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  1. Note: HYDRA characters needed! We need antagonists just as much as heroes, so consider making your character evil.

    Other note: it's dead. Don't bother joining.

    Summary (open)
    The Avengers. Heroes. Superhuman. Unbeatable. Unbreakable.

    Or...that's what everyone thought.

    After Civil War, the world was in chaos. A new HYDRA, spurred on by the idea that the Avengers were, in fact, beatable, rose to power and crushed the world under their weight. One by one, the former Avengers began dying in battle. It was slow at first, but soon it became like a rolling stone as they dropped off like flies. Eventually, it was a valid fear that one or more of them would die on any mission they would embark on, no matter what it was. Their age didn't help, and many of them were soon retiring.

    Thus, the new Avengers Initiative.

    The governments of the world lifted the ordinance, and a new, non-corrupt SHIELD was formed. Essentially, they were starting from scratch. Rebuilding. Seeking out people with unusual abilities, powers, anything that could be of use to take down HYDRA once again, anything to heal the scars that had been formed on humankind.

    HYDRA. Villains. Evil. Crushed. Gone.

    It wasn't so.

    Once some scattered surviving agents realized that the Avengers were beatable, they rose to power once again, pulling people in like cats to catnip. They didn't believe they were all bad. They believed the world to be corrupt. Only one leader could rule it all, and that leader must be HYDRA. Otherwise, more innocent people would die in pointless wars.

    Of course, a few wars would have to be fought before they could rule, and some sacrifices would have to be made. Drastic measures may have to be taken. And SHIELD and the Avengers must be destroyed for them to gain this power.

    Enter the Covert Division.

    A team of specialized humans made especially for an attack or counterattack on the Avengers, the Covert Division is made up of any powered humans HYDRA could get their hands on.

    So, who will you join? And who will you fight against in this last, desperate struggle for survival?

    Rules (open)
    1: Follow all Iwaku rules. Duh.

    2: No godmodding. Obviously...

    3: Please use proper grammar and punctuation.

    4: Don't be afraid to ask questions!

    5: Keep cussing to a minimum. Don't be dropping the F-bomb everywhere.

    6: This thread focuses on OCs and is an AU. Canon characters are only given to those who are sure they can play the role correctly and have at least one OC, as most canons will be, well, dead. Please note that if you do take a canon, you will be expected to use them to help train the OCs, who will no doubt be less experienced and need guidance.

    7: Use 3rd person in your roleplaying and when making a character sheet.

    8: Look at the "Taken Powers" list before creating an OC to be sure you're not stealing the powers of someone else's character.

    9: Your character must be accepted by me before you can start roleplaying.

    10: This is an Intermediate level RP. A full line to a small paragraph is required at the bare minimum.

    11: Absolutely no M-rated content. If you must have sexytime, fade it out here and take it to a PM.

    12: When making an OC, please don't make them family to canon characters. I'll allow a few throughout the RP, but for the most part they can't be.

    13: This is an RP that revolves around arcs and set plots. If you have a idea for a new arc or plot, tell me.

    Character Sheets (open)
    Fill out this form when making a character. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus, and balance out the powers and weaknesses. Pictures are optional, as long as you describe them in detail.

    Nickname/codename (optional):
    Age (minimum 13):
    Casual Wear:
    Relationship Status:

    Canon characters (open)
    Canons are listed here. Any one without a name beside it is up for grabs. PM me or ask for it here. If you want a canon not listed here, PM me or ask about it here. I may consider giving it to you if it makes sense with this setting.

    Peter Parker
    Loki- CookieMonster
    Maria Hill
    Scarlet Witch
    Jemma Simmons-LuckyCoolHawk9
    Lincoln Campbell- LuckyCoolHawk9

    Taken Powers (open)
    Here's where all the OCs' powers are listed. Names by them indicate who owns the OC with that power. Deceased characters or characters whose owners have left the RP are deleted from the list.
    Ice control/creation and enhanced senses- neobendium
    Supersoldier syrum- LuckyCoolHawk9
    Harpy eagle hybrid- neobendium
    Electricity control/creation-neobendium
    Enhanced intelligence and mechanical skill to make bots/suits- psychoofireland

    Electromagnetic manipulation- LuckyCoolHawk9
    Teleportation- QuakeUPSB
    Individual Illusion creation for fear striking- neobendiumi

    Super speed- TheUnstableOne
    Adoptive muscle memory, life force and energy transferral/manipulation- CookieMonster
    Fae physiology, Swordsmanship, and Detachable Limbs- Crow
    Iron Spider suit- Crow
    Dragon Shifter- neobendium
    Power absorption and flight- LuckyCoolHawk9
    Rotting touch and regeneration- Onl6470
    Psionics (mind control, mental distortion, mental embrace, telekinetic blast)- york
    Earthbending- neobendium

    Links (open)

    My Characters (open)

    Name: Kate
    Nickname/codename: Snow Fox
    Age (minimum is 13): 13
    Height: 5' 2"
    Gender: Female
    Powers/Abilities: An enhanced sense of smell and hearing (like a dog's), as well as ice powers. She can create spikes of ice to throw or shoot and freeze things, including people. She can kind of sense the layout of a place through her ice. She can put up with any cold.
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] [​IMG] (Her eyes are light blue, but are filmed over, as she is blind.)

    Casual Wear: A white t-shirt and blue jeans, white boots
    Costume: A white jumpsuit with light blue trim, white combat boots.
    Personality: Kate is rather meek and will take orders easily, though if she thinks it's dangerous she will voice her opinion. She stays quiet and to the sides. Once you earn her trust, she will be more open and joke around.
    Brief History: She was created as a weapon by the new HYDRA that has not yet surfaced, losing her eyesight during an experiment at age 5. Kate was kept in a cage her entire life until recently, where she was put in a team made especially to fight the new Avengers- the covert division. It has been drilled into her head that SHIELD and the Avengers are the bad guys, and she believes it firmly.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Family: None.
    Weaknesses (clumsiness DOESN'T count): She is blind, so she needs help aiming and navigating. She must be touching something to freeze it. Hot weather is her downfall. Ice obviously melts under fire, so....yeah. Cracks easily under pressure. Has relapses from her past if triggered.

    Name: Naya
    Nickname/codename (optional): Harpy
    Age (minimum 13): 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is very outgoing and doesn't take well to authority, though she usually knows when to keep her mouth shut. She also takes nearly everything literally and does not joke around.
    Height: 5' 7"
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Pure black eyes. Wings- black on the outsides but white with black patches on the inside. The feathers of the left wing have been clipped, so they are shorter than the other wing and jagged. She has several scars dotting her body.)

    Casual Wear: A light, Sky-blue sweatshirt that has holes cut in the backs for her wings, black jeans, and white tennis shoes.
    Costume: A form fitting grey shirt with holes for her wings, black cargo pants, and black combat boots.
    Powers/abilities:Very sharp distance eyesight, flight, maneuverability, and mild super strength. Her wings are built for both manuverability and speed as she is 2% Harpy Eagle
    Weaknesses: Her wings are currently clipped, so she is flightless for a while, at least until she molts again. When she can fly, her wings can be damaged, and if it's enough, she will crash. She is farsighted and cannot see things close up without glasses. While she does have mild super strength, it's nothing hulk-like. She has a high metabolism, so that can also cause problems.
    History: Like Kate, Naya was kept in a cage until the covert division's forming got them out and training to be true agents and not just prisoners. Unlike Kate, the cage is not all she remembers. She was kidnapped from her family at age 5, and when she woke up from the drugs they had put her under, she had wings and was in a cage.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Family: None

    Name: Asher
    Nickname/codename (optional): Conduit
    Age (minimum 13): 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is mild tempered around most everyone except scientists. Around them, he will retreat into his shell and can't be coaxed out until they leave. Otherwise, he's rather mild and casual, often cracking jokes and trying to make the people around him comfortable. Though if you get him angry he is a force to be reckoned with.
    Height: 5' 11"
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] (Electric blue eyes and electric blue streaks in his hair)

    Casual Wear: A black t-shirt and blue jeans, black sneakers.
    Costume: A black Tron-like suit with electric blue lines.
    Powers/abilities: Electric control/creation
    Weaknesses: He gets tired quickly, and can be overloaded with electricity. Water will overload him quickly and possibly kill him if kept in it too long.
    History: Asher, like the other experiments, was kept in a cage for half of his life until the covert division rescued him. But, unlike the others, he actually remembers his family vividly as he was taken by HYDRA at age 8. To keep him from escaping, they imbedded a power dampener (that can be controlled with a remote) into his neck. It is kept active at all times to keep him from overloading the power circuts and running.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Family: Deceased
    Other: N/A

    Name: Wren Starling
    Nickname/codename (optional): Illusion
    Age (minimum 13): 18
    Gender: Female
    Wren is shy and jumpy at first, but once you earn her trust- not a very hard feat- she is a happy, sweet, open, and caring girl that likes making others happy. Then there's her crazy side. Wren has bad hallucinations in which she can become violent, strangely calm, or animalistic, and when one happens, she becomes either an emotional train wreck afterward or she's fine. It really depends on what happens.
    Height: 5' 4"
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    She has a pale scar that runs across her left wrist.
    Casual Wear: Wren wears a light blue cotton short sleeved dress that goes to her knees with a simple braided leather belt around the waist. Usually goes barefoot, but sometimes she'll wear moccasins.
    Costume: Always simple in her choices, Wren goes for a form-fitting white tank top and blue jeans with a leather belt. Wears black combat boots with blue laces.
    Powers/abilities: Fear Inducement via Illusion: She can create illusions in people's mind in order to terrify them. These illusions can make a person think there are venomous snakes entwining up their legs, make them think they are turning to ice, make them think there is blood pouring from the crack in the wall, etc. Wren uses her power to scare people enough that they'll back off, pass out, etc.
    Weaknesses: Wren is only human, so she can get injured easily should you get a hit on her. She is almost useless with weapons. She must make eye contact at least once to create an illusion. She can only create illusions for up to 4 people at a time, and only they see them. Her hallucinations happen at random intervals, in which she can become paralyzed in fear, violent, animalistic, or calm and oblivious.
    Wren was born an illegitimate child between a Wakandian chieftain and an unknown woman. She was raised in the chieftan's home until her powers began developing at age 10. She was cast out and disowned as a witch and monster. Wren then changed her name from the unpronounceable name she had then to Wren Starling- a much better and easy to say name, in her opinion. Fortunately, a healer from a nearby village took her in. Later, at age 14, she had a hallucination in which the healer had snakes coiling all over her, ready to strike. Wren, in an attempt to save the woman's life, took a kitchen knife and began stabbing the snakes in a frenzy. Unfortunately, the snakes weren't real and Wren had stabbed the woman 22 times before the hallucination was over. She tried to take her own life but failed, leaving the scar on her wrist. Then she ran.

    She was hunted as a murderer until 4 years later, when she was captured by SHIELD and invited to join the Avengers.

    Wren agreed.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Family: Father, unknown woman, siblings. She doesn't care to see them again.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Luna Adler
    Nickname/Codename: Nightfire
    SHIELD or HYDRA: will join SHIELD
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Luna is sassy, sarcastic, and very, VERY stubborn. She really has several personalities, depending on the situation. She can be sensitive, shy and kind, playful and ridiculous, blunt and angry, cunning and cruel, or her default- bubbly sassmaster. She often beats herself up over things and hides her fear beneath a layer of sarcasm and cool indifference.
    Height: 5' 9" or 12' 6"
    Human Form (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] (Silver eyes and a silver streak in her hair next to the left side of her face)

    Dragon Form (open)
    [​IMG] (has a long silver spike at the end of her tail instead of the frill, as well as silver eyes)

    Casual wear: Classic Rock band t-shirts, sweatpants, and black tennis shoes, sometimes a black hoodie.
    Costume: None. She shifts when she's fighting, so there's no need for one.
    Powers/abilities: Shifting to dragon form shown above. Her only powers are in dragon form: can breath silver fire, strength like that of the Hulk's, flight, immunity to fire, stabbing with tail spike. Night vision.
    Weaknesses: Fast metabolism. She loses control of her dragon form if she's hurt or extremely angry. She needs supervision in her dragon form, as she's rather distracted with shiny objects. Cold makes her sluggish in either form. Her wings and eyes are the weakest points on her body, and if her wings are damaged, she may lose her ability to fly (at least for a while). If any damage is taken in either form, the other form will have the same wound in proportion. She's not a good liar. If her mouth is held shut, she can't breath fire.
    History: She was raised in an abusive household in backwoods Montana. During one of the beatings at age 10, she accidentally shifted for the first time and killed her parents in a fit of rage and pain. Once she realized what she'd done, she ran away and wandered from town to town, state to state, country to country in hopes of not being caught. She's currently a street rat in New York.
    Relationship status: Single
    Family: mother and father, deceased
    Other: loves classic rock and has a mostly carnivorous diet.

    Name: Tara Caverly
    Nickname/codename (optional): Terra
    SHIELD or HYDRA: HYDRA (leader of Covert)
    Age (minimum 13): 23
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Tara is usually serious, not easily trusting, and can come off as cold. Once she actually gets close to you, she changes completely. She's hyper, energetic, and makes several bad puns and jokes. This only happens when she's around members of Covert, and even then it's only with those she knows well.
    Height: 5' 5"
    Show Spoiler

    Casual Wear: A black long-sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans, grey sneakers. (Not usually worn)
    Costume: A black, HYDRA-stamped catsuit with fingerless gloves and high-heeled black boots.
    Powers/abilities: Earthbending- she can create, manipulate, levitate, and control plants and earth-related matter.

    Interrogation- she's a good interrogator, though she doesn't make it a pastime.

    Weapon use- she's adept at using pretty much any weapon, though she tends to lean toward using her powers more often.

    Weaknesses: Any plants she creates must be able to thrive in whatever environment she is in. So, no cacti in the rainforest, that sort of thing. Whatever plant she manipulates MUST BE ALIVE. Meaning, she can't manipulate the wooden walls of someone's house. She can only manipulate materials with natural, raw substances in it....like concrete or normal dirt, for instance. Therefore, no metal manipulation.
    History: Tara was born to a HYDRA couple. Once her powers developed and showed naturally at age 7, her parents gave her up to the training program. They did not have a very good personal relationship with her, but she was still torn up when they were killed in one of the first SHIELD attacks on the base. As the first member of Covert, she's considered the leader and does most of the recruiting.
    Relationship Status: single
    Family: Mother and father, deceased.
    Other: N/A

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  2. Reserving a spot. Will be claiming the Super solider serum/Captain America's powers.(Will post when on computer) @NeoBendiun
  3. Can multiple people do that? Reserve? Cause I was sorta gonna do something with Captain America's type power. o-o
  4. No, cause he already got the full one. But Black widow and Hawkeye were given a diluted version, and you know how awesome they are XD

    Maybe you can do a weaker version or a different type of syrum.
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  5. okay 9-9 whatever any of that means, I know next to nothing about marvel lol
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  6. There is also more than one way to make a super soilder, and I wanna claim enhanced intelligence that relates to robot/powered armor creation.
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  7. You'll get it, Zulu. :P

    Okay, Psycho.
  8. I'm having an unprecedented amount of difficulty with this... Can I claim Blackwidow's enhancements/training?
  9. With strength? Maybe?
  10. Already edited it in.

  11. Name: Eoin Beattie
    Nickname/codename (optional):
    Age (minimum 13): 17
    Gender: Male
    Powers: He is able to create and robotic's and suits of owered armors with little to no problem
    Personality: At first glance he seems to be a rather lazy person who will sit around doing very little but in actuality he sees his skills as something to use to improve the situation of the entire world, and if that means that his skills need to be used for combat then so be it.
    Height: 5 ''10
    Appearance: he has a rather strong jawline which has a decent amount of stubble running along it while his face seems to always be smiling due to how his eyes look, the rest of his face tends to be rather plain compared to what is considered normal nowday thanks to things like the inhumans and the mutants
    Casual Wear: He will be found wearing jeans, a black T-shirt and a leather jacket when relaxing
    Costume: A suit of power armor thats red and black in colour with the red only being on the edges of the panels of the armor, his armor looks nothing like what Iron mans did and is made using a different tech.
    Weaknesses: He can be killed or wounded by anything that can hurt a human, also he only has above average strength and speed meaning that any being that is faster or stronger than him can defeat him easily when his isnt wearing his armor
    Relationship Status: Single
    Family: none
  12. Marie needs more weaknesses, one that could potentially kill her or counter her powers.
  13. Accepted.
  14. Can I replace it with Telekinesis and enhanced augmentations? (Like blackwidow)
  15. Edited it! Hope it's good now.
  16. Sure, Zulu. And Lulu (can I call you Lulu?), it looks good now. Accepted.
  17. Yea you can call me LuLu. I can't wait to start this rp!
  18. Still not home,but was reminded that I want Electromagnetism manipulation(Lincoln's power for my power.)Also got two characters I need for my arch .will PM you.@neobendium
  19. We will start soon, Lulu. And okay, Lucky.
  20. Name: Karaulina Valera
    Nickname/codename (optional): Rolling Thunder
    Age (minimum 13): 26
    Gender: Female
    Personality: strong-willed, friendly, eccentric, loyal, slight trust issues, likes learning. Because of her training, she always views herself as a failure, always stirving to be better, she is ruthless and brutal against her foes and is never afraid to do whats needed. She is a brillant and effective tactian but is never afraid to get to know her teammates, even though being awkward and lacking in social graces. She views anything wrong with her as failure on her part and will commonly freak out, panicking badly. She always puts the needs of others before her though, not afraid to take a bullet for a teammate or friend.
    Height: 5'10
    Appearance: She has two robotic legs at the hip due to an accident, she has a pointy chin, green eyes, a small nose and gaunt cheeks, she is extremely built and streamlined, coming from a lifetime of training.
    Casual Wear: Jeans with a black hoodie
    Powers/abilities: Enhanced abilities and Telekinesis. She uses weapons from assault rifles to mostly pistols, being an extremely good shot.
    Weaknesses: Her legs if wounded, anything a human can die from she can but she can resist a lot of damage due to her augmentations
    History: She was born into an orphanage, as she grew up she expressed her abilities to use telekinesis, she was taken by the United States government to further test, improve, and use her powers for fighting. She was enhanced through biological enhancements and gene mutations to give her the speed, strength, and smarts she has acquired since her forced recruitment. Since she was 14 she started being sent in missions around the world, eliminating terrorist and people posing threats. When she was 19 she had her legs mangled in an open confrontation with Hydra. She had her legs replaced with two robotic legs that allow her to run and exert as much power needed. When the new Shield was activated she joined up as soon as she could, feeling this was where she was needed most.
    Relationship Status: Single
    Family: unknown
    Other: prefers heavy weapons like rocket launchers or miniguns, likes reading on her downtime, has some trust issues because of a violent drill instructor. She finds it hard to socialize and make friends because she only ever had was partners or commanding officers. She always carries around lots of ammo with two M9's with a rocket launcher, and an advanced Machine Gun.

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