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  1. Summary (open)
    The Avengers. Heroes. Superhuman. Unbeatable. Unbreakable.

    Or...that's what everyone thought.

    After Civil War, the world was in chaos. A new HYDRA, spurred on by the idea that the Avengers were, in fact, beatable, rose to power and crushed the world under their weight. One by one, the former Avengers began dying in battle. It was slow at first, but soon it became like a rolling stone as they dropped off like flies. Eventually, it was a valid fear that one or more of them would die on any mission they would embark on, no matter what it was. Their age didn't help, and many of them were soon retiring.

    Thus, the new Avengers Initiative.

    The governments of the world lifted the ordinance, and a new, non-corrupt SHIELD was formed. Essentially, they were starting from scratch. Rebuilding. Seeking out people with unusual abilities, powers, anything that could be of use to take down HYDRA once again, anything to heal the scars that had been formed on humankind.

    Will you join them? Or will you fight against them in this last, desperate struggle for survival?

    Rules (open)
    1: Follow all Iwaku rules. Duh.

    2: No godmodding. Obviously...

    3: Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

    4: Don't be afraid to ask questions!

    5: Keep cussing to a minimum. Don't be dropping the F-bomb everywhere.

    6: This forum focuses on OCs and is an AU. Canon characters are only given to those who are sure they can play the role correctly and have at least two OCs, as most canons will be, well, dead. Please note that if you do take a canon, you will be expected to use them to help train the OCs, who will no doubt be less experienced and need guidance.

    7: Use 3rd person in your roleplaying and when making a character sheet.

    8: Look at the "Taken Powers" list before creating an OC to be sure you're not stealing the powers of someone else's character.

    9: Your character must be accepted by me before you can start roleplaying.

    10: This is an Intermediate level RP. A full line to a small paragraph is required at the bare minimum.

    11: Absolutely no M-rated content. If you must have sexytime, fade it out here and take it to a PM.

    12: When making an OC, please don't make them be family to canon characters. I'll allow a few throughout the RP, but for the most part they can't be.

    13: This is an RP that revolves around arcs and set plots. If you have a idea for a new arc or plot, tell me.

    Links (open)
    Character Submission: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/avengers-dawn-of-the-new-character-submission.145721/

    Plot discussion and chat: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/avengers-dawn-of-the-new-plot-discussion-and-chat.145723/
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  2. Eoin sat in his lab which was located in the R&D labs of the SHIELD base as he tinkered with what seemed to be an arm of some kind, he had a screw driver between his teeth as he moved a few parts into posistion before taking and starting to screw the parts into posistion. ''Get me a wrench'' he said aloud which caused a small flying drone to come over and drop a wrench on the table beside him, ''Thank you'' he said before using said wrench to close over the panel on the arm before securing the panel.

    He then got up from where he was sitting and walked over to where there was a Exo-skeleton of what seemed to be some sort of bi-pedal robot and started to attach it to the bot, he hoped that this time that the arm would work properly as the last time some of the servo's and the wiring had messed up when he had first made it
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  3. Wren was having another hallucination. Damn things seemed to come at the most inopportune moments. Like when she was watching a mechanic fixing a metal arm thingy that seemed to belong on a robot. She had been watching him from the doorway with intense interest when it came. Blood. Dripping from the ceiling, the walls, flowing sluggishly down the floor toward her. She froze. Backed away from the doorway with a hitched breath.

    Then she crumpled to the floor next to the doorframe, closing her eyes in intense concentration and bunching fistfuls of her curly hair in her fists as she bowed her head down. Of course, she knew it was all in her brain. But that knowledge never helped. She just had to wait for it to be over, and hope she didn't turn into a sobbing mess.


    Kate fumbled around her room with a small smile. It was small, it was bare, and it had a bump in the floor, but it was definetly better than the cage. And she and her friends were out of the scientists' hands for now. She flopped down on her bed, spread-eagle. She could hear Naya in the room to her left grunting as she did push-ups, Asher in the room to her right jumping on the bed as the springs creaked.

    She wondered if they were the only three in this "covert division", and if there were others, where were they? Were they nice?

    She'd probably find out later.
  4. Kara was in the R&D section of the base, her armor on and her Quad Barreled missile launcher on her back, strapped on tight. Her assault rifle was hanging on by a leather strap on her hip the two pistols on her chest. She was limping through halls, her legs were acting up again... She cursed as she remembered the traumatic event that led to the robot prosthetics. She needed to go see the techie.

    She growled again as her leg spasmed and she almost tripped up. She looked at the people walking by and just felt estranged to each and every single one of them. Like she wasn't really apart of shield. She guessed it was true. She wasn't in it because of morals or being the good guy, she was in because she was on Hydra's damn hit list.

    An agent came to her side and she snarled at her. The lady backing up. "I'm fine! I'm not fucking malfunctioning!" She said, pushing herself off the wall and continuing. The room with the robotics expert just around the corner.

    (Hey. Mind if I add a bit of Changes personality wise to Kara? Like a problem in her to fix and make her a more flushed out chara? Nothing drastic)
  5. (That sounds fine)

    Wren was still sitting by the door to the robotics lab, sniffling a bit as she hid her face in her arms, which were curled around her legs. The blood had come faster and faster, and it was now pooling at her feet, lapping up over her ankles like waves as it got deeper. Is this how she'd die? Drowned by blood? She was paralyzed in fear and couldn't move if she tried.

    She heard footsteps over the sound of her beating heart, someone snarling, then the footsteps getting louder as the person turned the corner. She was embarrassed, being seen like this, but she couldn't very well do anything about it, could she? It wasn't her fault she was demented.
  6. Eoin looked at the robot infront of him with a satisfied smile as it was slowly starting to come together, he then cocked his head as he was sure that he could hear someone outside the door to the lab, he walked over and swiped his ID over the screen that was on the door so that it opened and there he was able to see there was a young black woman sitting on the ground, he could tell that she was having some problems as her hand were bunched up and holding her hair, he then bent down and set his hand on her back. ''Its ok im here just focus on my voce and stop thinking about anything else'' he said trying to give her a way to focus on something that wasnt what ever it was that was scaring her.
  7. Wren jumped as a hand landed on her back. She had been so focused on getting rid of the hallucination that she didn't hear the door open, and she had lost track of the footsteps she heard earlier. The voice that spoke was calm and soothing. She slolwy lifted her head and looked at him with watery eyes.

    The blood kept lapping at her feet, getting steadily deeper.

    (Probably be back in an hour or so, dinner and cleanup)
  8. Eoin looked down at her and smiled as he wiped the oil off his other hand onto the trousers that he was wearing before bending over and picking her up and bringing her into his lab before he set her on the cot that was in one corner as he tended to crash here at times instead of going back to his apartment when he got enthralled by a project. ''Its ok, Its ok miss as I said focus on the sound of my voice dont let anything else distract you focus on my voice'' he said as he rubbed her back to try and get her to calm down.
  9. Wren shivered, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, exposing the scar on her wrist. "T-the walls are dying," she whispered with a shudder as she locked her eyes on him, trying to ignore the blood on the walls behind him as it oozed down, the floor getting filled deeper and deeper.
  10. Kara grunted as pain shot up her spine, the spinal connections shooting fire up her body. She yelled out in pain as she fell to the floor. She closed her eyes and cared the pain and she slowly gained connection to the legs again. She put a foot under herself and pushed up, gaining her feet again and frowned as she saw a man and woman in the door way. That was the doc, Eoin, and a woman. Kara grunted and limped to the doc and dropped heavily upon her metal knee. She checked the girl closely. "Ugh! Damn my spine! Doc, my legs... They're frying me alive! But first comes first. I can wait.." She grunted in pain and gasped. "Whats... What's her deal? Do we need a gurney?"
  11. Eoin noticed the scar on her wrist but didnt say anything as it wasnt his place to do so, ''Just look at me,look into my eyes and ignore everything else, just look and listen, the wall are not dying you are in control all you need to do is to stop and focus on me completely'' he said in a soothing voice as he looked gazes with her, it was clear to him that she needed help to get past what ever was happening but all he could figure out was that maybe she was hallucinating.

    Eoin looked over at the noise and gave her a quick shush as he was rather worried about this girl, ''Mental trauma I think but seeing as im not a Doctor in the healing sense I cant be sure, for now you get your self lying face down on that table over there, il sort you after ive got her calmed down'' he said quitely as he thumbed over toa metal tabel that was clear and had a hole in one end of it similar to those used for massages.
  12. Wren focused like she was told to do. The walls weren't dying? Oh wait, of course they weren't. She knew this. She didn't know about the whole 'in control' part, though. She wasn't even in control of her own situation. How could she be in control of the hallucination? Never mind, just focus on what he said. She shook her head a bit and glanced behind him, noting with relief that the blood had vanished. Vanished completely. Her eyes refocused, her rigid, tense posture relaxing. Her eyes flicked up to Eoin again and she attempted a shaky smile. She vaguely noticed the woman in the background but didn't say anything, not trusting her voice.


    Kate finally forced herself to sit up, walking over to the door, carefully avoiding the bump in the floor. Something must have gone wrong in construction. She reached the door without incedent and pushed it open, stepping into the hallway. She could still hear the creak from Asher jumping on the bed. How immature. She smiled a bit and moved down the hallway, following her nose to the smell of food. She hadn't had food scince yesterday morning's meager breakfast, and now it was the next night.

    Time to get some food. She just hoped she wouldn't be a complete disaster on her own.
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  13. Kara whined as her servos whizzed. She put a hand in the ground and held the metal door in her hand, she squeezed and the door dented in slightly. She looked st the girl and noticed she was calming down. She smiled then grunted again and fell as she tried to stand. "Are... You okay... Ma'am?" She said bresthlessly, pain evident, ignoring her own pain to help the girl on the floor.
  14. (wren is inside the lab already zulu)

    Eoin looked at the black girl that was on his cot, ''You felling better now ma'am?'' he asked her as he kept hs eye on her, he thought that she seemed older than him but then again that wasnt that hard as he was one of the younger techies that was here even if he did consider himself one of the best in terms of robotics.

    He then looked over at kara and started over to her side before putting his arm under her and starting to bring her over to the table as her could see that her legs were malfuctioning. ''Dam I dont know who made your legs but they really shouldnt be acting like this,if you want I can make you a new pair but they might take a few days'' he said to her as he got her over to the table.
  15. Wren nodded to their queries and watched as he helped the girl with the metal legs over to the special table on the other side of the room. She picked up a wrench on the table next to the cot and examined it with a cocked head before returning her attention to their conversation. She wasn't going to leave until she had an opportunity to thank him, and maybe ask where the other Avengers were. She knew they were a new group, so maybe they hadn't even met each other yet.

    Maybe these were her teammates. But it was unlikely.
  16. Eoin glanced over at the black girl that was still on his cot and grinned, ''what do you think of my lab?'' he asked her as he called out for parts to repair Kara's legs. There was then a low buzzing sound as a small drone that floated in the air brought over a selection of different parts and the tools needed to make sure each part was able to be put into mechines too him.
  17. Wren smiled at him and put the wrench back on the table, watching with appreciative eyes as the drone did its work. "I like it," she replied with a smile, then settled her gaze on him. "Thanks for helping me." Her voice rang with true appreciativeness.
  18. Zane looked at his phone again, this time to see what chaos had been caused during the time he was sleeping. He was also holding a piece of meat since he got hungry easily. Nobody else was here at the moment as they were gods know where. He sighed, as he wished that he could interact with most agents of HYDRA to help him raise in ranks, but that wasn't happening. He heard footsteps and watched the door to see who was approaching it, he was always paranoid that a foe would come and kill him.

    He chewed on his burger and looked at whoever it was. " Who is it?" He asked, as he looked around.


    " Any news on what got screwed up in my genes?" Steven asked Jemma.

    Jemma sighed. " Mr. Lasket, if myself, Lincoln or Fitz back in the day, biochem and gene analysis does not happen in a Day. We are still trying to seperate the DNA that is attached to the supersolider serum and it is not going well especially since Fitz is..." she refused to believe he was dead. He was just simply missing,even if she knew in her heart that he was gone. A lot of them had died. " I'm biochemistry, not engineering," she added, something close with what Fitz used to say.

    " Do you need some help?" He asked. He could possibly mess with the DNA and see if he could figure things out. He wished he knew more about himself too.

    " I can handle this,perhaps you should check in with the others, they need the training/ help," she said.

    He nodded as he left her to her work.

    Lincoln was busy practicing his powers in the training room along with his marital arts skills on a dummy. To say the dummy was torn to shreds was an understatement. He turned as Steven walked into the training room. " You went to ask Jemma on the results for the fifth time today?" He asked.

    " Has it been five times? I lost track," he honestly answered.

    " Yes, it has been.Asking constantly won't make it go faster," Lincoln replied back to him. Lincoln chuckled a bit about this. He has used to think the same thing too.

    " So, I think I will do some training," he said.

    Lincoln looked at him." I am going to help Jemma, she's been stressed a lot recently since she realized that we are the only ones left alive," he said.

    Steven practiced punching the training bag.

    ( Steven is in the training room while Lincoln and Jemma will be in the lab for now if you want to interact)

  19. Eoin just waved slightly at her thanks, ''Any decent person would have done the same so no thanks is needed'' he then clicked his finger and a drone flew over with a bottle of water to where wren was. ''Take that you might need a drink after what you went through'' he said as he started to set the parts and tools beside the table that Kara was on.
  20. Kate stopped outside the door and frowned. Huh. Must not be the dining room or whatever they had here, then. It didn't smell like much food after all. Her nose twitched as the man inside called to see who it was. Well, this was awkward. She swallowed and called back. "Sorry, wrong place!" she didn't want to bother whoever was in there. Maybe she should've asked Naya or Asher for help after all.

    At SHIELD.....

    Wren grinned and took the water thankfully, gulping it down quickly. "Thanks." She called it and looked aorund. "Um...any idea where the Avengers are in here?" She asked, trying to sound casual.
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