Avengers M/M Roleplay

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  1. Good afternoon everyone! I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I am hankering for an Avengers based one on one! I'm insistent that the pairing be two of the males, I adore Natasha, Pepper, and Jane but I'm honestly burnt out on playing their respective male counterparts. Thus the male on male remedy. This thread will also be posted in the Mature 1 x 1 request section, so if you some sexy times in the roleplay feel free to message me.

    From my partners I would like someone I can easily mirror post, preferably someone who has good grammar and spelling and is willing to write 2+paragraphs. There is wiggle room in this because my largest requirement is that you're able to play your chosen character true to his character. Of course we'll probably be putting the characters in situations they've never been in and there will be leanings to out of character behavior but overall, if my partner can't or won't play their character accurately I'll drop the roleplay. To go along with that, unless I feel it's totally accurate to the character, which at this point is none of them, I'd like us to play both of the characters as 'switch' or going between dominant and submissive. We'll work that out in the plotting.

    As for plots, I'm perfectly willing to do pre, post, and during The Avengers plot line or for any of the associated films. I really have a hankering from something A/U which we can work out during the plot discussions.

    Lately though, I've been watching a lot of movies involving the actors who play each of the Avengers and reveling in all of their different characterizations. Going from this, if you have knowledge of one of the actor's other roles, we can really work out something interesting such as a roleplay that follows the two characters through reincarnations or in the case of Loki and Thor, through their long immortal lives and previous interactions with humans on earth or again through their person reincarnations. How would this work, you ask? Take Robert Downey Jr. for instance. He's played in a ton of fantastic roles such as Sherlock Holmes, a drunken Principal, a Victorian Plague Dr., and dozens of others. Then there's Tom Hiddleson with an equally diverse role list. What we would then do is series of one shots involving each actor's characters from a vague time period and have them meet, interact, maybe fall in love, kill each other etc, then move on to the next. This is kind of an odd idea but I'm more than open to explaining in further detail or doing some more normal A/U pairings.

    If you're interested in any of the below pairings or something different, feel free to reply here or send me a message : D

    Characters/Pairings I would Love
    I will literally play any male Avenger with the exception of Clint/Hawkeye. I will play all of them as 'switch' characters, meaning they go between dominant and submissive as I feel that's most realistic unless you have a huge problem with it. If I'm craving a pairing there will be a star beside it and if I have too many roleplays of a certain pairing I'll strike through it. ​
    Thor x Loki *****​
    Tony Stark/Iron Man x Loki *****
    Thor x Steve Rogers/Captain America*​
    Tony x Thor***​
    Tony x Steve****​
    Tony x Bruce Banner/Hulk***​
    Loki x Bruce​
    Steve x Loki​
    Thor x Clint​
    Loki x Clint​
    Current Roleplays
  2. Tony and Steve sound cool to me
  3. I would like to do either Thor/Loki or the Tony Stark/Loki with you.