Avengers's Sky High School for Hero's

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    Luna Stark was her name she had been at the amazing school for the gifted kids of different type of Parents for five years now and learned how to be just as good as her father with making things. She smiles as today the head of the school, Mr, Whero had asked her to please help a new student fit into the new life of the school, the girl agreed but was a bit uneasy about it. She didn't get along well with others but often or not she ended up making more friends then she wanted to make through her skills and bad ass fighting and alot of other things she could do, thanks to her mother and father.

    Luna came out of the large school yard and smiles as the New Student was dropped off by a bus and smiles gently and walked over slowly "Hello, you must be the new student, I am Luna Stark and I will be helping you around the school today. Feel free to ask any questions, concerns and comments and i am more then happy to answer and help you along as your time here till you are off on your own. Well tell m a bit about yourself so i can find you a pace in the wings to stay for the rest of the time you are here, Name, Parent, powers or if you don't have any its not a shame. Other things you are interested in " She smiles as she had an ipad in her hand with everything on it ready to go. She smiles gently as she waited for him to speak. she didn't mind new students as long as they didn't touch, annoy or hurt any of her friends she would be fine with anyone.
  2. Fjorlag stepped out of the bus and looked around the school before he set his eyes on a girl that approached him, the girl seemed happy and smiled at him he did not know the reason for why she was smiling at him, he was dressed pretty simply with a white funnel hoodie, black leather jacket, dark blue jeans and oakley boots as well with oakley gloves on his hands, his looks weren't so usual for a student but he still seemed fairly normal. He stood at 6' 5" with a large muscular build, he had a lean body with rough skin, his hair was messy with red on it's ends. He looked at her girl and tried to smile but the smile never appeared on his face "Hello." he said as he looked at her, he picked up his bag and walked beside her "I see why would you need my information so I guess I will give them to you." he said and paused for a bit "My name is Fjorlag, I am the son of Freyja the Nord goddess of Death. I will like to keep my powers to myself is not something anyone would be proud off... but if you truly need them I will have to show them to you." he said as he carried his bag with him and walked beside her "Other than that I would just need the main buildings and that's it." he said and looked at her.
  3. She placed the infromation on the iapd as it started clyling through the main schooland smiles as she nodded "very well lets take you to the spots of the school that you can use your powers in" said slowly as she took him to the massive gym that had evvrything "this is the gym th place where using your powers to help teammates, and win things is always wanted but to just be plain mean to others will get you detention on the spot no if and s or buts" Smiles slightly as she walked to the traning rooms "by your powers, how much you know about them and how well you use them you will be in different rooms with others and yours going to be paired up with a person that will help you learn how to use them. teacher deciides that if you don't like it too bad teachers give no care" She shrugged grinning gently as the ipad was done and beeped and smiles opening the file "Alright found you a room in the Leon Hall, which is the sleeping hall where you shall stay , i shall show you last" she smiles as she walked toward the main building for regular school slowly.
  4. He followed her closely looking at all the others as they went on with their everyday lives... and each one of them contained with them a power beyond a normal humans wildest imagination. It was strange but everything seemed in harmony, but it seemed not a lot of them knew much about their powers or even grasped their full potential. Fjorlag was not much different but he actually had a grasp that allowed him to do some interesting and then frightening things, which he didn't quite boast about as they entered the Gym he stood there and looked around, the girl was about to move so he waved at her "You said you will need to see my powers, I guess I can show you here." he said as he turned to look at her, she almost made her way out of the gym but he managed to get her attention just enough "I don't see a problem if it's in a monitored place." he said as he continued to look at her, that same look he had from previously the same face that was devoid of almost all emotion.
  5. She raised eyebrow and nodded slowly "very well show me and i shall give the infromation to the school or so forth" she said shrugging her shoulders and watched and ready to learn what he could do. she had seen scary powers before, very scary powers and Death was one she saw a little too often thanks to Pheli, a demigod of Hades who could litterly rip your soul out and make it stay out for an entire day and she hated that bitch. She hoped that this guy had better reasoning with his powers , or did something better then rip your soul out. She watched him with eyes calucalting and alazing everything he did learning adapting as her suite did as well. Thast why no one messed with Luna her suite adapted to attacked and mad it powerful, deadly and on right but kicking.
  6. Fjorlag placed the bag neatly behind him on the floor and then took of the jacket as well neatly folding it and placing it on top of the bag. He looked at his gloves and then tightened them, it seemed as if he had handwraps tightly wrapped under the gloves, he bowed once in-front of her then inhaled and exhaled deeply on the third inhale he snapped his fingers and clenched his fists. The world around the girl wall into darkness, a thick black mist surrounded her and did not even the light from her suit was able to peer through it... the power had no substance or material, no magic or mirrors it just appeared from nowhere and formed around, it was not physical or mental suddenly, in thick shadow a figure with glowing black eyes walked continuing to watch her. The suddenly the figure drew closer and closer towards her it seemed not to have any kind of offensive or aggressive feelings or movements towards her, a familiar hand was placed on the cheek of her helmet but midway stopped and the figure was knocked to the ground, it winced and shifted on the ground placing it's hands on it's had as figures that even Odin himself would cry too shifted around him, then suddenly a huge scream was heard and the darkness disappeared. Fjorlag was laying on the ground of the gymnasium with the darkness and mist slowly gathering around him and then disappearing into nothingness.
  7. She raised eyebrow, that was interesting that was for sure. her suite came off and shifted into her necklace once more and walked over to him slowly "that was very interesting . I do not see how thats not liked in reality, I have seen things worse then that and belive me you're going to be fine in this school" smiles gently and helped him up slowly. She then send the information to the school and smiles gently "you going to be alright need to sit down ?" Asked slowly as she wasn't going to make him walk if he was hurt. Her eyes soft and careing, "Don't worry all powers can be used and improved" smiles as her suite was still off and in its necklace form.
  8. Still laying on the ground Fjorlag looked at the ceiling of the gymnasium, his eyes had a blank expression in them and his iris was widened he looked almost as he was peering into the very soul of something. He could hear the girl speaking at him but at first he did not reply, instead he continued the blank stare at the ceiling and then he finally spoke "This was merely a show... the darkness consumes everything if I don't control it, it almost took you." he said as he then suddenly looked her in her eyes, he lift himself up and continued sitting on the floor "Nothing is worse than this... being torn by all the wicked souls till the end of time, it is not something anyone can handle... it's something nobody can handle." he stood up and looked at her "But I must commend you, you were brave." he said as he looked at her then turned around picking up his jacket and putting it on, he took the bag in his hand as well and shook his head "No, I will be fine. Lead on to where we have to go." he said as he looked at her.
  9. "good well since you are school you will be learning how to control it " smiles as she nodded and walked toward the main class rooms "these are the rooms your never allowed to use your powers, if you do you got a detentian right away no matter if it was a mistake or a hiccup . No matter how pissed off you may be or anything don't use the powers it has bad stuff after it. But anyway can i see your classes you have so i can show you to the rooms you shall be in?" She asked turning to him as her suite as still updating and taking its own notes on things. The suite stayed as a necklace learning adapting learning adapting all the time it did that to make itself better, it had a mind of its own sometimes which often got Luna into some deep trouble at times in school but it mostly stayed powered down as she never had to use it ever other then gym at times.
  10. Continuing to follow after her he remained silent until the question about classes popped up "To be quite honest I do not know, but I am thinking that there will be something about dark arts, history, mathematics, advanced mathematics, physics, advanced physics, Nord history and etc." he paused as he looked at her, the classes he was mentioning were all high classes that needed alot of previous knowledge and intelligence of which things he had both, he ended up shrugging softly then speaking "I have no idea what other classes there might be. It is not like a normal school so I don't have a clue to what's what." he said as he threw the bag on his back and crossed his arms.
  11. She facepalmed slightly at the guy, yes those where offered but alot of the time main streme classes stayed with the basic, weither or not you where smart you had to take them and pass them she knew the feeling of being there. She stayed now in high classes with mechanics and mostly making things. She looked at the ipad as the classes popped up as the school sent her the sheet of classes "Alright your first class if Math Calc" smiles and leads him down the hall and toward the math room maiing sure he knew where it was "Alright your class after that is Norse myth 101 and then you got Science and Gym" leads him to his first half classes and smiles as she loved Science the teacher was nice but man did she grade hard one trip up in your paper and she give you a C+. She smiles as she looked at the other classes "Interesting you got two classes at Mechanics, then Film study is your last class" leads him to the massive work shop down stairs to where actually Luna taught the class thanks to her better mind for this stuff she often taught it if the teacher thought it be best for her to. She then leads him to a lrage room with massive screen "and those are your first year classes here. As the years progress and the powers do you get into more classes you like, next year you will most likely get into classes you would like to do much like me" smiles gently kindly.
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