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    Peter Parker:

    “Yeah get some! GET SOME!”
    “PEW PEW PEW!”
    Peter Parker was living in what he could only surmise was some magical dream his brain had cooked up while in a slumber. What started as being approached by some weird eye patched black guy led to him suddenly in the middle of a on day four vacation in the Rose City. His gotten to see all kinds of stuff, eat all kinds of awesome stuff. Now he was doubled up on plastic guns, shooting down aliens at a small retro arcade which an Area 51 machine. He was given a credit card to get his food and other things with, and all he has to do is... uh... something.
    They were very vague about why he was in Portland, much less why they are doing any of this in the first place. He was simply told to 'be ready' for something. What that is, who knows. Still Peter was too busy enjoying himself in a random but still very welcomed vacation.

    Connor Kent:

    It was so weird, one minute in some small dusty Kansas town. The next standing right in the middle of mile high buildings and swarms of people. The glasses wearing plaid clad young man couldn't help but stare at it all in wonder. Even after being here for a few days now. Sure he was here for something important, whatever it was. But Connor just felt small for the first time in his...

    Suddenly not realizing he was blocking the sidewalk he felt someone slam into his shoulder. Only instead of stumbling back Connor stayed perfectly still, while the business man fell over. “Hey watch it asshole!” The man yelled at Connor who could only sheepishly grin.

    “Er sorry sir, here let me help you....” Connor extended out a hand to the guy who only huffed at him before getting up on his own and hurrying to whatever it was that was so important that being rude was justifiable. Still Connor just quietly shook his head at the lack of manners and moved on. Finally moving again he took a stop at the front of a coffee shop. Casually, but very carefully to an observant eye, Connor took a seat onto a metal chair to start thinking about what to do with the day since things didn't seem to be going anywhere. Just then though a woman, blond and with tattoos and piercing in places and designs Connor had only seen in pictures sat down next to him. “Well you're a new face. What's your name?” The girl asked him.

    Connor felt his cheeks burn for a moment before mindlessly fiddling with his glasses. “Connor Kent mam.” Connor replied in his usual friendly demeanor.

    The girl could only chuckle. “Mam? Freshly moved in from the country I take it?”
    Connor shook his head. “Is it that obvious? I'm actually visiting from Kansas. Real small town out there.”

    “Cool.” The girl seemed to be showing some interest in Connor which wasn't helping his shyness out any. “So what are you in town for?”

    Connor paused, one of the things he was told about this trip was to not tell anyone the truth of the visit. “Its uh, seeing family...” Connor lied, not an easy feat for him. But lately its started to be more uncomfortably perfected. Though it wasn't like people would believe him if he told the truth either.
  2. Somewhere in Rose City, Cassandra found herself a large library to hang around in. The girl merely sat deeper in the library where there were cushioned seats against the walls for her to rest on. In her hand was a large book titled '1Q84' and she was nearing the end with only about three pages left.

    Rose city had been rather.. Peaceful, for now. Something she wasn't used to personally, but the peacefulness was in fact good for her. It has been four days since she had been sent here with a credit card and a luxury room in a fancy hotel, yet she hasn't been using the money much lately since it was given. Using it only for personal things like food, and cravings. The most she had spent was only a fancy dinner, and that was it. Pretty worth it. The female didn't need new clothes, she in fact had plenty so simply saved the credit card in silence. It was odd, to be here.

    Despite the calmness of the city Cassandra had been expecting something for days now. About four days straight. She didn't care if the place was calm, she still had to be alert regardless. The black haired girl was sent to Oregan for four days already, expecting something--Yet nothing has happened. Seriously! It made her a bit disappointed, and with a deep sigh Cassandra closed the thick book she had now finished and placed it back in the spot of the shelf it belonged to before walking her way out the library.

    All she's been doing to keep herself busy was exercising at the gym, Roaming around like some stray cat until she got lost and found her way back alone, or going to the library. She didn't do much, and sometimes it made her utterly wonder how different it would be if she was in school much earlier and had much more friends. She only had about a few fingers of them... Acquaintances actually.

    While Cassandra roamed, she stuffed her hands in the pockets of her black harem pants. Clothing rather simple as she wore a loose white tank top with a black bandeau under. Nothing flashy, just simple. Except the shoes... Those limited edition Pierre Hardy 'POW' sneakers. Originally 600$, she surprisingly managed together it while in her 'black bat' mode for free. Normally Cas never took things at all, but the shoes were exceptional. And here she was 'prancing' around in them. They only made her half regret taking them for free with permission.

    Nothing was happening. Nothing exciting. She didn't have much friends nor consider those she know as one. Plus, not like her acquaintances were in this area. So.. What should she do now? What to do, what to do..
  3. On that sunny Tuesday afternoon, Sam found himself pushing himself alongside the river, through Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Sure it wasn't one of the most popular places in the city, but Sam found it peaceful, with peacefulness being something he longed for at this point. Especially after the past couple of days. What had started as a pathetic excuse for stopping a bank heist had turned into an all expense payed (at least he hoped so anyway) to Portland, Oregan. However he couldn't complain, this trip hadn't been so bad so far. Apart from the wheelchair. That was something Sam already hated, despite only starting to use one a few days prior. The teenager was so used to simply drifting along through the cosmos without any need for his legs, but S.H.I.E.L.D had asked for him to keep a low profile while in the city. His return to Earth had shaken him back into reality. The shocking reality that Sam was paralyzed from the waist down. It had taken some getting used to, with it taking him a while for him to even get to breakfast on his first morning here.

    After spending the last couple of days visiting the sites, Sam had started to grow bored, spending a lot of his spare time wheeling around parks like this one. The fresh air was soothing, not as soothing as that on Balthazar 6, but close enough. It refreshed him, with the view nearly taking his mind off what dreadful task probably lay ahead of him. No one just paid for a lone teenager to stay in Portland of all places without a plan for him in mind. You could never trust secret government organizations. That was something Rocket had taught him, although the organization in question at the time of this lesson was being run by a group of man-eating lizard-men. Nevertheless, Sam knew something was going on. Something he didn't like. However his helmet hadn't detected any danger. The thing was sat hidden inside a bag on his lap. It hadn't made a sound, let alone even make any motion for days now.

    Growing tired, Sam stifled a yawn and peeped at his watch. It was only around 2 in the afternoon yet he was already exhaust. That's what being a tourist did to you he supposed. Taking one last look out across the river, he steered his way back towards the road, eyes frantically darting about, looking for a taxi. When none could be seem, he swore loudly, earning him a stern look from a passing mother with a young child in tow. Smiling apologetically, Samuel headed forward up the side of the road, back towards the hotel. He groaned loudly as a splat of what appeared to be bird poo plopped onto his shoulder from above.

    "Why is it always me?"
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