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  1. I am watching it for the first time today 8D it's so good!
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  3. Both are great.
    But the first is better. :3
  4. Yeah, the first is one of those I could see myself showing people 20 years later...I'm not sure about the second one. It was a fun movie (and still very good), but I think the first one could be a 'classic.'
  5. Decent movies, those. Good for group entertainment.
  6. Minor, non-descriptive spoilers for Age of Ultron (and some other films) ahead.

    The deleted scenes really help fix some of the weird plot holes in Age of Ultron, mainly Thor's pool party thing where in the release, he's like "LET'S SEE IF THE SPIRITS ACCEPT ME LOLOL" out of goddamn nowhere.

    Also, I would have loved Age of Ultron more (and I greatly enjoyed the movie) if Ultron didn't have such a typical Marvel movie villain doomsday plot. Seriously, it's not exciting anymore, and it's more or less the same shit from the first movie. The first bit of the movie, I loved Ultron because he had a personality, he was fun, he seemed like he was going to break the Ronin/ Malakath/ Loki (Avengers 1)/ Red Skull (and Hydra, in Winter Soldier)/ Exploding dude from Iron Man 3 who I can't be bothered to remember his name of because he was fucking boring as hell, mold of having a climax that basically comes down to "omg the world is gunna end if we don't stop theeeem" that has zero stakes and honestly robs the movies of a lot.

    Is it really hard to ask for interesting villains with understandable motivations that go beyond "evil for the sake of evil"? Marvel just sets up all these guys as one-off villains and it really shows. We don't get to know them, and the fact they all perish at the end of the movie gets rid of the exciting prospect of them still being out there. Can you imagine how bullshit it would be if in Star Wars, they killed Darth Vader in the first movie? The reason Loki is so popular is because they took the time to develop him as a character, made him compelling, and gave him a long game that wasn't apocalyptic (lolol, well, I have a feeling I know how Thor 3 is going to get started, but up until then) with him simply wanting the Throne of Asgard. He still has evil schemes and does awful shit, but it's not like he gets tidily wrapped up in 2 hours.

    I loved Ultron's personality. I liked how he was working with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. He was compelling up until basically he just went full in "LOL WORLD ENDING TIME!" around the half-way mark.

    I mean, I mentioned Hydra's plan in the earlier paragraph as being in the same frame as the other world-ending plots in the other movies, but at least it was a much more modest scale that twisted things around a bit by making SHIELD's technology being the source of All things Bad.

    Is it so much to ask for interesting villains and plots that don't feel unnecessarily high stakes? After you play the "OMG WORLD ENDING!" card, and then you keep doing it, it gets fucking old man. I mean, despite Stane being as flat as a a pita wrap who would later be cloned and reincarnated in that Yellowjacket dude from Ant-Man (do you have any other explanation why they're exactly the same character? I don't. They're seriously identical, motivations and all), Iron Man 1 still ended on an exciting note with just a show down between Tony and Stane with the Arc Reactor blowing up being the serious consequence. I have no idea why they started off modest like that and went straight up to the most high-stakes game ever in no time flat within a couple movies. It makes sense for an Avengers movie, because it's an ensemble of characters who had stand alone movies who can only stop a threat by working together, and then the stakes never went down, even a little bit. You can still have a tense, compelling story without the same goddamn climax every time.

    Guardians of the Galaxy wasn't popular because of Ronin and nobody gave a shit about a planet they barely knew potentially getting destroyed, they loved it because of the chemistry between the characters and the fun action scenes.

    This is why I think Civil War will actually be cool because there's a real chance that characters will die and they're fighting over something that has a lot of parallels to our own world, freedom verses security. Since it's the movie universe, you don't know who's at risk. Infinity Wars might likewise be as equally high stakes; it's kind of the crown jewel it's all been leading up to, and Marvel would be crazy if they didn't kill off people we cared about. That's the thing; nobody cares when some guy we've seen for two minutes on the screen heroically sacrifices himself. We care a lot when we had several movies to get to know these characters and they get murdered. Do you think anybody would have cared about Agent Coulson if he died in Iron Man 1 confronting Stane? No, they had him in several movies and he had a fair deal of screen time and became quite popular. Then suddenly in the Avengers, he gets murdered (except Marvel is fucking dumb and immediately announces a show starring him with some bullshit explanation of how he survived because they know he's the only way people are going to tune in to Agents of SHIELD), and it's genuinely a harrowing moment in the movie.

    More of that please.... just don't give dead characters any more spin offs, plz.
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  7. Just for the record: I hate Loki. I really, really don't think he's as gr8 as people make him out to be, I mean in the first Thor movie they brought him up good, I actually started to like him, but in Avengers? "MUWAHAHAHAHA TIME TO CONQUER URF!" is all I got from him. To the point I prefer Ronan over him(also helps that Ronan in the comics is one of my favourites anyway). Tom Hiddleston did a fantastic job of making me less hateful to Loki, but still, I don't think I'll ever like him.

    I preferred the second movie overall, but some elements really annoyed me, how the climax was similar to the climax of the first one. But ultimately I prefer Ultron over Loki, and Ultron has only one movie(for now, there's no way he's gon for good) and to me he was a more compelling villain?

    I mean if I were to choose a favourite MCU villain? Wilson Fisk, because he pretty much blows everyone out of the water in development and depth.
  8. wait, it took you this long?????
  9. Yeah, I'm not really a superhero person. Never even read the comics. My cousin had to explain a lot while we were watching.
  10. I don't read the comics either. :P

    I'm the guy who loves the Super Hero movies.
    So I can go on about the movies for a while, but then a comic fan will hear this, rant about the comics, and then get pissed when they realize I don't read the comics. XD

    Though in all honesty, the movies have done a good job in creating there own universe.
    You don't need any comic knowledge or understanding to enjoy the movies.
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  11. I just watched the second one for the first time last night. Definitely better than the first. I like Guardians of the Galaxy better though. Groot is absolutely adorable. <3
  12. I just watched avengers 2 again recently at my friends house. TURNS OUT the extended stuff is in a separate menu >.<

    I think Ultron was conflicted with what he may have wanted to do, and his programming. And i'm not entirely sure if his job was to protect humanity, or protect the world. Either or, he seemed super conflicted, and he was somewhat normal (Just confused as he just activated, similar to vision when he freaked out upon awakening) up until Ultrons research at the beginning led to the wars and violence, Unlike Vision where the first thing of the world he saw after freaking out was the city being all peaceful (Or quite as ultron will put it)
    then Ultron came to the conclusion that humans are the ones the world needs protection from. So he'll destroy the virus (Human), copy himself so the only thing in the world is himself (True harmony as he puts it) Which will still fall under his programming and purpose of protecting the world.

    But my favorite quote from him has gotta be "I think you are confusing peace with quite"

    Although I wonder what Vision will do. He understood Ultron 100%. He simply disagreed... Or more accurately, had more faith that perhaps things can change to be better, while Ultron thought that humans can't change (At least fast enough for his liking)
  13. I would be lying if I said my eyes didn't well up during the "We are Groot." scene.
  14. Am I the only one who liked Guardians of the Galaxy but didn't see it as anything out of this world?
  15. I don't know. Chris Pine is pretty out of this world. >_>
  16. Eh, I'll fully admit that characters such as "Star Lord" I have a sort of unconcious bias against.

    Mini-Rant. Only click if you care for inner thoughts (open)

    Mainly due to generally that in Real Life I generally get along with most people just fine. However, individuals who tend to radiate a large amount of Charisma or Charm tend to be individuals that I don't get along with.
    Why? Not really sure, there's no hostility to them, but it's happened enough that such characters tend to remind me about it.

    I suspect it that such people tend to Master the 'Social Game'. By that I mean all the proper social courtesies and formalities, and ways to win people over. And since that's not something I generally pay too much attention to outside of basic politeness and manners, it probably create's a sort of culture shock, or at least a communication gap.
  17. I said Chris Pine, not Star Lord! I don't mind the character, but he wasn't my favorite in the movie. The actor though.....Anna Faris is one lucky woman. I have to admit though, I did love the chemistry between Gamora and Star Lord.
  18. I'd have to see more of his stuff to say for sure on him.
    He did so Star Lord well though at least.

    Though to be honest my favourite character would have to be Drax. :P
    His cluelessness lead to some pretty great moments. XD


  19. Best part of movie. I downloaded that song and had my kids doing the Groot dance during our move.
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  20. *Finds this sounds familiar*
    *Stalks checks account quickly*

    Oh! Hi Nydanna! :D

    Does the "I'm Batman!" "I am Groot!" thing still happen too? :P
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