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  1. It hadn’t even been a week since the world fell apart, but it still felt like an eternity. To make matters worse people weren’t being rational about this whole thing and what was left of society had already disintegrated into a bunch of squabbling savages, killing to get their hands on any supplies they could. Santino had been at work when it all started, or well, he’d been at work when he saw his first case of it. It had been his second case that day where someone had been bit by another person, which was odd by its self, but to make matters worse it seemed that some sort of horrid disease was being spread through the saliva, like rabies on steroids. Just as he got his gloves on he’d heard a horrible gurgling from his patient. Needless to say that the examination didn’t last very long, the fellow was probably still locked in that room now that Santino thought about it.

    Luckily he’d escaped without a scratch and was now sitting in someone else’s abandoned apartment next to a fire he’d made out of their coffee table and a lampshade, attempting to boil himself a cup of tea and maybe make some pasta with the stuff he’d managed to get out of their cupboards. Certainly a lucky break for him to find a place like this, though he knew that there were other people in the building still so he’d blocked the door with the couch and left the fire escape as his only entrance and exit.

    The water was just about boil when he heard someone, or something, making noise out on the fire escape and he grabbed up his newly acquired baseball bat and dove behind the chair he had been sitting in, only to peak over the edge of it a few seconds later.
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  2. Eyes wide, a crease between his brow, legs dangling over the two story drop; this couldn't end well. A stair had given out -- whether from rust, prior and purposeful damage, or poor craftsmanship, he wasn't sure -- and only his grip on the railing had saved him from a concave skull. Knuckles white, Kaeden managed to shift his weight back on to the fire escape. His goal had been to climb to the top of the apartment block, but his racing heartbeat and wobbly knees convinced him to compromise with the next window.

    He made his way to the landing, albeit rather slowly, and viewed with raised brows a fire. His jaw tightened. He had scrounged countless abandoned car and backpacks with only a package of crackers and a bottle of water as a reward. The scent of pasta was tempting -- too tempting it seems, as Kaeden climbed through the window without paying heed to his balance and fell to the floor. "Shit--" His back hurt.
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  3. A boy had found his way through his window and fallen onto the floor. Well... that was much better than one of the infected stumbling in to pass on whatever virus was spreading. "I-I suggest you hop back out that window son." Santino stood up from his hiding place and took a few steps toward the stranger. He brandished the bat and tried his best to be intimidating, although the fact he was shaking slightly took away from his menacing act.

    "If you think you'll be taking any of my stuff you're sorrily mistaken." He wasn't any good at this whole looking out for himself thing. His natural reaction was to want to help this young man, and anyone else he had already bumped into really. But he knew deep down that wouldn't be a good idea. People always became hostile when left to live in environments that were stricken with sudden and horrid disease, but this was different. People knew that this wasn't any ordinary disease. Most diseases were content to just kill but this one didn't even have a mortality rate, it just turned those unfortunate enough to be infected into mindless pawns with a single purpose. Spread the infection further.
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