Avengers Pastiche?: Full Fledged Superhero Team

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  1. Did you love The Avengers?

    The film?

    The comics?

    The cartoon?

    Do you enjoy the idea of superheroes who go on their own separate adventures to come together when things get too hot to handle alone? Do you find yourself wanting to play a full fledged hero with incredible powers, and more flexibility to really use those abilities?

    Now there is hope. Now there's a chance to create a team of such high level individuals, but with the freedom to create a new and original universe for them to run around in. But I need to know if anyone would be interested in creating plots for an episodic series of adventures?


    In the Majestic-Verse, on Earth-66...

    When the games become serious, when one champion is not enough, they come together to become the pro-team to change the score.



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  2. This sounds awesome, I have been craving a superhero-themed RP for a while now but, there has been none around. Do you have a specific plot in mind or would it be a bit of a free for all?
  3. It would probably follow an episodic format. Or "issues" as we'll refer to them. I already have an idea for the first 'issue.' It won't be an origin, but it'll begin well after most of the main team members have assembled.
  4. Ok, sounds good. And that is probably best, if most of the main team is already assembled then we can avoid that awkward trying to come together situation. Hmm, I shall have to have a mad brainstorming session to think up more issues. I will be probably be following that up with a character brainstorm.
  5. I'd be down to participate in this, and to help come up with ideas for issues.
  6. Excellent. Glad to have another player on board.
  7. I'm going to pretend that I am in fact not foaming at the mouth in excitement over this concept.


    -wipes mouth-

    ...its nothing but rabies I tell you--rabies.

    Rabies aside, I am very much interested in this sort of thing if there's still room to be had. :D Making superheroes is actually a legitimate life goal for me--there's a reason I will be fighting to get a minor in sequential art in the coming years--and I have read far too many comics for my own good as a female...so I hereby offer any and all of my assistance in any of this. -gestures to all of it-
  8. Terrific! Also cool to hear about your goals, and any experience with panels and costumed adventurers you had prior to joining up here.
  9. Is being naked a superpower, or just a requirement? (whats-her-body in your pictures)

    Definitely some interest from me, though I may not join as of yet.
    What's our first mission, captain tight-pants?
  10. Sadly no.

    Oh, as soon as I get the actual members together the adventure can begin.
  11. I'm assuming you'll probably be our leader, yes? Beyond that are we planning on being a structured group or perhaps a more ragtag one?
  12. Things will kick off ragtag, I suppose. And I could play a character that takes charge for the moment, but honestly if anyone's better at playing a leader role, I'm all for them trying it out.
  13. Do we have any idea of a setting? Like is it the planet they're protecting or a country or a city?

    I have a couple ideas for characters if we're gonna set up a kinda "application process". :] Oh, and have we decided if heroes are already around or is this a new deal?
  14. I also have a question, do the characters have a house they can all stay in, like the Avengers mansion, or is everyone on their own until the need arises.
  15. They'll be working all over the Earth, with their main base of operations being a large compound somewhere on the East Coast. They won't exactly be the first ever, but the members will consist mostly of the first modern day superhumans. We'll eventually look into some of the history, like during WWII or the 50's/60's.

    Great! Here's the sign up area.