of the prison lingers throughout. A nerve agent expelled from the flora of the plant life circulates throughout this place; doing something to the mind of those who stay too long. It drives them mad, it fills them with paranoia, it prods the psyche and amplifies moments of great pain, pleasure, fear, love and hate. Forcing its victims into psychedelic attacks; hallucinations of the senses take hold. Sometimes things appear in the corner of the eye, sometimes the sensation of burning overcomes the body, sometimes one experiences something so frightening it stops the heart and claims another victim.

    As for the fauna, the animal denizens of this place don't seem to react to the nerve agent. Whether they have lived, bred or evolved to adapt to the environment, somehow animal life has prospered in this place for what it was. Though unknown to the agencies which place convicts here, there are those who adapted as well, living in this place somehow, by what would have to be by any means.

    Today however will be an unusual one, even for this place. It is the year 2247, mankind has continued to survive and advance, though no Utopian society prospers, no single government rules, the problems of the past haunt the days of humanity as they always have and the population of the world continues to boom. Miles of land have become endless suburbia's, industrial parks and commercial plaza's. People packed into massive towers to live in 15x20 cookie cutter homes, like stacks of rats in cages, squirming to find work and a hot meal.

    In these times however, justice has become more than just blind, but had gained little tolerance for killing, as homicide had grown to massive proportions. Most were executed immediately, though many would back their consciousness up on computers connected to the web and continue their existence until it faded into the net. Then there were those who had no wish to continue living a digital existence if they were ever caught, there were the ones who paid no regard to the laws of man, there were the ones who were irredeemably insane.

    When these individuals were caught, they weren't found by typical police forces or even special interest government agencies. No, these were top tier hunters, searching and tracking the truly mad. When they found their target or targets, they made sure they took them alive so that they would suffer in a place far far away. This agency had no name that was known of, operating out of non-existent facilities with non-existent names and non-existent features. Spooks that had hardly a shred of evidence they ever existed...

    You are one of four prisoners, tightly bound and gagged in the back of a vertibird transport, flying low through the Himalayan mountains. Each one had thick black bags over their heads, sightless for the past... however long. Long enough to lose track of the time and become disoriented before being hurtled into a foreign dungeon. Each one mass murderers, serial killers, psychopathic torturers and other scum scraped from the pits of humanity. Each one to soon pay a visit to the rest of their days in a place close enough to hell.

    • CS must be PM'd to me, do not post in OOC or will become invalid
    • Character must have lived a life opposing both human law, but morals as well (ie: taboos)
    • This RP may contain scenes of intense distress, disturbing images, homicidal acts and/or horror related details. Ratings are as applies and will be considered unrated & NSFW
    • Give an interesting story for your character in your CS. What have they done, why, when, where and how.

    I will be accepting a maximum of four character sheets, once filled and accepted, an IC will be created. You're goal as a prisoner is to survive, if all else, escape or die trying.

    The Aviary Labyrinth will be a psychological thriller type setting, pitting characters against their own minds and the other demented souls which inhabit this place. Tread carefully here, for madness seeps from the walls and sanity is in short supply.

    I've reviewed the Iwaku rules to an extent but state certain scenes or topics should be left... without excessive detail. Excessive gore, rape or other extreme sexual acts seem to be a no-no here. As for any other concerns, please consult the Iwuku rules found on the home page.
    As for questions about the roleplay, please focus them toward the OOC so that others may catch up on any developments or questions asked by others.

    Thank you for your time and may you relish in the coming oblivion.
  2. Just a quick question, are you going to play in this too? Do we also have to make our own CS, because I don't see a template. We just have to put the minimal about our character? (aside from the story part)