Avengers: The Attack

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  1. The alarms went off, bathing everything in a deep red shade as screams echoed around....

    Shadow hissed at a man as he tried to stop her. "Helooooo. I have a freaking ID tag! I'm new here, so back off." she pushed him away and burst into the confrence room..early. No one else had shown yet other than Fury. She looked at him. "Aye, so I guess the squad is late? Damnit. People need to learn responsibility over themselves." she was in a foul mood, obviously. She sat down. "So am I working with backup or do the actual team with metal man and birdeye and green monster want to work with me?" she asked. She wore her armor, as always, and the visor was tinted black. No one could see her physical appearance at all.
  2. Sebastian walked along the corridor with an unusually calm attitude to the screaming and the flashing red lights, his attitude to situations always seemed to make people nervous well more nervous than usually.

    We pushed the door open ignoring the man who asked him for ID he entered the room and immediately moved into the shadows to avoid anyone seeing him. He studied fury and the women for a while trying to figure out how they attack and what there weaknesses are.
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  3. Liam just sat their as he saw red lights flashing and screaming. He was the new guy, the fresh meat! Newer than anyone here. He got up and started walking around. His suit wasn't something anyone has seen in their lifes. His suit was so advanced no scientist can even make one exactly like this. Man has tried and failed. He saw a man by the door and asked for his ID. He tilted his head and shook his head. The man sat his head on his chest and got into a defense position. Liam just chuckled and moved the mans hand forcefully kicked him through the door. The man looked one of the top men here, especially guarding this door. He walked in and picked up the man "Not a good idea.." he said as the man started walking away. He looked up and saw a woman, a man, and Fury. "Here.." Liam said. He knew he was something of need, of most importance..since the asked him in a very weird way.
  4. A screen pops up with a girl asleep in a back star shooter costume. "give me cookie back ZZZZZZZ" she said in her sleep then her alarms when off. "ALIENS GIVE MY COOKIE BACK" she yells jumping up on to her feet doing a very bad air kick and falls on the floor. she got up and looked at the screen to see everyone. "OHHHHHHHH that's why it when off I thought someone stole my cookies NO ONE STEAL MY COOKIES and gets away with it. but that is if they can find me." she said to herself. she talked to herself. she continued to talk on and on about something but she was sure thtey where not keeping up. "OH YEAH I NEED Coffee." she sang coffee before leaving and going to make some.
  5. Shadow looked around. "This can't be everyone...are you kidding me?" she questioned Fury. She glanced at Liam. He looked..familiar. Something about his suit. "Aye, what's your name?" She glanced at the other man. "Better yet..I want everyone to tell their names."
  6. Sebastian stepped out of the shadows and smiled slightly before saying "I'm hurt you don't remember me" the tone in his voice was a mocking one.

    " why should I give my name to her" he thought to himself for a while as he tapped his foot on the ground creating an irritating sound. Everything he did was for a reason the comment he made was to find out if she was actually at the armoury when it exploded and the foot tapping was to see how long everyone in the room could last before they stapped.
  7. Shadow watched him for three seconds. "Answer me." she said. "There is a lot more important things here to deal with than you amatuers, and of course I don't remember you, we have never met before." her Russian accent thick with annoyance. "If anyone here gives two shits about how Earth is under attack once again, then everyone tell their names and take a SEAT." she hissed angrily. She had a short temper. "I am Shadow, if this helps anyone find a brain!" she looked at Fury. "Get to explaining, we have a major problem that needs solving NOW." She kicked a chair out from the table and sat back in it, crossing her arms. Her armor clicked as it ran together.
  8. HAHAHA shadow funny. well shadow Ill tell you everyone's name. That guy in the weird alien suit is Liam and that Jerk right there is ummm let me see" she starts to type away on her computer and see it and scrams "OMG your omg Sebastian" she scams with delight and spins in her seat. "Omg I'm a big fan I take back the Jerk" she said like she knew the guy. which she did she knows everyone and anyone that's why Fury knows people because of her. and if he need a faves she would be the ones asking for them. "ohh and my name is unknow so you can call me Hackit Im like Iron man but with out the suit and a dick" she laughed at her own stupid joke
  9. Shadow crossed her arms, a faint smile crossing her face..but of course, no one saw it. "Shadow? Why is that funny?" she questioned. No one knew anything about her..but she has no idea why her code name would be funny. She'd never told anyone her real name...not since that guy when she was five. Since then, she'd erased her past, going by Shadow, never taking off her suit. She was good at keeping her identity hidden. Even Fury himself only knew her by Shadow and her suit.
  10. I don't know I'm insane" she said and Laughed even more. "That's why I'm in a box of my own away from you guys so I don't go and rip out your Teeth and Tongue out and stuff it up your asses" she said that mostly to Furry. but they didn't know that, or did they. "Hey voice get out of my head" she said to me. ohhhh Ok Insane here. (-.- crazy chick) "I heard that" she smirked she looked like she was talking to herself but really she was talking to Me. "OH fine be like that then DRUMMMMMS PLEASE" she started to play a song about death.
  11. Shadow rolled her eyes. "Okay, you, shut up. Let Fury talk." she told the crazy girl in the screen. "Unless he would like me to explain the situation?" she questioned, looking at Fury expectantly.

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  12. (( Should Iron Man even come in here? It seems like plain madness so far o.o ))

    A small sigh of minor irritation passes my lips at the pulsing lights as they flash maddeningly above my head. This was supposed to be my vacation time and now, unfortunately, it was time for another mission. I guess I should be thankful though, that it happened before I could buy my ticket out of here, only to be sent right back after landing, but still...

    I gently rub at my temple in small, swirling patterns at the newly forming migraine. Near the entrance to the briefing room I see a fallen guard struggling to stand, and quickly hurry over to give him a hand up. Maybe he just fell, although I doubted it as I saw the backside of a suit of armour smartly slip through the door. Jerk. "Are you alright?" I ask quietly. The man nods and stands somewhat unsteadily before asking to see my ID. I flash him a smile and show him my left wrist that has an imprinted tattoo of small Roman Numerals. Whatever they meant seemed to suffice, as he then sidestepped with a small smile of his own at my compliance. Poor man...

    Walking into the room, a tidal wave of noise dumped over my head, making me wince. I had forgotten how loud Hakkit was, and everyone's declaration of self worth was painful to listen to, kinda like how watching a pissing contest was disturbing to everyone except for those who were participating.

    I take a seat beside the only familiar figure aside from Nick, folding my legs in a meditative position. I give the male a small nod of greeting and a pained smile. "Sebastian," I say politely in acknowledgement, ignorant of how the female at the other end of the room was probing to find out his name. My head was starting to pound, forcing me to close my eyes. Hakkit started talking again and I instantly felt a wave of nausea. "Please, shut up..." I groan, voice perfectly balanced between feminism and masculinity.
  13. Liam just stood their and watched the girl named Shadow, scream and fuss around. He just stared didn't say a word to anyone. He shook his head at Shadow and leaned his head down. "She's a angry one." a females voice said. His suit had a holographic voice implanted in his suit. Liam just nodded at what she said. He looked at Fury and then the rest and the mental insane girl on the screen. He didn't keep his eyes away from her for too long. She looked familiar..he didn't know what...but she did look familiar. Everyone was getting annoying. Liam grabbed a chair and slammed it on the ground making the room echo. He slid it back toward Fury and nodded so he could talk but stayed in eye contact with Shadow.
  14. "How nice of you to join us" Sebastian said as he looked over at the man who has just come in he studied him for a while then turned his attention to the girl on the screen smiling slightly.

    He sat down and put his feet up on the table making himself comfortable, he was leaning back slightly on his chair but kept a cautious eye incase anyone tried to kick it out from under him.
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  15. Liam just looked around but stayed in view of Shadow. "She looks familiar. You know her?" Ada asked? Ada is the A.I. XION V-237OC. A live A.I. something off of Halo and Iron Mans suit..but different and better. Liam jusy shrugged his shoulders and study her. But he looked at the few who also stood in the room. He looked at Fury and Ada just chuckled "That girl on the screen seems like she doesn't like Fury or...make she's insane. Liam? You ok?" Ada asked. Liam nodded slowly and stood against the wall with his arms crossed. His entire suit covered his body and his helmet did the same to his head. He just stood their..waiting.
  16. Shadow groaned. "I'll explain. Fury, sit. You need a break from the problems with the other heroes anyway. Okay, listen. There's a new alien attacking. They call themselves the Cerain. They're from a planet called Akes and they look like this:" [​IMG] the image pulled up on a screen and Shadow nodded. "They have acidic blood that will kill a human in two minutes flat. Their claws are covered in this poison, along with their teeth. They're crawling everywhere, about the size of a full grown male tiger. Does everyone understand how dangerous they are?"
  17. And this is why I love Canadians better." she said "we are not stupid like Americans" she said out loud not meaning too anyways but it was to late to stop now. "stupid voice get out of my head" she said softly so the others would not hear this time. WHY DON'T YOU HACKIT..... Hackit sighs and looked around. "I'm so happy I'm not going to die like you guy I love my bubble. if you need me Ill be in my room and also I have things for you to call me with and everything. its over there and if you don't mind Liam if you can't send me your helmet so i can program it so you can call me as well or can it already. but whatever talk or see you guys later" she said so seriously that it may have shocked many people that knew her then she was gone from the hologram.
  18. "At least one person got it." Shadow mumbled to herself, the helmet hiding her words from anyone. "Everyone else got it?"
  19. I felt my whole body begin to relax as the room was finally plunged into silence, except for the one female who went by Shadow. An image appeared on the screen that took up a majority of the wall opposite to where I sat, showing a truly ugly creature. It appeared to be a cross between a dog, a horse, a hornet and a skeleton. A small shudder crawled up my spine.

    "Why are they here? How did they get here?" I ask during a lull of silence as the others take in the information. Unless they were some form of genetic mutation gone wrong, I don't see how these beings could have come from Earth.
  20. Ada chuckled "One step ahead of her." she said. Within seconds, Liams com link was already synced in with hers. She sent a message reading "One step ahead of you. :) oh by the way it's Liams suit. My name is Ada, I'm a more advanced A.I. and no, you can hack it. So don't even try. I'm a model type you've never heard. I'm a A.I. XION V-237OC, anywho. Fair well.". Liam looked up and shook his head "Anyone see the movie Aliens vs Predator? They are like that but different body structure." he said as the screen blew up bigger. "They are weak near their spine and near the rips and heart. Don't get to close because..well..you won't like the outcome." he said as he looked at Shadow "Doesn't that sound about right? Be a little more into detail." he said as he looked at the group "Their only strong point is their acid and that's it and they are very fast." he got up and turned around. Liam didn't know the speaker to his helmet was on "Couldn't have said it any better, hun. Don't act like a badass because you have no idea who yall are messing with. Him and I have had to many encounters with these bastards. We are well informed. Oh and if your wondering yes, I'm a girl, I'm an A.I. XION V-237OC, something off of that game Halo and like your suit Iron Man but...better. My name is Ada." she said. Liam shook his head as the speaker went off. "What? I had to say something. Oh get over, hun." she said.
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