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      "I've said it once, I'll say it again, I don't wanna go." Josh grumbled as the driver took him to his new 'job'. Apparently when you're good at martial arts and can manipulate peoples feelings, it makes you the perfect hero. Josh was not convinced. He had made the decision to never use his powers on anybody ever again. Ever since he realized what a shitty effect he can have on people, Josh didn't manipulate anyone ever again. As much as he wanted to cheer people up, it felt wrong.

      The driver ignored Josh's whining as he drove up to the building, the car coming to an abrupt stop. Josh looked out of the window, up at the Avengers tower. So this was his life now? "I'll get your bags." The driver stopped the car. Josh sighed, fixing his blue and red shirt before slipping out of his door. Josh collected his suitcase and watched the driver leave him at the door.

      As he made his way into the building, a young woman at the desk looked through some papers, "Joshua Donovan? Dr. Banner is in his office." Josh frowned, "I thought - uh, I was gonna get some training? I don't know, you people are vague in your letters..." Josh mumbled, "This way." The blonde woman completely ignored him and began walking away, motioning for him to follow.

      "Dr. Banner? Mr. Donovan is here."​


      Tony was sitting quietly in his office, reading the paper with a cup of coffee. The man wasn't really feeling having to babysit some potential 'avenger' or something. He wasn't even sure. Fury had dumped the job on him. Mark, Matt, Max? Max, that was his name. Some guy who can control tech or something from the CIA. Tony was a bit jealous of the cool secret agent job. But then again, was he really? Tony Stark didn't get jealous.

      Deciding if he was doing this, he may as well put the minimal effort into it. Tony stood up, downing the rest of his coffee before pulling out a mirror and comb, getting his hairs in place. He didn't feel the need to impress, he was pretty impressive already, but he wanted to look good. Tony smoothed down his gray shirt before collecting a navy jacket to go over the top. As he fixed up his outfit, Tony looked over at the view of NY. Hopefully this guy would be fun. Dealing with anyone less would just make Tony want to quit his job.

      "Tony?" He heard a voice from his comms. He went to pick up his phone, "I think ya guy is here, wanna come down and meet him?" The voice was a familial one of one of the nicer secretaries downstairs. Well, here goes nothing. Tony got into the lift and soon appeared at the entrance.​

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  1. Bruce had been looking over some papers the very last minute, and then started to look up. From what he could tell, the young man was impressive. He was actually a bit in awe. When he heard the woman spoke up, he took off his glasses and looked over.

    "You can send him right in." He replied softly.

    Max had been standing at the lobby for a while as he had to wait. Just recently, he found out that he was being taking out of active duty at the CIA and being transferred over to the Avengers. He still had some questions to ask on why he was here, but they were going to wait at some point.

    He had been looking down before he heard the doors from the lift being opened, opening his blue eyes and looked up, only starting to smile. 'This is it. Don't fuck up now. You can do this.' He thought to himself.
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    When called in, Josh carried his backpack and suitcase into the office. His wide eyes looked around before settling on the older man in front of him. "Uh, hello." Josh blinked. He had heard of Bruce Banner before, but he never knew what he'd look like when he wasn't a great green giant. Well, Josh never expected him to be this cute. He stood in the doorway, fiddling with his bag.

    It went quiet for a moment, so Josh decided he should maybe introduce himself. "I'm Josh Donovan, call me JD if you want. It's nice to meet you." He smiled, offering his hand to shake, "I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here..." He smiled, then frowned as he thought. What was he doing here?


    As the elevator doors opened, Tony smiled, strutting down the hall like it was catwalk. He took off his sunglasses and looked around for the secretary, who pointed over to Max. "Ah, you must be Max." Tony strutted over and offered his hand to shake. The male was tall, slim and could compete with him for being one of the more attractive men in the building.

    But Tony didn't mind that really, "I don't know how much you want to be here, but I certainly don't..." Tony mumbled the last part of his sentence before coughing a little, "I'm sure you know who I am, so lets skip introductions and get back up to my office, where we can start... Well, whatever we're meant to be doing." Tony shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets, using his head to motion towards the elevator.​

  3. Bruce had a slight smile on his face before he got up and walked over, shaking his hand,and offered a more friendly smile. "Ah. Yes. I was told that you were coming. Please. Come on in." He replied before he was stepping back and walked back over to his desk before he was looking back up. "So.. I bet you are wondering why you are here. Am I correct?" He then asked.

    Max didn't say anything at first as he was actually in awe at the moment. In the back of his mind, he thought that Tony was really attractive, but he was going to keep that thought to himself, for now, that is. He then nodded, smiling a bit shyly as he shook his hand. "Yeah. That is me." He replied.

    He caught the last little bit of the sentence, frowning a bit before he tried to smile again. "As a matter of fact, I actually do want to be here." He then replied before he nodded. "Right.." He replied again before he turned to walk towards the elevator. He was feeling a bit disappointed at that moment, but he tried to shake the feeling off before he looked over at him. "You sure sound like you don't want to do this.." He replied honestly.
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    After shaking his hand, Josh folded his arms and looked around. Impressive office. He then turned back and smiled, "Yeah, you were rather vague in your invitation to the party." Josh smirked, playfulness in his eyes as he gazed at the older man. He had been told many times he switched into his flirty personality at the most inappropriate times, even if he wasn't interested in the person. It was happening right now, Josh barely even noticed his playful attitude, "And I hope you, Doctor, are gonna explain?" Josh raised an eyebrow with a grin, taking a quick second to admire the surprisingly strong body of the doctor.


    "Well that makes one of us." Tony grinned as they got into the elevator. He pressed the button for his office and waited when Max spoke. He looked over, shocked that he had picked that up, "Well, it was just placed down on me at the last moment. I wasn't expecting to babysit." He said, looking forward as the door opened. Before he walked out, he used his hand to motion for Max to go first. Well, he wasn't an unattractive or rude man, "But I guess I don't really mind anymore." He gave Max a coy grin before showing him to the office. When they got there, Tony shut the door and looked over to Max, "Now, show me what you can do."​

  5. Bruce had chuckled lightly before he kept the smile on his face. "Well.. It was brought to my attention that Fury wanted me to train you. You see.. He came to me and my team mate, Tony Stark, that both me and him were asked to train both you and another person, but we're doing it separately." He replied before he started to walk around the desk and looked right at him. "I want to see what you can do before I can actually start training you."

    Max only chuckled lightly before he stepped out of the elevator and then looked over his shoulder at Tony, smirking a bit before looking ahead and stepped into the office. He looked around, crossing his arms over his chest before he nodded. "Do you have something I can work on?" He asked.
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    Josh shrugged, maybe training isn't so bad. He could get better at his martial arts and meet new people. Controlling other people's emotions wasn't something he was interested in doing as much, but as long as it didn't get too extreme, he'd be fine. "Well okay." He nodded before puffing out his cheeks, pausing, before realizing he should do something. Josh wasn't sure if Banner knew his deal or not, so Josh began to explain himself.

    "Well, uh, I read emotions, even the deep ones if I read deep enough." He explained, "Right now-" Josh looked at Bruce, narrowing his eyes in thought, "I can tell that you're excited, and a little amused right now." Josh chuckled before raising his eyebrows, "Oh, deeper you feel more, intense, anger? Lots of that..." Josh's sentence got quieter as he realized who he was talking to. Dr. Bruce Banner, AKA the man who turns into the big green monster when he's pissed. "But yeah. I can also control and manipulate emotions but... I'd, I don't wanna mess anything up." Josh looked at his feet.


    As he spoke, Tony leaned against his desk. What did this guy do again? If Fury told him, Tony had lost the files. Something about technology? Tony nodded and looked around, into his draws and stuff, "One sec, technology right?" He asked, poking his head up from behind his desk.

    It wasn't like he didn't trust Max, but Tony didn't want to give him his laptop or anything. Instead, he found an old tablet in his bottom draw, "Alright, impress me." Tony said, throwing the tablet at Max with a little force.​

  7. Bruce had raised both of his eyebrows before he could feel himself relax and then smiled. "Wow. That is actually really impressive. That actually impresses me, believe it or not." He replied honestly before walking around and crossed his arms over his chest. "With what you have shown me, I can definitely help you out." He then replied.

    Max had nodded. "Yeah. That's correct." He replied as he was watching him. On the outside, he looking all calm and happy, and perhaps a bit excited as well, but on the inside, however, he was feeling nervous. He couldn't believe he was going to show what he could do. And it made him more excited, and nervous more.

    He looked up, paying attention as he caught the tablet and then started to smirk. He only nodded before he was looking down and started to mess with the tablet. "I can tell you haven't used this in quite some time. Just by looking at its condition, it looks like it's in real good condition.." He replied as he continued. He let his hand glow for a moment before he finished and then handed it back to him. "It's running as good as new now. The performance was lagging, but I was able to make some adjustments to make it run faster than before. Hell, I made it where you can control any other electronics nearby by using this tablet. You should be good to go." He replied.
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    Impressing Bruce made Josh smile, "Damn." He grinned at the doctor. Maybe he should play down the flirting, but Josh never listened to himself. He followed the doctor around with his eyes, before quickly walking over and perching himself on the end of Bruce's desk, folding his arms too. It was pretty amazing how Bruce didn't show all that Anger Josh had sensed. But he was certainly seeing that Bruce was impressed. Good, he could keep going then.

    "Well, tell me the plan and I'm ready to begin." Josh smirked, swinging his legs. Maybe he was more excited about this. Josh kind of missed using his abilities, the idea he could help the Avengers with them was also exciting. Especially if he was being trained by the beefcake, Dr. Banner.

    The quick catch made Tony nod. He put his hands on his hips as he watched, waiting for something to happen. As he watched, Tony raised his eyebrows, "Cool." He began to think of ways this could be useful. Not only could Max improve Iron Man, but all of the buildings tech could be improved. He wondered if his powers reached Godlike tech aswell, he thought of Thor.

    "Damn, gimme that." Tony reached over and grabbed the tablet and nodded, "Impressive." He grinned before putting the tablet down, "Okay, so technically the training doesn't start til tomorrow... But, follow me." Tony grinned as he walked out of his office, waiting for Max to follow as he hopped into the elevator. Nick might be a little pissed that Tony was using his trainee to quickly fix his Iron Man suit, but he could make sure Max kept his mouth shut. As they stood in the elevator, Tony turned to Max, "Did you see if Dr. Bruce Banner got his trainee yet?" He asked curiously, hoping he got the better person.​

  9. Bruce chuckled lightly, having a light blush appear on his cheeks before he was smiling. He had caught his flirting, which only made him smile softly and then walked over. He could feel his heart beating a bit fast, but took a deep breath before he was standing in front of him and sat his hands down at either side of him, looking up. "Considering that this is your first day here, all we will do is that we will go meet up with Tony and his new trainee. Tomorrow, we will start training." He replied before he was starting to stand up straight.

    Max started raising an eyebrow before he had nodded and walked over to start following him. He was wondering what was going to happen before he had walked into the elevator and hummed. He was glancing over at Tony and nodded. "Yeah. I saw. His trainee had gotten escorted to him while I was waiting for you." He replied.
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    Josh tilted his head as he looked through Bruce's emotions again, sensing a little embarrassment. "Oh, sounds fun." Josh blinked innocently with a coy grin before deciding to stop. He was being a little too flirty now. Josh had the tendency to flirt with whoever, whenever, he didn't want to embarrass Bruce though.

    "Okay Doc, show us the way." He hopped off the table and slid past Bruce to the door, "Where are we meeting them? I hope food is involved..." Josh mumbled a little as he straightened out his shirt, he hadn't eaten since the morning and it was taking a little toll on him.

    "Oh right. Was he cooler than you? He probably wasn't." Tony mumbled, holding his hands in front of himself. Tony was a little overly competitive sometimes, especially with Bruce.

    Once they made it down to the suit, Tony walked out of the elevator to his suit. "Ah, there she is." He walked up to the suit, which was propped up, "I kinda need an update on the interface, I was wondering if you could flick your wrist and improve?" Tony asked with a little grin, knowing he was being a bit of an asshole at the moment.​

  11. Bruce was looking at him before he stood up straight and nodded. "Knowing Tony, I bet he took his trainee with him to go work on his Iron Man suit. And they shouldn't be too far. They're just a floor below us." He replied before he turned to walk out of the office. He started looking back and smiled. "Maybe I could try to convince them and see if they would like to go out to lunch with us. I bet you're hungry." He then replied.

    Max raised an eyebrow at him and chuckled lightly. "Now why would you ask that? Trying to compete or something?" He asked, feeling and looking amused.

    He started walking over before he took a closer look, and then nodded. "Sure. It won't be a problem at all." He replied simply. He started to let his hands glow as he put them down on the suit and started to concentrate, closing his eyes. He was concentrating the best he could so that he could make the possible adjustments and improvements as best as he could. When he finished, he opened his eyes and stepped back, smiling proudly. "Okay. It's finished. The interface has been updated and now you should be able to move faster in flight. I also added a feature so you could be invisible, making sure that you will be undetected." He replied.
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    "Sounds good." He smiled, walking towards the door as he waited. When Bruce waited, Josh decided to get out of the office, "Lets go then?" He looked at Bruce before finding his way to the stairs. He never liked taking the elevator, it made him feel lazy. He hopped down the stairs and looked about the sophisticated signs of the corridors, trying to figure out which way went to Tony's.

    "Okay, Okay. I asked you to improve the interface not take my job." Tony snorted, but nodded in appreciation as he walked over to his suit and inspected it. Nothing was externally different, but Tony was sure Max had changed things about inside. Tony nodded, "Well, good job anyway. I'm sure you'll find training fun then." He chuckled, putting hands into his pockets.​

  13. Bruce had been waiting in the elevator until it stopped at the floor and stepped out. He started looking around before he was letting out a soft groan. 'I knew I should have took the stairs with him. He's going to get lost in this place. I better go find him.' He thought, walking around to go find him.

    Max had a light smile on his face before he started to chuckle, and shook his head. "Thought I would try to help, at least." He replied before he crossed his arms over his chest. He started to notice that he was starting to open up himself, and he couldn't help but to now have a sly smile on his face. "Well, as long as you can make the training a lot of fun, then I'm sure it will be fun." He replied, trying to flirt.
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    Josh bit his lip as he turned another corner of the glass building. So, he may of taken the wrong route. He did get a magical view from the glass wall into the city. He peered at it for a bit before getting back to finding his way around. "Dr. Banner?" Josh called out, turning more corners into the offices, hoping Bruce was around somewhere.

    "I'll try.. It's not like I've had a lot of time to organize fun stuff for you to do during your stay..." He grumbled. Fury better had made a list of things for him to cover, because this was his idea. Tony went to say something else, but he heard his friend's name being called. Tony chuckled, "Sounds like somebody's lost."​

  15. Bruce was trying to look around, hoping to find Josh. He should have stayed close to him so he wouldn't get lost, and here he was, walking around trying to find him. When he walked around a corner, he looked over and called out. "I'm over here!" He called over, walking towards him.

    Max chuckled lightly and started to grin a bit, shaking his head. "You do realize that I was actually trying to flirt with you, if you didn't quite understand what I was hinting at.." He replied before he was listening carefully and smiled. "You think we should go see what's going on?" He asked.
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