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  1. Summary (open)
    The Avengers. Heroes. Superhuman. Unbeatable. Unbreakable.

    Or...that's what everyone thought.

    After Civil War, the world was in chaos. A new HYDRA, spurred on by the idea that the Avengers were, in fact, beatable, rose to power and crushed the world under their weight. One by one, the former Avengers began dying in battle. It was slow at first, but soon it became like a rolling stone as they dropped off like flies. Eventually, it was a valid fear that one or more of them would die on any mission they would embark on, no matter what it was. Their age didn't help, and many of them were soon retiring.

    Thus, the new Avengers Initiative.

    The governments of the world lifted the ordinance, and a new, non-corrupt SHIELD was formed. Essentially, they were starting from scratch. Rebuilding. Seeking out people with unusual abilities, powers, anything that could be of use to take down HYDRA once again, anything to heal the scars that had been formed on humankind.

    Will you join them? Or will you fight against them in this last, desperate struggle for survival?

    Rules (open)
    1: Follow all Iwaku rules. Duh.

    2: No godmodding. Obviously...

    3: Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

    4: Don't be afraid to ask questions!

    5: Keep cussing to a minimum. Don't be dropping the F-bomb everywhere.

    6: This forum focuses on OCs and is an AU. Canon characters are only given to those who are sure they can play the role correctly and have at least two OCs, as most canons will be, well, dead. Please note that if you do take a canon, you will be expected to use them to help train the OCs, who will no doubt be less experienced and need guidance.

    7: Use 3rd person in your roleplaying and when making a character sheet.

    8: Look at the "Taken Powers" list before creating an OC to be sure you're not stealing the powers of someone else's character.

    9: Your character must be accepted by me before you can start roleplaying.

    10: This is an Intermediate level RP. A full line to a small paragraph is required at the bare minimum.

    11: Absolutely no M-rated content. If you must have sexytime, fade it out here and take it to a PM.

    12: When making an OC, please don't make them be family to canon characters. I'll allow a few throughout the RP, but for the most part they can't be.

    13: This is an RP that revolves around arcs and set plots. If you have a idea for a new arc or plot, tell me.

    Links (open)
    Character creation and canon claim: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/avengers-dawn-of-the-new-character-submission.145721/

    RP: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/avengers-dawn-of-the-new.145722/
  2. So where is the storyline going for the Hydra members? It all seems to be going incredibly slow on that end, and I don't want to keep posting these filler-esque posts with my character since I personally don't feel like it pushes the story along at all. If I could get a bit more direction, i'd appreciate it.
  3. Right, so, eventually (by which I mean as soon as humanly possible) I'd like to see an undercover mission with HYDRA trying to figure out what SHIELD's knowledge of them is, possibly an interrogation, and any plot ideas anyone else comes up with that makes sense. For now (it doesn't have to be a long time), as I said, I just want the characters to meet each other and know that they are now a covert division in HYDRA created specially for a counterattack on the avengers (for the sake of realism).

    What would you like to see as to plot?
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  4. Thanks. I just wanted to get an idea of where the rp was going.
  5. No problem ^.^
  6. Hey there, I'm interested in this, but is this going to be mainly shield, the avengers and hydra, or are Marvel/DC characters part of the mix too? Just a thought.
  7. Hello! It is mainly Avengers, HYDRA and SHIELD. It is not a crossover or multiverse with other franchises, so no DC characters are allowed. However, I may allow some other Marvel characters (Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderman, etc.) later on.

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  8. Okay, awesome. Are applications still open?
  9. Wonder where the X-Men went. The Guardians are certainly chilling in space doing Guardian things.

    Anyways, are any fights occuring right now?
  10. Xmen could be alive, I suppose, at least some of them.

    Not quite yet. We are giving the Avengers their first mission currently, Loki will make his appearance, and they will head out. @CookieMonster is synchronizing the mission, as it seems.
  11. Where's the mission? If it's in the big Apple or DC, or at least some place where there would be a news report on it, Scarlet Spider could lend a hand.
  12. Yeah, it's in DC, they're going to meet with the character at the Lincoln Memorial.
  13. Well, at the moment there aren't any news reports BUT, Scarlet could possibly be called in by SHIELD for backup, maybe to watch or make sure nothing goes wrong. If she's not affiliated with them, maybe it could be a favor for Jemma or someone else that Scarlet knows.

    We're currently waiting for @LuckycoolHawk9 to reply before I can bring Loki in as the Director.
  14. I got some homework to do....give me about an hour or two to make a reply.
  15. No problem.

    @LuckycoolHawk9 @neobendium @Zulu @psychoofireland @QuakeUPSB @TheUnstableOne @Onl6470 @Crow
    I've got something planned for Loki and the possession (Think aliens, not Poltergeist) type thing that's going on with him. It's going to be revealed in the RP, but it all ties in with the first mission.
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  16. Hey there! Everything going okay?
  17. Just took longer than I expect... should have a reply up in about twenty.
  18. Okie cx
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