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  1. The idea of the meta-human, the very pinnacle of any and all human feats, used to be something that could only exist in fantasy, an imagination. However those with only the most top secret of information available to them have begun to see this very once imaginative idea start to become frighteningly real. Crimes being pulled off with means and methods almost inconceivable. With things becoming more and more dangerous drastic measures were called in.

    Assembling the best forces in any military willing to help, the US created a new agency known as Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate, or S.H.I.E.L.D. With a top military agent in Nick Fury assigned to executive director of the operations. Plans were put into motion to start up a top tier team of young meta-humans. Those who can help oppose any and all threats no normal man or individual meta-human could handle. The code name for this new super group is listed simply, as 'Project Justice League'.


    The idea for this is a combination Marvel/DC roleplay where the gist is the young heroes in both universes are now without mentors or time as a sidekick. Plus loosening the idea of how extensive you can modify their history and even abilities. Though the biggest thing about modifying the character is to try and keep their core style intact. The main thing that makes them who they are in the first place.

    Other than all of that things will be fairly straight forward. Post relatively often, at least every three to four days or so, and aim for as best a post as you can. While realizing I'm not really crazy strict on grammar, length, and other stuff. Don't be a dick about things, and generally help make this awesome.

    Also its worth noting that for this RP, Gotham City on the map of the US replaces Chicago, and Metropolis replaces Boston.

    Character sheet:

    Full Name:

    Age: (Under 20 max)
    Costume: (Should have some kind of mask or identity hiding to it.)
    Changes to canon:

    Characters so far...:


    Peter Parker - Spider-Man (Drewvonawesome)
    Kate Bishop - Hawkeye (Alice Falling)
    Robbie Baldwin - Speedball (Auntie Phaz)
    Sam Alexander - Nova (Natty)
    Joshua Foley - Elixir (Hillan)


    Connor Kent - Superboy (Drewvonawesome)
    Traci Thirteen - 13 (Alice Falling)
    Milagro Reyes - Green Lantern (Auntie Phaz)
    Cassandra Sandsmark - Wonder Girl (Hillan)
    Cassandra Cain - Batgirl (N I C O L A E)

    My characters:

    Full Name: Connor Clarke Kent

    Alias: Superboy

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Smallville, Kansas

    Powers: By absorbing the rays from Earth's or any other yellow sun in the galaxy. Superboy gains strength and power. Things such as...
      • Flight
      • Superhuman strength at 30 tons
      • Superhuman speed up to 450 MPH
      • Super vision, hearing, stamina, and vulnerability
      • Suck in large gusts of wind and blow them back at powerful speeds

        However, he doesn't realize it yet, but any mutated stones that came from the destroyed planet of Krypton, known on the black market as 'kryptonite', severely weaken him, and magic can work on him more effectively than a normal person.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    (Doesn't have facial hair, and doesn't actually need glasses... just using the ol' Superman identity hiding method)

    Costume: [​IMG]

    History: To get straight to the point, Connor Kent is as American as apple pie and baseball. Born and raised in the very small town of Smallville. Connor has always had a knack for athletics. Lettering in football as a quarterback, and baseball as a first baseman. Using an old camera he found in his parents home Connor also showed a great knack for photography, even making local and national newspapers and websites. Ladies wanted him, and guys wanted to be him. All said though Connor was surprisingly a hard to reach guy. It wasn't that he was shy, it was more the fact that he thinks he's an alien...

    It all began when he was little, and every so often when trying to sleep. Connor sees this strange planet going through its apocalypse. An older man and woman he's never seen before, cradling him, calling him 'Kal-El', and sending him in a small spacecraft destined for Earth. He would awake at the exact same time whenever he had this dream. Watching on from the spacecraft as the planet, which he could only assume is called 'Krypton' since its a word stuck in his head, filled with these people who loved him and countless others, imploded on itself.

    He doesn't know what any of it means, his parents have never said anything about him being adopted or not their biological son of any kind. Was he some alien from some planet? Connor couldn't make heads or tails of it. Fearing his crazy he tries to keep to himself outside of school. Despite his popularity has brought him, which when push comes to shove he can feign a smile and friendliness towards.

    The truth began when he was an infant. When his parents were given Connor by his mom's aunt. She was desperate, pleading for them to take him in. When they did so she vanished without a trace, found three years later in the Nevada desert with a bullet in her skull. She had come from a small secret organization called CADMUS. A group that found a dead alien child in the wreckage of a spacecraft. They had tried to manipulate the genes of this alien for a while before finally Connor became their prized specimen of the experiment. However many of those who worked on the project knew that the child was only created for a more sinister purpose. As the alien's cells reacted to the sun's rays with an almost inhuman raise in power. They saw the clone as a chance to create super weapons perfect for any nation or person willing to pay for its services. A small group of scientists for the project had planned and arranged to escape with the then infant in secret. Only for each one to be picked off, one by one. Now CADMUS wants Connor back, by any means necessary.

    Changes to canon: Its Clark Kent and Connor Kent's backstories mushed together. Plus Connor is more a weakened Superman to not only make him better suited for a role play. But also to go with the fact that his young.

    Full Name: Peter Parker
    Alias: Spider-Man
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Originally Washington DC, now New York City, NY

    • Superhuman agility, endurance, flexibility, and reflexes
    • Superhuman strength up to 20 tons
    • 'Spider sense', a sixth sense of sort that warns Peter of oncoming trouble
    • Has tiny pricks in the tips of his fingers and feet that allow him to cling to walls and crawl on them
    Able to produce organic webbing from slits in his wrists
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Costume: [​IMG]
    History: “Don't worry Peter your mom and I will be back very soon. Just business you understand right kiddo? We'll be back very soon.”

    That was the last time Peter Parker ever saw his parents alive. All of the sudden two very different people came into Peter's life when he found out about their death. A long time friend and ally of Peter's parents, Steve Rogers, and his husband, head of Stark Industries, Tony Stark. Legally adopting him suddenly Peter ended up in a completely different world.

    It all came about as Peter's parents were agents for SHIELD. Great agents actually, Nick Fury himself has said undisclosed that Peter's mom Mary probably would've become head of SHIELD if she was still alive. They often worked alongside Steve Rogers on missions. However when one of the missions ended up involving Tony Stark himself. Things went haywire and Tony ended up with shrapnel in-lodged in his chest. Using an experimental reactor core, Tony had it implanted in his chest to prevent the shrapnel from impaling into his heart and killing him. Meanwhile though the mission resulted in Steve having a screaming argument with Nick Fury. Eventually resigning from SHIELD and becoming the gym teacher at Forrest Hills High School.

    Though with Peter, this new life had its fair share of perks. Steve and Tony cared deeply for him, and Peter has been able to see past the rather unique circumstances and cared back. Tony gave Peter someone to learn and hone his science education from. Plus Tony's almost endless wealth resulted in great things, though Tony was careful not to spoil him. Steve taught Peter his hand to hand knowledge when Peter started getting bullied in school, as Steve himself used to get bullied as a kid.

    Life for Peter is good, but on a particular field trip to Oscorp. Peter was exploring a lab when a spider that had escaped from another part of the building bit him. Originally no one assumed anything of it until Peter suddenly became deathly ill and passed out for two days. Peter came too only to discover his new found powers. His friend Harry Osborn, son of the CEO Norman Osborn, apologized profusely, but no charges were ever filed. Still Oscorp has begun keeping a close eye on Peter.

    Soon however Nick Fury and SHIELD came to Peter himself about joining their new metahumans program. He personally talked to Peter about it, showing Peter personal assurance of his own safety. Peter asked Tony about it, who only responded with “You have my support on this, until Steve finds out. Then I'm feigning ignorance.”

    Changes to canon: The biggest is playing off of the weird tumblr phenomenon of making not only Steve Rogers and Tony Stark into a gay couple but having them adopt Peter Parker as their son. Otherwise things aren't too different. Peter has organic webbing from the beginning, and that's about it. Can't really do that much with Spider-Man since there's not a lot that should be changed.

    Character ideas/recommendations:

    Characters from:

    New X-Men
    Young Justice
    Teen Titans
    Avengers Academy
    Young Avengers

    Individual character ideas:

    Blue Beetle - Jamie Reyes
    Justice - Vance Astrovik
    Kid Flash - Wally West
    Impulse - Bart Allen
    Ms. Marvel - Kamala Khan
    Wiccan - Billy Kaplan
    Hulkling - Teddy Altman
    Speed - Tommy Shepherd
    Noh-Varr - Marvel Boy (the cooler fun recent YA version at least, not his past massive dick version)
    Changling/Beast Boy - Garfield Logan
    Starfire - Koriand'r
    Raven - Rachel Roth
    Arsenal/Red Arrow - Roy Harper
    Stature - Cassie Lang
    Patriot - Eli Bradley
    Victor Mancha
    Molly Hayes
    White Tiger - Ava Ayala
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  2. Full Name:

    Katherine (Kate) Bishop​








    New York, Manhattan​


    Since Kate is a normal human she technically doesn’t have any powers. Though it is to be noted she has more than exceptional skills in: Martial arts, athletics, archery, swordsmanship, and weaponry in general.

    Also, another note on Kate’s ability is her photographic memory/reflexes. She is quick to pick up on moves and can copy your own moves by watching you demonstrate them just once. This makes her a valuable opponent in hand to hand combat because she can pick up and remember your fighting style, which means she can find your weaknesses even easier.​

    "I hate to ask this but I got this cat, he only eats this one kind of cat food..."




    Kate started off a normal girl. She’s literally your regular old human, no spiders, radioactive waste, or alien trace in her. She grew up in a rich family to a loving mother, father, and older sister named Susan. They were all close and even as a teenager Kate never argued with her parents or sister. Kate has always been tough, strong willed, and independent.

    Around the age of 15 Kate’s mother passed away suddenly. Her mother’s passing kind of shook up her family’s world, now it was only her, her father, and Susan. Kate would be okay, she could handle it by herself. And her mother didn’t leave her without a strong woman to lead and guide her, which is her sister. So the two grew even closer and Kate learned a lot from her.

    About 6 months prior to Susan’s wedding, which Kate wasn’t sure how she felt about since her sister was basically being taken away from her, she was assaulted physically and sexually in Central Park. So not only did her mother die but just a year later she had been shaken up even more. Kate felt defenseless against everything in her life, even though you can’t prevent death, and she began to take classes in combat and self defense almost as a coping method.

    Kate picked up quickly on her classes. She had always been a strong girl who did well in gym and in school, though the rapid progression surprised a lot of people. She picked up swordplay, archery, and martial arts all within a 6 month time span.

    6 months later she was heading to her sister’s wedding, dressed up in a short dark purple and black dress and heels she walked across Central Park where she saw her former attacker attacking yet another woman. Kate lost it and saved the women, even in her dress with heels on her defense and martial arts skills were great. She saved the woman, got the man arrested, and still made it to her sister’s wedding.

    After that day it dawned on her how good it felt to save people and how she shouldn’t waste talents she has been given. Inspired by the purple dress she wore that day she made herself a dark purple outfit and to conceal her identity she took her dress from that day and made it into her cape. Kate now fights with a bow and arrow, battle stave, a utility belt, and a sword.

    Now she goes by the name Hawkeye, known for her incredible accuracy with an arrow.​

    Changes to Canon:

    Honestly, I didn’t make that many changes. She has mostly the same background, except when it comes to how she decided to become a hero. (This version it’s when she returns to Central Park and in the real version it’s at her sister’s wedding when the place has to be evacuated and she runs into Young Avengers). I gave significance to what she was wearing too. That’s cool. Also she has her own bow and arrow, stave, utility belt, and sword instead of Bart Clinton/Hawkeye’s equipment.​

    Full Name:
    Traci Thirteen​








    Traveled around Asia and were nomads, eventually winded up in Washington D.C.​


    Urban Magic: Ability to cast spells

    Magical Sight: Traci is able to see people's auras, and can, for a limited time, use the auras' trails to follow them. She can also see certain creatures which are invisible on this plane of existence.

    Magical Blast: A blast of magic which, at its higher levels, is capable of tearing a hole through pavement.

    Protection: Traci can create protective circles and force shields. However, these spells can be broken by an attacker.

    Divination: Traci can locate objects and people, and can transfer knowledge of their location to someone else's mind

    Psychic Link: Traci's pet iguana, Leroy, is her sometime familiar. She can talk to him, learning what he's seen and what he thinks.

    Transformation: With a tight bond to a person, or Leroy, she can change the appearance or physical being. Like with herself and how when she is being ‘13’ she changed appearance. She can also turn Leroy into a giant iguana or even a dragon, thanks to her close bond!

    Fate Sense: Traci also seems to have something of a limited 'fate sense', which kicks in when she's in certain locations, a sense that something important will happen to her there.​






    Traci Thirteen was born to an Asian sorceress named Saga and debunker Doctor Terry Thirteen. Traci’s mother really didn’t have any ‘powers’. She was more or less just a traveling gypsy who read your palm and aura. The attraction between Terry and Saga was an odd one and nobody quite knew what to make of it. Especially since Terry’s job was to solve the ‘supernatural’. He basically took down Saga’s career because he is a man of science and not supernatural.

    When they had Traci she was a perfectly normal healthy baby. Then Terry made the mistake of taking work home.

    One day Terry was called in to investigate a meteor that had crashed into earth and was causing strange abnormalities to the people of the town. Terry and a team of scientists cracked into the middle of the meteor and found a strange liquid inside of the rock. Terry, being the team leader, was designated to take home this liquid for further researching.

    Then everything went wrong when Saga got really ill and couldn’t stay up at night with Traci, so Terry was trying to research this liquid while taking care of Traci. A frazzled scientist and a newly born baby something bad was bound to happen.

    Terry was walking around bouncing Traci in one of his arms while he held the liquid up to the light. It was then Traci had started to throw a tantrum and knocked the liquid out of Terry’s hands. The liquid dropped onto Traci, the vile broke, and quickly the liquid absorbed into Traci’s skin.

    Needless to say, this space rock with a liquid inside was a powerful element from space. It caused strange abnormalities in Traci. And this is what gave her unique magic casting abilities.

    Her father never wanted to admit she was ‘supernatural’ so as Traci grew and learned more about her powers the more her father pushed her away and banned her from magic. In a tantrum at the age of 10 Traci’s powers grew out of control and she killed her mother in the crossfire. This was the final point in which Terry couldn’t stand his own child. She had killed her mother and now everything would change.

    The two would remain with a strained relationship for the rest of her their lives. They moved around a lot for Terry’s work and Traci learned to not grow close to people because they would be taken away.

    When they moved to Washington D.C. Traci saw a lot of bad things happening. Now that they had finally settled down she felt like she could open up to people. Traci went to a pet shop and found an iguana, which she named Leroy, and quickly her magic formed so she could have a bond with him. He offered her advice and actually was the one who convinced her to do something good with her powers, now that she was older and in more control.

    Traci took on the identity of ‘13’. 13 is an unlucky number and up until now Traci had been really unlucky. She had formed her magic to let her take on any appearance she wanted. She found the black and magical look was her favorite, so while taking on crime she changes her whole appearance using her magic.​

    Changes to Canon:

    I gave Traci an origin story to her magic, instead of just inheriting it from her mother. I made it so Traci was actually the one to kill her, not just for her to die thanks to her own magic. (I also gave her mother a name). I made it more in depth and made it so Leroy was the one who convinced her to be a good person and try to control her magic.

    I also gave her two different appearances, as you can tell.

    Also, I want to note her personality isn’t cold and detached. Okay, she’s a little detached. But she’s honestly really funny and loves a good laugh since comedy was the one thing that got her through her father’s silence and hatred. She is looking for friends and hopes to form real bonds but is honestly afraid of it.

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  3. Speedball, orange

    Full Name: Robert "Robbie" Baldwin

    Alias: Speedball

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Hometown: Springdale, Connecticut

    Powers: Body produces a kinetic energy field that absorbs impact, causing Robbie to bounce away from any collision at rapid speeds. This field makes him invulnerable to harm from these impacts and can be expanded outward from his body in a small bubble.



    History: Born to a former soap opera actress and a district attorney, Robbie Baldwin had a slightly strict upbringing that only seemed to cause him to develop a rebellious streak. It was while working as an assistant at S.T.A.R. Labs in Stamford, a job his father had hoped would help him learn some discipline and keep him out of trouble, that his life would be forever changed. Scientists there had been studying a strange alternate dimension where unlimited kinetic energy could be produced in hopes of harnessing it as an energy source. One day while they attempted to open a portal to this dimension, some of the otherworldly energy escaped into the lab and struck Robbie, who had been observing the experiment.

    He recovered quickly from the accident, but it was immediately obvious that the energy had affected him in unforeseen ways. Whenever he was struck with enough force, his body produced a kinetic energy field that absorbed the impact and rapidly propelled him away. Numerous tests were conducted to determine the full effects of the energy on his body, and the S.T.A.R. Labs scientists concluded that he had somehow mutated to absorb kinetic energy to protect himself.

    Upon being released from the lab, Robbie went on a bit of a joyride with his new powers. This decision ultimately got him into trouble with the law and deeply frustrated his father. Refusing to help Robbie out, he would have had him sent to jail if another less conventional option had not crossed his desk at just the right moment: a notice from the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate asking for information on all young metahumans in custody. Hoping it was some kind of boot camp, he called in and had them come to "recruit" Robbie, who has been in a S.H.I.E.L.D. holding facility ever since.

    Changes to canon: I didn't change a whole lot about his origins. Worked in some DC elements like S.T.A.R. Labs and the Speed Force, but everything else is virtually the same.

    (p.s. He's not Penance. You're all welcome)

    Green Lantern, green

    Full Name: Milagro Reyes

    Alias: Green Lantern

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: El Paso, Texas

    Powers: Wields energy constructs produced by Green Lantern Corps ring. Ring also provides personal forcefield granting flight and protection from most kinds of damage.


    *Art by Oskar Vega

    History: Milagro was born as the second child of Alberto and Bianca Reyes and grew up in El Paso, Texas. She always had a close relationship with her older brother Jaime, although the two frequently got on each other's nerves.

    Their lives were fairly typical until the day the two siblings witnessed a fiery object fall from the sky as they were walking on their way home from school. Running to the crash site, they discovered the wreckage of a strange craft and a charred inhuman body that appeared to have been the pilot on the ground next to it. Realizing that the ship must have come from another planet, Jaime instructed Milagro to wait while he explored the damaged craft for further clues. She did as she was told, but a few minutes after Jaime disappeared inside she heard him scream and then sounds as if he was struggling with something.

    Trembling with fear, Milagro made her way to the breached hull of the ship, but when she looked inside she did not find her brother. What leaped out at her instead was a blue armored being that screeched in an alien language and tried to grab hold of her. Running away, she tripped and fell next to the alien corpse outside the ship. As the blue creature approached her, she looked around frantically for a weapon, anything that she could use to defend herself from the monster she knew had just eaten her brother.

    Just then, a ring on the corpse's finger began to emit sparks of emerald light. Like magic, the ring flew off the dead alien's hand and slipped onto Milagro's. The blue alien that had been closing in on her seemed to be both enraged and repulsed by the light from the ring. The light intensified, flaring brighter as Milagro held out the ring to push the creature further back until its armored carapace sprouted wings and it flew away.

    Confused from everything she had just seen but relieved that the monster was now gone, Milagro went into the ship to search for any trace that might have been left of Jaime. All she found was a green, lantern-shaped object that glowed with the same light as the ring she now wore.

    Taking the lantern with her, she returned home and tried to explain to her parents what had occurred. They didn't believe her, however, and when she took them to the place where the ship had crashed there was nothing left but a smoking crater. The family searched everywhere for Jaime but never found him. Feeling frustrated that they wouldn't listen to the truth and knowing she was the only one who could find the creature that had killed him, Milagro ran away from home a few weeks later. Vowing to use the power of the ring and the lantern to avenge her brother, she set out to track down the alien and make it pay for taking him away.

    Changes to canon: She's a Green Lantern :) Also, she thinks the Blue Beetle killed and ate her brother and wants to find it to take revenge.

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  4. [​IMG]
    "I don't kill.. But I don't lose either."

    Full Name: Cassandra Cain

    Alias: Black Bat, Batgirl, 'Quiet'.

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Bronx, New York

    Powers ABILITIES:
    Cassandra has no super-meta powers. Due to her extensive training as a child Cassandra is one of the best -young- martial artists possibly in the world, and at one point was an adept master assassin. Her skills and abilities include:
    - Advanced hand to hand combat
    - Marksmanship and swordsmanship
    - investigation
    - Stealth
    - Gymnastics
    - Escapology


    Cassandra's coloration and theme retain yellow and black. In nearly all her vigilante stages, black wears are tight enough that the suits nearly replicate her skin and highlight her underlying muscles; her abs, bicep, and calves are especially evident. During her Batgirl and Black Bat time she wears utility belts and capes. As Batgirl she wore a cowl; stitches around the mouth area and no openings for the eyes. As Black Bat, she wears a half-mask that sort of resembles a domino mask with a fiery black cape that resembles a scarf at the neck area. She also has claws and white linen around her appendages. Far from pallid, she has a warm and mildly baked tone to her skin though the pigment of her healed scars covers her nearly all of her body.

    OUTFIT 0 | NO LONGER IN USE (open)


    This outfit was merely a spandex suit with small armor pads on the shoulders and forearms. Cassandra at this state actually killed her enemies without much hesitation, being known as 'The nothing' and wielded a katana and utility belt called the 'shadow belt'. A belt that would transform her into a living shadow and help her travel as one. With this outfit, she wore a scarf as an extra really and at the time didn't have much protection.

    OUTFIT 1 | NO LONGER IN USE (open)


    This outfit belonged to a past alter ego of Cassandra's called 'Batgirl', a young female who was intimidating, aggressively tough, and dark. The outfit consisted of a cowl which was sewn shut at the eye and mouth area, and a detachable long cape that was draped over her shoulders and connected to the bottom of the cowl. She wore her classic utility belt, combat boots, and had retractable claws attached to her suit. The bat symbol being lined by a rich yellow color. During her 'batgirl' times, Cassandra's main four was using 3 of 5 senses. Smell, touch, and hear. She rarely talked in this form and was often considered mute. That was the concept of the outfit, to be labeled as blind and mute. The deeper focus of being batgirl in truth was not only bringing 'justice' to town and causing 'terror' in the souls of criminals, no no. But it was to also enhance certain aspects of her senses incase anything were to happen and in most cases endure certain things more like pain, and no hesitance.

    Indeed fear was what she wished to bring upon people, but pain was what she wished to be mute about. So while on tasks she would 'go easy' and be taken by hostage in order to train herself to be 'mute' during interrogations, beatings, and the worse torture known. How did she do this? Simple. If taken hostage and being tortured in someway, What she considers a training begins. If she makes the slightest bit of noises or expression, she loses and keeps herself there. If she's quiet and blank Atleast twice in a row, she succeeds and therefore frees herself. Up until this day, she bares many scars across her body, different ones from different times at that and treats them like achievements... Trophies if you may. The girl can now endure certain levels of pain more -better- then the average human can take.

    OUTFIT NOW (open)


    Currently, Cassandra has changed her alias to 'Black Bat' though of course most still consider her as batgirl anyways. A name doesn't change as soon as desired or right away for a cape crusader either. Once you're known as one thing, it sticks, and despite the changes this is her new outfit. Quite similar to the 'batgirl' outfit indeed, however there are minor physical differences and 'better features'. This outfit is almost like a combined version of her previous two. She has went from cowl to a simple domino mask but her most distinct features of the outfit is her cape and new utility belt.

    The jet black cape -Or cloak as she refers to it- is very scarf-like at the neck area and appears to be tattered at the ends mostly (Hint: Vincent valentine of FF7). She has made it, to confuse her enemies and those she faces, and the ends of the cape will sometimes have edges able to stun her opponents during battle if she whips it against them quickly which usually has a limit of three uses depending how big her enemy is and how much she recharges it. Her utility belt has a bat at the front and is silver instead, the bat logo on her chest filled solid with a black coloring. She no longer wears her classic gold and black, changing to silver and black for 'simplicity'. The bandages on her arm are more of an extra really, sometimes helping her tend small wounds as well and she has gone to her 'give no fucks' way.

    Depending on her target, if she feels you're an honorable one, she'll ditch the belt and have her katana. Her utility belt actually the shadow belt as well.

    Horrible at explaining. But her cape moves fiery almost. And since she moves quickly in it, it confuses her opponents.
    53:10 - 53:33

    Cassandra was somewhat an abandoned child, starting at the age of ten. She was the eldest, having two brothers and one sister, all having different fathers yet living in an apartment somewhere in Gotham, East end. Cassandra unbeknownst of her, was born under a mercenary, the twin brothers was born from a normal guy, and that one little sister whom was the 'baby' of the group was born from an innocent man now in prison. In all truth, thinking about it Cassandra would admit that perhaps a life with their 'low lived' fathers would be better then their 'Selfish mother' and had always dreamed to rewrite that part more then anything else.

    Life was -fairly- rough when their mother met a new rich man somewhere in autumn and simply left them. The mother left cass in charge of the others, leaving them at least 500$ to live off of for their living expenses and food. With that money cass focused on paying off rent, and getting food. They didn't need new clothes, that was the least important, she focused on keeping her siblings healthy. But with money so less they really couldn't eat things near their limit, only things under the limit of how much they had. Four kids in a one floor apartment and no parents was indeed odd. There was only one mattress, and one blanket for the four, which sucked as in the winter they would huddle like penguins.

    Their mother would send them checks every month and a half or so. However despite the abandonment and low cash given, cassandra wasn't afraid to test the limits of the slums late at night when they were low on money. In fact, when night hit she would approached the various prostitutes of east end she would find for money, or anything she could exchange for money. Two prostitutes whom she always saw and managed to befriend named Lillian, and Alex (Yes a female and male prostitute). A brunette female, and a masculine looking male who was athletically built. They didn't seem trashy, and as cass would label them were 'Classy not trashy'. Lillian didn't have a cake face, Alex didn't seem like a prostitute. Apparently he acts as Lillian's pimp in order for her to avoid being 'claimed'. Making odd friends, the two prostitutes roughly took time on pleasuring their clients more, each giving half their pay to the kid.

    Eventually after nine months, she stumbled upon her father who had been searching for her ever since he stopped hearing from his 'baby mama' of her. He was a very fortunate man, despite looking very normal and civilized and paid the four kids a visit, scooping them up from the slums. He recalled them looking rather gangly and malnourished, perhaps from eating mostly to much junk food and not 'real' meals.

    Cass's siblings were put up for adoption -close friends adopting them- and Jon Cain-Sinclair had of course kept Cassandra. His only child. But before staying with him, it came with a price to also serve him while on 'missions' and tasks. That was his main reason to keep her as well, Make her an assassin too. Her self-muteness being of some use as well. Cassandra obviously couldn't say no to her biological father, so intensive training was given by him as well as skills-and educational skills- she needed to have in order to join his adventures of... Well, blood and sweat. And to live a double life.

    After proving herself to be quite the asset to the Sinclair's she was accepted and kept. Under the careful eye of Jon and she came to grow on everyone. Due to certain set-backs she was home schooled, and when she was thirteen started the whole 'assassin' gig independently, being known as 'The Nothing'. Her father doing nothing but watch and not help. That was the point of his existence during her missions at this age.

    Eventually cass had unexpectedly and out of the blues became diagnosed with Unilateral Hearing Lost (UHL) which interfered with her role as being a rising assassin. A somewhat rare condition, in which there is normal hearing in one ear, and impaired hearing in the other. In Cassandra's case, she lost hearing in her right ear 'completely'(if you were to talk in her impaired ear, it would sound 'blurry' to her). This caused Jon to retrain her again, And mostly heighten her sense of vision when in combat, giving her the ability to usu-mostly- decipher people -during combat- and have quicker reflexes. With her keen eye and uncanny ability to do so, Cassandra couldn't bring herself to re-take up the assassin role and made herself a new alias, 'Batgirl' when she was fourteen up until sixteen. Playing the 'heroic' side, much to her fathers dismay to which he eventually dropped her and self 'disown' her.

    Her first batgirl outfit which contained the cowl, focused on hearing despite her UHL. It had some high technology inside to enhance her hearing much more if it was on and citizens began to take interest in 'The Batgirl' a new crime fighting vigilante. Once she became of age (15 going on 16), she started to learn the ins and outs of the real world. Particularly the business and forensics world (she focused more on forensics) and is currently trying to learn as much as she can.

    Now that her outfit has changed, she is more of a visual person now.

    Changes to canon:
    - Has UHL rather then dyslexia. Is more of a 'visual person'. UHL is a condition where one ear has impaired hearing, no a hearing aid does not help in any way as a hearing idi makes things 'louder'.

    - Daughter of a whore and mercenary. Had siblings. Lived in the slums of east end in Gotham. A reject.

    - Not much has changed -

    Face claim: KIKO MIZUHARA (open)


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  5. Ooooo Cassandra Cain! I'm very interested in how the origin gets handled with her for this.
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  6. So to bump this topic up, and bring a previously private conversation to a more public setting. I just have to say....


    This is usually the last facial expression you see before you get locked into some naked puzzle basement...
  7. [​IMG]

    Name -
    Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark

    Aliases -
    'OH GOD PLEASE NO' Is what most of her enemies tend to refer to her as, she has been dubbed Wonder Girl by the media.

    Age -
    18, fake ID says 22.

    Powers -

    Amazonian Enhanced Physical Features – She is able to without the help of magic, benchpress up to a thousand kilograms, and lift about half of that over her head. She is faster, more dexterous and armed with quicker reflexes than a human.

    Amazonian Magic: She is blessed by the ancient magic of the amazons, making her incredibly durable, ten folding her strength, allowing her to fly at supersonic speeds. It also enhances her senses.
    Unlike other Amazons, Cassandra is also blessed with the powers of her father, Zeus. She has very powerful, albeit non-trained Metrokinetic powers, allowing her to control the weather when in duress or in emotional strain.

    Skills -

    Martial Arts: Wonder Girl is a master of Amazonian warfare, a prodigy more skilled than her years would ever indicate. She is skilled with a sword and shield, spears, javelins, polearms, bow and arrows and so forth.

    Mechanic: Despite not being so skilled at it, machines have always impressed her, ever since she came to the world of men. Making her really enjoy tinkering with engines and vehicles. Airplanes and cars alike.

    Equipment -

    Lasso of Truth – Golden Lasso that compels anyone who is snared in it to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Really handy in court rooms.

    Bracelets of Hera – Enchanted Bracelets that are unbreakable, used to deflect bullets, magic or energy.

    Personality -

    Punch first, ask questions while punching is Cassie's motto. She's a hotheaded amazon who is always looking for trouble. She is super selfrelient, and sort of a lone wolf. She is usually annoyed by people, especially other women who are extra girly. She enjoys drinking beer and bashing heads.

    She is always looking for challenges and is never one to pass down a good fight.

    Appearance -


    174 CM tall, 51 Kg heavy. Cassandra is in tip top shape, being amongst the most beautiful of all the Amazons. She is usually clad in a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a T-shirt or Tank Top with either a offensive logo, or a band you've probably never heard of on it. She wears several piercings, three in her ears, one in her nose. She wears simple makeup relying on her natural beauty.

    In costume, she puts on a raven colored wig to hide her appearance.

    BRIEF Bio -

    Born in the amazonian Paradise, Cassandra was the lovechild of the queen and the God Zeus, her destiny was set for greatness ever since the beginning. She trained like all other Amazons and soon showed to be in the top tier of all amazons. She was blessed with the Amazonian battle magic three years ago, and has spent all that time harnessing her powers.

    She ran away from home four months ago, she took to a place called Star City, in the United States, where she would become a vigilante, trying to clean up the filthy ways of the men's world Under the guise of "Wonder Girl", the brutal amazon.

    Notes -

    She enjoys N'Sync, and can't quite figure out why. She also enjoys heavy metal, like Five Finger Death Punch. (Which is, by the way, pretty relevant to her life.)​
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    *sobs and retypes*
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  9. [​IMG]
    Full Name:

    Samuel "Sam" Alexander








    Carefree, Arizona


    Sam wears a Nova Corps Helmet which enables him to tap into the Nova Force when wearing it. This gives him superhuman powers including:​
    • Universal Translation: The helmet can make any alien species language appear to him as English.
    • Flight: As Nova, Sam is able to fly at great speeds.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Sam's Nova helmet flashes him different colors to depict different scenarios. It also allows him knowledge of most situations going on near him.
    • Superhuman Strength: Sam has access to the same strength as that of a centurion from the Nova Corps.
    • Concussive Blasts: Like most Novas, Sam is able concentrate the power of the Nova Force into a beam or a ball of energy and fire it from his hands.
    • Life-support system: the helmet seals to enable him for travel in space, as well as the uniform being highly resistant to damage, including outer space conditions, and is airtight. The suit also enables Sam to use his legs, meaning he is able to leave his wheelchair, however this ends once the helmet is removed.
    The suit activates in a similar way as the GIF below:





    The Nova Corps were a proud and elite group of intergalactic peacekeepers, whose sole person was to protect the universe from any thread it may face. That was until around a couple of hundred years ago when the organisation fell into ruin, with the Green Lantern Corps taking its place. The Nova Corp was left as nothing more than a legend, with stories of the great Nova Force being told to children on far away worlds. It was also said that a few entities of its power was still out their, laying around in the form of dusty space boots or worn out corp helmets. That was until an Earthling named Samuel Alexander found one.

    Sam was nothing special. His father had left them at an early age, leaving only his mother to care for him and his siblings. He wasn't effected by this though, choosing to go about life much like every other normal person, which was easy if you lived in a town like Carefree, Arizona. The town's history was something to talk about though, as years ago it had been the apparent crash site of a UFO. Nothing had ever been found, although tourists still turned up every now and again.

    It was a cool summer evening when Sam and his friends decided it would be a fun idea to go out and explore nearby abandoned mine shaft. The place was a place of wonder for the local kids, with it having close around 10 years ago after reports of a mysterious monster roaming the tunnels. Or mysterious aliens as the tourists often said. The kids had entered the mine on many previous occasions, however this time, Sam found that he had gotten himself lost. Moving frantically, he fell straight through some rotting boards on the floor. The teen woke up later, finding himself in a peculiar cavern. To one side sat what appeared to be some kind of alien craft. Opposite the ship was what looked like a makeshift camp. Sam nearly screamed when he saw what was sat in a nearby seat. The ship's pilot.

    Fortunately, the creature appeared to have died many years ago, with Sam realizing that this must have been the UFO, with the creature being the monster that had terrorized the miners. The boy tried to escape, only to discover that due to the fall, he was unable to move his legs. Before he could panic, a buzz caught his attention. Turning he saw that it was coming from what appeared to be a helmet laying at the feet of the alien's corpse. Something inside him urged Sam to crawl towards it.

    Placing the helmet onto his head, Sam was shocked to find himself pulled into the air, as a black and gold suit materialized onto his body. The helmet spoke to him, informing him about the rise and fall of the Nova Corps, instructing Sam to carry on the age old legacy. Before he could agree, Sam found himself launched into the air and out into the night sky through a hole in the hillside. Although he didn't stop here. Sam was taken up much further, shooting into space, his speed increasing after every second. He loved it; the freedom, the rush. Everything.

    Gaining control, he managed to steer himself and return to Earth and his home. However things here got heated quickly, with his mother instructing him to leave and never return after seeing him.
    Deciding to do as he was told, Sam fled back up into space, intent on exploring the galaxy and helping others as the previous Nova Corp members had done. While visiting a space station named Knowhere, Sam met two bounty hunters; Rocket Raccoon and his house plant, Groot. The two trained him in combat, with Sam working alongside them for the better part of a year.
    Missing his home, Sam decided it was time to return to Earth. He arrived in New York, where after stopping a bank heist (as well as accidentally destroying the bank in question), he ran into SHIELD...

    • Sam is paralyzed from the waist down and is in a wheelchair. He only started using one after returning to Earth however, with him hardly ever removing his Helmet while he was off-world and when he did, he had ridden on Groot's shoulder.
    • Adept at operating alien technology and weaponry. Can even hot-wire a starship if needed.
    • Carries around the helmet with everywhere if he's not wearing it, keeping it in his lap or hidden inside his rucksack, alongside a blaster and grenades of Rocket's design. For emergency purposes only of course!
    Changes to canon:
    • I have made a few changes to Nova, with probably the biggest being that he is paralyzed from the waist down, with him only being able to make use of his legs when wearing the Nova suit and using the Nova Force. This means that when out of costume, Sam is in a wheelchair.
    • Another change is with the Nova Corps itself, which in this universe has been destroyed years ago, thus making The Green Lantern Corp the sole intergalactic peacekeeping corp.
    • Aside from this, Sam's background has changed a bit, with his father not being a former member of the corps, although I still kept Rocket as the one who trained him, with Groot replacing Gamora.
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  10. So I just replaced Franklin with Spider-Man... and I have just one question.

  11. Finished my CS, although I'm not exactly happy with some of my history :/ Oh well

    Also took longer than planned as I was trying to differ both from his normal origin and from Blue Beetle, since Sam's character is very similar to that of Jaime in some aspects
  12. [​IMG]

    Name -

    Joshua "Josh" Foley

    Aliases -


    Age -


    Powers -

    Biological Manipulation:
    Elixir is an Omega-Level mutant with the ability to affect all aspects of organic matter. While that is what he is capable off, he is far from being able to do so reliably. He uses his powers to heal, mostly. Things from cuts and bruises to toxins and diseases. Theoretically he is able to create, and depower metahumans, potentially making him one of the most powerful beings in the world. He currently uses this power to alter his own cellular structure to give himself temporary powers, powers that he needs to analyze first and then mimic. He needs to practice each power just like any other Metahuman would.

    He is limited to altering his body to hold two powers at once, his ability to heal himself and others counts as one.

    Skills -

    PhD in Biology, having essentially unmatched understanding of human anatomy.
    Bachelor's in Psychology.
    Adept at Yoga and Tai-Chi, both of which he uses to help him control the chaos in his own genes.

    Equipment -


    Personality -
    Pacifist, kind and incredibly intelligent. Josh is very selfconfident, but far from cocky, he has a calming aura around him. He is very patient and always thinking about what's best for others, making him seem more mature than others his age. Josh is because of his genius intellect very busy in reading, or studying his own powers, a power in which the application seems unending, this makes him somewhat socially incompetent, he is also unaware of a pop-cultural references.

    Appearance -


    181 CM Tall, 64 KG heavy. His eyes are gold, and his hair is blonde. When using his powers his skin starts to turn gold, and after long usage of his powers, his skin stays gold for some time, sooner or later it will revert back to normal.

    BRIEF Bio -

    Born into a working class household, his father a more or less meaningless employee at Kord Industries, his mother a secretary at a small law firm. Joshua was born into a loving home that always demonized violence and that you should always meet people with intelligence and compassion. His parents strongly believed that compassion and understanding was the way to find peace, not through violence.

    Joshua's parents died when Josh was 14 years old, and shortly after he discovered his metahuman abilites, he was soon found by Charles Xavier and enrolled in his School for the Gifted, where Joshua came to terms with his metahuman abilities.

    He left the school to pursue his dream of bringing peace and prosperity to the world.

    Notes -
    He'll wreck you in science.

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  13. Alright so since we have about what I was aiming for I'm going to go ahead and put a deadline up.


    If your profile is not finished by then, your character isn't allowed into the story until otherwise.
  14. Alright the RP has begun...


    So as you can probably guess from the opening post, the RP is actually going to start in the Rose City, Portland, OR. Essentially each of the heroes were sent out there with money in the form of a credit card and a hotel room. They're told to be prepared 'for something' but are now on day 4 with no real hint of what that means. None of them know about one another yet.
  15. Ok seriously sorry for constantly changing Cassandra's face claim. This time I'm sticking to one, which is kiko mizuhara, and in my opinion seems to suit cas more.. Also I'll post Sunday.
  16. Will get a post up later tonight! Apologies for the wait but I've been out most of the weekend!
  17. can i join,and if i can,can i use my own creation?
  18. Would rather modified/more standard in style OCs, and I wouldn't recommand joining. A lot of people are struggling to do anything much less post.
  19. Anyone here..? :0
  20. Hi, I have a character concept in mind that I would like to ask before applying for a character (if you're still accepting that is, seeing that you have a whooping 10 RPers already).

    Anyways, I would like to apply for the character Poison Ivy.

    Major changes that are being made include:
    1) Making her a mutant with mutant abilities in plant manipulation (omega level) and toxin manipulation (non-omega level); she loses her weakness to lack of light since she underwent no physical changes (see pt2).
    2) She never went to university so she was never exposed to any sort of experiments.
    3) She is now a young entrepreneur operating a flower shop and gardening shed. Though she still love plants, she had no obsession in forcing her ideas of environmental protection down the throat of others.
    4) She is no longer a villainess, but a young woman who wishes to see the world a better place. That being said, her manipulative and sometimes bitchy personality is retained.
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