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  1. This is based of the avengers..
    Yes, the newest movie.

    I shall be twisting it though.
    This is afterwards.
    I am going to play a new addition called "Shadow"
    That's her code name.
    Her real name is Valin Zale.
    "Avengers..a new threat has rose. The Earth is once again in danger..and your new addition knows all about it. Shadow?"
    Shadow stepped forwards. "I am Shadow, my real name is classified. I am here to tell you about the Cerain. They're from another planet..they look like this: [​IMG]
    And one bite is so acidic it kills a human in two minutes flat.." she glared at Tony Stark. "It'll eat through your armor in three. Any questions?"
    Nick Fury looked over the group. "Yes..any questions?"
    I need you.
    I am Shadow.
    Skills= (the hero's skills)
    Appearance= (choose from the multitude of pictures of each hero)

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  2. Ill play Iron Man
  3. Character/Name= Anthony "Tony" Stark/Ironman
    Age= 38
    Skills= His suit
    Appearance= [​IMG]
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  4. XD
    "Tony Stark, welcome to the Team"~ Nick Fury
    "Eh, metal. Welcome anyway." ~ Shadow.

    =) Any questions?
  5. Character/Name=Clinton barton/hawkeye
    Skills= No powers but is very good at archery
  6. Accepted XD
    "Hey Hawkeye. Welcome." ~Nick Fury
    "Birdman, got it. Archer?" She though a moment. "At least something reliable. Welcome." ~Shadow

    I honestly love hawkeye X)
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  7. I think he's just awesome, lol.
  8. Is everyone still interested in this? If so, I'll try and see who else I can get in here.
  9. Character/Name= Nick Fury
    Age= However old he is.
    Skills= Being awesome, being in the way, being in command, being in command some more, being good with a pistol, always using a pistol against targets that make pistols look like toys, having friends, being sarcastic, being awesome, being awesome, annnnnd being awesome. Oh, and he wears an eyepatch.
    Appearance= [​IMG]
  10. Yesh X)

    Now we just need a Hulk and a Black Widow, lol
  11. And in actuality, Hawkeye is very good with all weapons: He is just best at his bow, and prefers his bow.
  12. Yes, I know this..hehe. He has a gun at some point...forgot where though, haha. Oh!! I almost forgot:

    "Hello Myself..." ~Nick Fury
    "Yeah..I've met you. Hi." ~Shadow
  13. can i be my own character?
  14. Hmm...let me see a CS and I'll think, okays? =)
  15. Ok thanks ^^ give me a few
  16. Name: Heckit (unknown name)
    Age: 19
    Abillty: Hacking
    Likes: COOKIES. her teddy. Cosplaying
    dislikes: Meanies, *Snezz* Fury *Snezz* ((Oh yeah she makes his life the worst when it comes to tech))
    Weaknesses:Hand in hand fighting and Cookies. ((she would do anything for a cookie)) and if someone takes her teddy you are doomed she will try to kill you. (which she can't)
    Looks like: she cosplays so she dresses up every day as someone.

  17. Hmmm...is she new, or just someone who is called in when things are the worst?
  18. I kinda forgot to put up Shadow's CS..oops

    Character/Name= Shadow/Valin Zale
    Age= 19
    Skills= She is an excellent sword-user and Close Quarter Combat is her expertise. She is an excellent gunner, a perfectionist at sniping.
    Appearance= ((Attached to this post))

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