Avengers Family Villains?

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  1. ((Between Mana, Thesecretgirl445, and I))
    You would think being related to the avengers in a way some how would be cool right. Well it would be if your powers were not screw-ups the leader is still Nick Fury(either of you)with son(mana) daughter(thesecretgirl445) and second son Tobias Fury(me nickname Tobster) , with members being the daughter of Tony and Pepper Stark Shadow Stark(me nickname Shawty), son of Hawkeye(Clint Barton) and the Black widow(Natasha Romanova) Nitro Barton (me), child of Thor and Jane Odison (either of you), child of the Hulk (Bruce Banner) and Betty Banner (either of you), child of Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Peggy Rogers (either of you). They have all lived in a training center. Nick Fury and their parents force them to practice every day in the enclosed place or school work. Oh and they do not always get along since they all practically live together. The truing center is in Seattle so even the scenery from there windows are depressing to some. The kids are genius so they finished high school early and do not have to do school work now. From power training to free running they learn what the need to know and are trying to learn to get along.(Time for me to describe my characters) Tobster Fury is medium brown skin, charcoal eyes, he is 6'3, long jet black hair always in a ponytail, plump lips, hooked nose and is strongly built. Shadow Stark has carmel skin, gray eyes, she is 5'9, electric blue hair that has been dip-dyed purple and is always braided or pinned, thin lips, round nose, and toned and curvy. Nitro Barton is pale like his mother, blue eyes, he is 5'10, auburn hair dropping just below his ear, freckles, plump lips,round nose, and very scrawny.(Pick your characters in response and describe them and I will start with my parts after that then we can go whoever responds first next and then so on)
  2. Ill play Lyra Rogers (Daughter to Steve and Peggy): Description as follows: she is five eight, a pale almost porcelain skin down with a dappling of freckles across both apples of her cheeks, they do not go across her nose. Hair is a almost white though it is really a platinum blond (always loose that hangs down to the small of her back) coloring with vivid olive green eyes. She is lithe with muscle not enough to be a stunning arm crushing woman but slender enough to prove she has definition.

    And then Skade Odison (daughter to Thor and Jane). Standing around the five foot six mark, she has short wavy chestnut brown hair that while her skin tone is an even peachy complexion. Her lips are plush with a slight unusual tint of red while her eyes are a silver-blue colour to contrast to the rest of her. Nimble and light on her feet, she is slinky sort of thing. She has no visual markings on her face or body.

    Finally Regan Fury (first son to Nick), stands a strong six foot four, mildly taller than his younger sibling with a neat black faux hawk upon his crown. Startling golden brown eyes, he is no where as strongly built as his brother though he is certainly not lacking, rather he is more of the athletic type, slender yet defined.